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Here at First Essex, we have every kind of ticket to suit your journey. Monthly pass : $104.00 : $73.65 : $52.00 : N/A : Other; peggo smart card – new or replacement : $5.00 : peggo smart card with photo : $5.30 : Photo ID (including GoCARDs) $3.60 *e-cash can be loaded in denominations of $5, $10, $15, $20, $30 and $50, in any combination, to a maximum of $200. Monthly Pass: $94.50: N/A: Setting up your Presto card for a Youth discount . Train icon. Bus tickets, passes and travel discounts. Send us an email. Family or group. Coronavirus Update Close. Contact your local council to find out who issues disabled bus passes in your area as part of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme. Before you apply there are some things you should think about. What you need to apply. Child Leap Card 16-18 can be used to pay for travel by anyone who is 16 to 18 years old, up to their 19th birthday. There are a range of Stagecoach tickets that you can buy online and will give you unlimited travel within your chosen ticket zone. Your return trip to the airport is also included if you are travelling on the same day. Some bus companies offer group and family tickets. Travel after 6.30pm for just £3.50. KCC 16+ Travel Saver Whether you are looking for a day ticket or a monthly ticket, we can help you find the right journey. Tickets for students over 18 in full-time education or 16-18 year old's who are not eligible for the 16-18 photocard. Child season tickets. Just show your MonthlyPlus pass to the bus driver. Conditions of Carriage; Contact us. With a Class Pass, up to 30 children … Use on: Bus icon. The bus pass is free, but you’ll need to pay to get a passport photo as we don’t provide these. Skip to main content. Information about fares for all TfL services. Rural service fares Ticket options & ways to pay We have a wide range of tickets and passes to suit your various travel needs. A monthly subscription for travel in the Harrogate zone. Child Leap Card Types of Child Leap Card. You can also travel using your Oyster card with a 7 Day, Monthly and Annual Bus & Tram Pass. Here at First Bus Greater Manchester, we have every kind of ticket to suit your journey. Student bus pass. If you have a 16+ Zip Oyster photocard and live in London, you get free travel on buses and trams. Concessional Daily Bus Passes will be issued to child below 12 Years. 0118 959 4000 [email protected]. Quarterly. *My Travel Pass card required – details below. Child bus fares are available until your 19th birthday. Click here to apply online for a My Travel Pass card. GoPass Tap is the reloadable transit card that automatically gives you the best fare every time you ride. (select one only) Adult Full Fare. Under 16 PhotoCard. How to apply for a free disabled person's concessionary fares bus pass if you have a disability. If you're aged 16-18 you may be eligible for child fares with a 16-18 photocard. Administrative Charge of ` 10 for monthly bus -pass, ` 30 , for quarterly bus -pass & ` 50 for students ’ half-yearly bus-pass. Buy a ticket First Bus App . With an Apprentice Oyster photocard you get 30% off 7 Day, Monthly and longer period Bus & Tram Passes. Find out what's the best ticket for you and how to use contactless and Oyster cards, view fares, check if you can get a refund or replacement and see if you're eligible for free and discounted travel. Most child tickets are now available on Swift photocard. Half Term: Monday 26 October 2020 to Friday 30 October 2020, Half Term: Monday 15 February 2021 to Friday 19 February 2021, Half Term: Monday 31 May 2021 to Friday 4 June 2021, Tickets for students over 18 in full-time education or 16-18 year old's who are not eligible for the. If you are aged 11 to 16, you must have an igo card to travel using any child ticket on buses in Greater Manchester. Walsall low fare zone. Valid on all our buses to get you to school, college or to a work placement, as well as during the evenings, school holidays and weekends. We can take photographs at the Town Hall for a charge of £2. Plus the cards are more durable and replacements are easier to process and cheaper for you. OC Bus offers a variety of regular fares to meet your bus travel needs. Student passes. How long do bus passes last? Have a query about your Direct Debit? School trips made easy. You’ll need to get a My Travel Pass card, part of the Welsh Government’s My Travel Pass Scheme, which you must present when buying your ticket. Any additional children travelling on our buses will be charged the normal child bus fare (regardless of whether they are under 7 or over). From Saturday 11 July, you must touch in on the yellow card reader on all routes. Bus companies operating in Surrey offer single and return journey tickets, including one and seven day tickets, one and three month tickets and yearly tickets. Tram icon. With a wide range available, including weekly and monthly tickets, there’s no need to have the right change as you can make your purchase in advance. The Hopper fare will still apply to any further bus and tram journeys made within one hour of first touching in. Term Starts: Tuesday 1 September 2020Half Term: Monday 26 October 2020 to Friday 30 October 2020Term Ends: Friday 18 December 2020, Term Starts: Monday 4 January 2021Half Term: Monday 15 February 2021 to Friday 19 February 2021Term Ends: Thursday 1 April 2021, Term Starts: Monday 19 April 2021Half Term: Monday 31 May 2021 to Friday 4 June 2021Term Ends: Wednesday 21 July 2021. Travel Saver applications and COVID-19 . Most child tickets are available on Direct Debit which is the best value option for buying tickets. Below you can see bus prices and the savings you can access. Business key. Children under five travel free. Monthly Bus & Tram Pass Annual Bus & Tram Pass £0.75: £2.25: £10.60: £40.80: Not available Companion bus pass. How to obtain or renew an older person's bus pass. Plan a journey and favourite it for quick access in the future, Choose postcodes, stations and places for quick journey planning, How to pay and where to buy tickets and Oyster, National Rail fares, caps and Travelcards beyond Zone 9, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. Service Alerts – We monitor the network closely to check the status of all our services and issue alerts if there are any changes. From single rides to 30-Day passes. There’s not a huge saving compared to buying 4 x weekly passes, but it saves remembering to renew. Change Passengers. Expires at 3am on the following day after first use. If you are travelling more than three days a week, the quickest way to buy a ticket is on our mTicket app. Children (0-15) Children under 5 travel travel free. Valid for 1 calendar month Adult. Buy on your key card online. Requires a photo - only you can use it. $11.00: $109.00: Youth. Find the best bus pass for you. With this card, commuters can purchase the Adult Monthly Travel Pass. To find out about eligibility for the discounted fares please view the details below:. A one month bus pass is £81.50. You may be eligible for free travel or discounts off your fares. Whether that means a day ticket or a monthly bus ticket, we can help you enjoy great value and stress-free journeys in Greater Manchester. Download the First Bus App for the cheapest First Essex bus fares and prices. Adult passes. It is reported to provide an average saving of £117 per year. To find out about eligibility for the discounted fares please view the details below:. How to apply for a bus pass for your companion if you are disabled and cannot travel alone. 18-22. Scratchcard ticket; Concessions National Concessionary Pass holders are entitled to free travel on any Brighton & Hove bus Family travel However you choose to spend time … Schoolchildren Child term ticket replacements made easy with the PassProtect scheme. With a Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount you get 50% off adult pay as you go fares and discounted 7 Day and Monthly Travelcards. Also on this site. * Note: Income-Related monthly bus pass for qualified residents only. Monthly Pass: $70.00 Child and Student fares are discounted from the Adult price. RFID Card Fee of ` 30 for new registration & duplicate card. For 11-16 year old residents of West Yorkshire. With 7 GoZones to choose from, for adults, students and under 16s – all offering unlimited travel … You can buy it for yourself or on behalf of an eligible person. Monthly passes are available from the 15th of the previous month until the 10th of the calendar month in which they apply. Besides cash fares, there is a day ticket and a range of weekly, monthly and annual season tickets, please see above. Term Plus bus pass. Eco Pass. Great for travelling to school and college. Chat On Facebook or … If you would like to know more about our child ticket range, please contact customer services here From the age of 11 until 31 August after your 16th birthday, you can pay child fares if you have an igo card. Child Young person Student Adult Group Concession. Cash Fares on the Bus NCT operates an exact fare policy and our drivers cannot give change.
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