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You should refer this section to the TRA and consult your tax lawyer for further guidance. 2. 9 of 2000, Act No. My attorney filed a case worth millions of dollars and the fee was assessed as per the attorneys invoice at 2%. Kindly guide. Tanzania Advocates Management System (TAMS) Law Reports and Digest; Announcements See All. Advocate's Committee to remove a name from the Roll An application to the Advocates Committee to remove the name of an advocate from the Roll Apart from reporting the matter to the Advocates Committee established under the Advocates Act, Judges and the High Court have powers to discipline advocates. Nos. In USA, there is a number of rules established to cover this situation but some advocate still fall under this situation. PART I – PRELIMINARY 1. for buying a PA system. Your agreement does not fall into the schedule where 1% would apply and hence no stamp duty is payable. the Law. The Stamp Duty act is clear in that every instrument specified in the Schedule to this Act and which– (a) is executed in Tanzania Mainland; or (b) if executed outside Tanzania Mainland, relates to any property in Tanzania Mainland or to any matter or thing to be performed or done in Mainland Tanzania, shall be chargeable with duty of the amount specified or calculated in the manner specified in that Schedule in relation to such instrument. 3. 18 of 1989, Act No. Any application under section 2(2) of the Admission of Advocates Act, 1964 (Act 74 of 1964), or any application under a similar provision of the laws of the former Transkei, Bophuthatswana or Venda, for admission to practise as an advocate, made prior to the commencement of this Act, shall be dealt with as if this Act had not been passed.] These Rules may be cited as the Advocates (Disciplinary and Other Proceedings) Rules. 2 of 2002, Act No. [1st January, 1955] Ords. An Act of Parliament to amend and consolidate the law relating to advocates [Act No. Application of Rules. This Act shall apply to Mainland Tanzania. Part I—General matters. (1) The Bench: I have been involved in an issue for the past twelve years only to realize now that my advocate made serious procedural blunders that I believe were intentionally done so that my mater is compromised. THE COMPANIES ACT, 2002 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section Title PART I PRELIMINARY 1. It is not a substitute Kindly guide. Date of promulgation: 2 March 2020. 27 of 2012.] Though an advocate has a duty to advise his clients in several matters it is the duty of an advocate not to engage him in the case in which he has an interest. Short title and commencement. He or she shall be subjectto the disciplinary rules and etiquette as promulgated under the said laws, andsubject to the Ethics Committee of the Law Society and the Advoc… 8 In the future there will be very few students studying law abroad or at Dar es Salaam. 341 | Tanzania Legal Information Institute Advocates (Proffessional Conduct and Etiquette) Regulations,2018 Made Under Section 69 (b)and (c) Of the Advocate Act Cap. to contact your Attorney. THE ADVOCATES ACT An Act to provide for the law relating to advocates and for connected matters. 21 of 1990, Act No. 6/95) The Tanzania Commission For Science And Technology Act, 1986 The Tanzania Intelligence And Security Service Act 1996 The Tanzania Passports and Travel Documents Act,2002 The Tanzania Passports and Travel Documents Act,2002 The Tourism Act, 2008 (Act No. 2 of 1962 16 of 1963 39 of 1969 11 of 1971 22 of 1983 12 of 1990 9 of 1996 31 of 1997 G.Ns. 25 of 1954 18 of 1957 Acts Nos. Surely Tanzanian law should be able to protect clients interests and take advocates to task. (2) During the temporary incapacity or absence from Tanzania of the member nominated by the Council of the Law Society, such Council may nominate any practising advocate to act as a temporary member in the place of such member until his recovery from incapacity or his return, as the case may be, or until the expiration of his period of office, whichever first occurs.
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