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(The first rule of Cook Out: Always order the chicken wrap as a side.) Ordinary Rock. The wide range of flavors available mean that milkshake devotees will always find something they like. I had 40 plus milkshakes over almost two years. Have you heard of putting eggs in milkshakes.....? Oreo / Cookies and Cream . Pairing suggestion: Hellman’s Ranch cups, and keep ’em coming. We were expecting a more colorful shake, akin to a McFlurry, but were disappointed to find that the M&M’s colors had mixed together to form an unfortunate brown hue. Bless up. There’s a slight bitterness to this flavor which balances out the sweetness, but we would’ve appreciated a more robust, earthy flavor.Pairing suggestion: Dip hush puppies in this shake and never look back. Much to our surprise: Yes. blueberry? For those who’ve lost their sense of taste, this shake hits the spot. It’s alternate name is Orange Squeeze, and I like that because this is the closest I’ve gotten to a good squeeze in a long time. The menu advertises 40+ flavors, from vanilla to eggnog. I got several brain freezes from this one, and the shake was clumpy at parts.Pairing suggestion: Cook Out fries with cheese bc all the best things in life have an artificial orange hue. These cherries are OG — they ain’t no maraschinos. Blend Banana Nut and Walnut. With so much coverage throughout the southeast, you may find yourself stopping at one of their locations for a quick meal while visiting one of these states, or if you are driving through on a road trip. You eat this shake because it's there, not because you want it — like that hard candy in your grandpa’s glove compartment. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 1Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 3Finish – 0.5Quality – 2While we were expecting more of a caramel swirl or ripple throughout the shake, the bits of caramel we did get were v pleasant. Below is a comprehensive listing of the flavors. Milkshakes haven’t always been the obvious choice for political protesters trying to make a statement. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 5Finish – 1Quality – 4Nilla Wafers make an appearance in many of Cook Out’s milkshakes, but they’re at their best in the well-constructed banana pudding milkshake. Score Breakdown:Color – 0Bouquet – 1Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 5Finish – 1Quality – 3If you enjoy a fuck ton of peanut butter but don’t want to suffer the consequences of getting it stuck on the roof of your mouth, this is the shake for you. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 4Finish – 1Quality – 3Is it caramel? Anyway, the walnuts are earthy AF, which is great because they balance out the super sweet bananas. We know you love cookout milkshakes, but have you ever wondered what other WKU students get when they order? Remind yourself that goodness still exists in this world. From out of town and this is enough to keep me here. However, the mint flavor comes off as quite full-bodied, all the while creating harmony with the chocolate cookie notes. 22 Reviews. Cookout, known for charbroiled burgers and creamy milkshakes, sounds like a paradise to most teens. (The 2nd rule of Cook Out: The best mix-in chunks are at the bottom.) The smokiness of the chopped meat is a nice companion to the sweetness of cherry in this shake. Bless up.Pairing suggestion: There are a lot of elements to the Snickers shake, so keep your meal simple by ordering a Hot Dog. In high school I used to get peanut butter and banana. Love the milkshakes! Butterfinger can’t handle the cold, and doesn’t freeze well as a candy, but still makes for a mad dec Cook Out offering.Pairing suggestion: Chicken strips; The classiest thing next to finger food is finger-shaped food. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 2Finish – 0.5Quality – 2The goodness of a Cook Out shake lies in its mix-ins, which makes vanilla — what is usually a classic standby flavor — feel almost unnatural. Regular milkshakes run from 510 to 900 calories. Yes, I can agree that milk's favorite cookie is also ice cream's favorite cookie, they come together in perfect harmony to make the best cookout milkshake. Cook Out . I've been a fan of Heath Toffee milkshakes for a while now. She a’ight. The crunchiness of the cookie melds exquisitely with the chewiness of the banana, and I can’t think of the last time I’ve been this much in love. I had 40 plus milkshakes over almost two years. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 4Finish – 0.5Quality – 3Among the candy mix-in possibilities, we weren’t expecting much from Snickers, given that all of its components — caramel, peanuts, chocolate, nougat — might not translate well in shake-form. Pairing suggestion: Wacky Tobaccy. Cook Out bills its milkshakes as “fancy,” and a truer word has never been spoken. It tastes like can of peaches and a bland pie crust that you’d get from the buffet line. A few notes on the rankings. you’d expect this shake to be rich and loaded, like the sugar daddy I aspire to marry. For a milkshake, the body of the shake is tart, but it’s balanced by the natural sweetness of the Nilla Wafers. Oyster cracker : cabernet :: corn dog : oreo mint shake. "A young man was following Him, wearing nothing but a linen sheet over his naked body; and they seized him. Cookout: Best Milkshakes In Williamsburg - See 284 traveller reviews, 26 candid photos, and great deals for Williamsburg, VA, at Tripadvisor. OUR GUARANTEE. Pairing suggestion: Sweet tea — A Cook Out employee on deep background told me that if you order it using the same inflection as Morgan Freeman, you can get a sweet tea milkshake. Cook-Out: milkshakes - See 17 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Hickory, NC, at Tripadvisor. It reminds us of the sticky toffee pudding you’d eat on banks of London’s River Thames. I always kinda felt like Elvis with his fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches and the milkshake was actually really good. It tastes like Whopper milkballs and positively brims with malty goodness. Though Cook Out is a no-frills institution where meals are best enjoyed on a curb or on the hood of a car, the core tenet that drives Cook Out is this: View the world not for what it is, but for what it has the potential of becoming. On the way to the airport after a campaign event in Durham, N.C., on Oct. 18, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his granddaughter stopped at a Cookout location and ordered milkshakes. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 4Finish – 0.5Quality – 3This shake boasts actual chunks of cherry, and a good number of them, at that. With over 40+ milkshakes to choose from the decision of which to get is a tough one. RIP Harambe.Pairing suggestion: You already got your fruit for the day in this shake, so pair it with a healthy vegetable: slaw. Lv 4. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 1Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 4Finish – 0.5Quality – 3In and of itself, eggnog is a hella decadent drink, so how does the milkshake version compare? From classic to Vanilla and Hershey's brand chocolate, to more funky flavors like Cherry Cobbler and Egg Nog, if you like milkshakes, there's a flavor for you. Cook Out opened their 100th store in Florence, South Carolina in 2012 and their 200th restaurant in Starkville, Mississippi in 2016. Also look for the southeast's unique soft drink, Cheerwine. Highly recommended for our primate friends. This Mother Church of grease and gluttony accepts all comers. We see sugary manna from heaven. From classic to Vanilla and Hershey's brand chocolate, to more funky flavors like Cherry Cobbler and Egg Nog, if you like milkshakes, there's a flavor for you. While the actual Caramel shake tasted bland, the caramel flavor here is present and ready to party.Pairing suggestion: Mustard relish hot dog. Cook Out cares about the quality of both its food and service. cookout milkshakes - Cook Out. The pineapple chunks were intermittent and small, but when they did come through, they offered an ambrosial contrast to the banana.Pairing suggestion: A multidimensional Honey Mustard Wrap pairs well with a multidimensional shake. The toffee flavor works well in shake form, especially with the vanilla base, but the shake ultimately fails to pack the punch that most Cook Out desserts do.Pairing suggestion: Steak Style Hamburger because you appreciate the finer things in life, and thou aren’t no heathen. Jun 28, 2019 #53 Stiltzkin said: No Cookouts here in OK, and that makes me sad. Food is good too. Get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox. RIP G-Ma. You get what you expect, and it’s great.Pairing suggestion: Onion rings. Score Breakdown:Color – 0Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 4Finish – 0.5Quality – 3Surprisingly, Nilla Wafers provide an elevated shake mix-in experience. Does Starbucks actually have milkshakes or are you making a joke about their frappacinos? A new flavor like Butterfinger pops up now and again, and there are murmurs of secret shakes. It’s true, folks. This is the pinnacle of Cook Out candy shakes. While this shake runs in the middle of the pack of our rankings — its flavor is more dainty than it is full-bodied — don’t let its score of 11 deceive you; this good good is deserving of a spot on the shake bucket list. Apr 19, 2017 - Not all milkshakes are created equal. Add some danger to your life. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1Flavor – 4Finish – 0.5Quality – 3The ethereal experience of eating a cool slice of watermelon on a hot summer’s day is heightened by this limited-time offering. You aren't the first person to see this website. It's important to properly store your milkshake in the freezer to preserve quality. Replace your morning health smoothie with this good good, and you’ll be good to go. We expected this shake to rank as one of the worst, and it turned out to be one of the best. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 1Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 4Finish – 0.5Quality – 3America’s favorite cookie? Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 1Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 5Finish – 1Quality – 4Eating a Banana Peanut Butter shake is like witnessing a beautiful merengue dance. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 3Finish – 1Quality – 2You’d think that with the Blueberry shake being one of our top-rated flavors, Blueberry Cheesecake would be of equal rank. When I'm making brownies or cake or anything with eggs in it, I never let my kids lick the spoons. The absence of an interesting textural element, such as Nilla Wafers, only highlights the sadness that is canned peaches. Is it cheesecake? United States ; North Carolina (NC) Fayetteville ; Fayetteville Restaurants ; Cook Out; Search “cookout milkshakes” Review of Cook Out. Improve this listing. Cheddar style burger, bacon wrap, and ranch chicken wrap with a milkshake. Consider it the diabeetus starter pack. It’s actually a little of both! A cake batter shake? Milkshake Storage Methods. Eating every Cook Out milkshake on the menu over the course of one summer was an emotional, physically taxing, lactose-laden, existential journey. For evidence, just take a look at the cloying Chocolate Cherry fiasco. I’ve had the best milkshakes. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 5Finish – 1Quality – 4Dare we say it: This seasonal shake is better than the dessert it's inspired by. I would’ve liked to see chocolate chips incorporated into the shake instead of an ungodly amount of syrup, which made the shake cloying. A whole slice of pie is blended into each shake, and sizable pieces of buttery crust and flecks of cinnamon round out the sweetness of the shake's vanilla base.Pairing suggestion: Chicken tenders; Go for poultry to bring this Thanksgiving offering full circle. Since there are so many flavors to choose from, here is a full listing to study up before you go so you can pick your favorite with ease. Basically, it’s like watching Seabiscuit while taking Adderall: You hope it’ll be intriguing, but nope, still boring. Screw you, 2016. In fact, there have even been blogs set up by milkshake lovers who aimed to try to review each and every flavor of the available Cookout milkshakes. The walnuts aren’t wet, like the cloying kind you’d get in your sundae. I know it sounds weird but after a friend suggested it I got hooked. Eating it was a privilege, an honor, and an intellectual exercise. Pineapple is the canned variety, which is to be expected, but it’s nothing too thrilling. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 4Finish – 1Quality – 3No money for a summer vacation? August 7, 2014. But with the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake flavor, you can appreciate the true, rich essence of the cheesecake while enjoying intermittent notes of chocolate.Pairing suggestion: The Original Style Char-Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a light offering that balances out the decadence of the cheesecake shake. When someone gets all judgey after another one of your Cook Out runs, tell them this: “Mint is an herb, and herbs are healthy, so why don’t you go suck up the little dignity you have left through one of them tiny ass straws.”Pairing suggestion: The Chocolate Chip Mint shake cleanses the palate nicely following a hearty Steak Style Hamburger. I hate to do that, but it's better than getting a bad egg and getting sick. But, for the sake of science, I strong-armed a few friends into spending a Saturday afternoon trying every single shake the Cook Out down the street had to offer. When the cherry flavor finally came through, it only tasted like cloying maraschino syrup.Pairing suggestion: BBQ Sandwich. #12 01-19-2003, 07:55 AM fish3711. The leftovers from this shake wait, hopeful but forgotten in your freezer, like the girl on your phone who you “forgot” to text back after your cat had its emergency appendectomy — WE COULD’VE BEEN SOMETHING, STEVE, YOU BASTURD. 3 photos. Nine Year Member. Then there are the milkshakes. There weren’t all that many candy chunks throughout the shake, but we hit the motherload as we polished it off. The shake’s texture is a bit clumsy, but the meatiness of the walnuts provide a nice mouthfeel.Pairing suggestion: The saltiness of the BLT Sandwich serves as a nice complement to the sweetness of this shake. Cinnamon and nutmeg could provide a more robust flavor profile to complement the ever-so-bashful peach.Pairing suggestion: BBQ plate with slaw, fries, and hush puppies. Since Oreo Mint is a full-bodied shake, the humble corn dog serves as an excellent palate cleanser. No regrats. The cake adds a richness to the shake, which allows the caramel to act as a bright, bold accent. Egg Nog milkshakes are back, AND you can try them with various flavors, too! We feel like we’re sitting on a beach drinking this shake, and it only set us back a couple of bucks. It is like Pepto Bismol in both taste and color. Pieces of fresh, crisp watermelon come through with every bite, and the milkshake doesn’t taste artificial whatsoever. Brandon. Just so, how much is a CookOut tray with a milkshake? Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 3Finish – 0.5Quality – 2This shake reminded of the time I visited my grandparents’ retirement home. When you eat something that's coffee flavored, you expect the flavor to sit with you, and the finish on this one just wasn’t long enough. The most important factor is memorability of the shake either good or bad. There are endless meal combinations — including the option to order a quesadilla or chicken wrap as a side — because this truly is the land of the free, the home of the tray. Milkshakes were not the UK’s food projectile of choice until recently. What’s a better complement to banana bread than breakfast’s favorite side dish: bacon? It wasn’t sweet enough and verged on bland. A few notes on the rankings. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 3Finish – 1Quality – 3This is either a new offering, or a hidden menu item. realrecipe4u gives all the flavors of the Cookout Milkshake. Website. The shake is a mild offering with a 9 p.m. bedtime, but if you want to mix in a mini bottle of bourbon, we’re not gonna judge. In many ways, the beautiful experience of eating at Cook Out transcends words, but it’s worth trying. 0 0. atleh. Pairing suggestion: Onion rings help bring this gastronomic experience full circle. This is also the place where dreams come true. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 1Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 2Finish – 0.5Quality – 2We went in thinking Caramel would be cloying, as a little syrup can go a long way, but surprisingly, this shake underwhelmed. The conversation distilled into a Platonistic debate of whether to judge this shake by its true form or by its ideal form.Pairing suggestion: BBQ Plate. It’s the best pre-sunrise breakfast you could ask for. But is it America’s favorite shake? Pairing suggestion: Cajun wrap; A good ass shake is deserving of a good ass pairing. Maybe then everyone will want to be my friend. Sling ‘em back ’til you’re numb. Oct 25, 2017 9,347 North Carolina. Make Elvis proud. The milkshakes are priced between $2 and $3, and come in a variety of flavors such as Vanilla, Strawberry, Hershey's Chocolate, and Fresh Banana. This is by no means a terrible shake, but it didn’t meet up to our expectations of what a great chocolate shake can be.Pairing suggestion: Hot dog with ketchup and mustard because AMERICA, land of the free, home of the tray. 46 Flavors of Cook Out Milkshakes and More. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 1Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 5Finish – 1Quality – 4The Oreo flecks are quite pronounced, but more chunks would have led to a deeper textural experience. Pairing suggestion: The Steak Style Hamburger is a refined offering that pairs well with this classy nut shake. mrslissa. The shamrock shake may be popular, but these are better. Pinkies up, bitches. The sweetness of the barbecue sauce works well with what is a balanced, sweet shake. Butter pecan is a solid ice cream flavor; I’d fuq wit dat nut. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 1Body/Texture – 1Flavor – 4Finish – 1Quality – 3Interestingly, unlike other shakes that use regular walnuts, this shake seems to use the wet variety. They’re a worthy friend to a standby classic shake flavor. To dine at Cook Out is to be presented a dazzling, dizzying array of choices. Also, how many milkshakes does CookOut have? As large chain fast food restaurants develop a reputation for poor quality and lack of freshness in their trucked-in food, visiting locally owned places like Cook Out will not only make your taste buds happy but will be supporting the "locavore" movement. We don’t know how they did it, but THE WHOLE SHAKE TASTES LIKE A WALNUT. It has zero redeeming qualities, and may God have mercy on its shake soul. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 3Finish – 0.5Quality – 2Your basic, classic, all-American staple: Hershey’s Chocolate. What began as a local gem in Greensboro, North Carolina, Cook Out now has locations in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, and the list keeps growing. Flavors change from time to time but you'll find some on the menu year after year. Also, who says you can’t eat tubed meat for brekkie? Not a wine at all, it's a cherry-flavored soft drink with hints of root beer flavor which has been produced since 1917 by a company in North Carolina claiming to be "the oldest continuing soft drink company still run by the same family.". I had 40 plus milkshakes over almost two years. 6903 Cliffdale Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28314-2847 +1 910-867-7334. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 6Finish – 1Quality – 4This is the best fruit shake we tried. It may not cost a nickel anymore, but the wholesome virtue of the soda shop shake is still alive and well. To quote Donald Trump: “SAD!”Pairing suggestion: Honey mustard. This meal and shake combo is inspired by Cook Out’s North Carolina roots. OUR GUARANTEE. But I digress. A brownie flavor? While Baskin Robbins is known for having 31 flavors, the lesser known, but not lesser beloved Cook Out restaurants boast over 46 different varieties of milkshakes. Cook Out touts that their hamburger meat is ground fresh daily, formed into patties and delivered to all their sites. For our group, reaching a consensus about the quality of this shake was challenging. Pairing suggestion: Cheerwine Float so you can drown out your tastebuds with a Cheerwine Float and wash away the flavor of this shake. Score Breakdown:Color – 1Bouquet – 1Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 2Flavor – 4Finish – 1Quality – 4A Starbucks Frappuccino hack for far less $$$$. The shake actually has a nice get-up-and-go flair, like a cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise, delivering a robust, fruity flavor.Pairing suggestion: The acid from the Texas Pete-topped BBQ Sandwich goes great with Red Cherry. Eating it doesn't require hearing your creepy Uncle Bob crack lewd jokes about the turkey every five minutes at the Thanksgiving table. Also a green beverage, it goes down the gullet smooth and tastes like the popular ice cream flavor that bears the same name. During my visit, Grandma told me racist stories of the past and yelled at the nurse, but God dammit, did that woman love peaches. Pairing suggestion: A Bacon Ranch Wrap and Mocha shake go great with 4 a.m. regret on a late night Cook Out run. As tradition stands, Cook Out jams a whole big slice of N.Y. cheesecake into the cup before the shake is blended. It’s tied for last place but for the exact opposite reason as Hi-C Fruit Punch: It’s completely devoid of flavor, but *don’t worry*, it’s got a great personality. Banana and peanut butter jockey for the lead, but one flavor never dominates the other. Below is a comprehensive listing of the flavors. I want to spoon it all night long while whispering sweet nothings from The Terminator.Pairing suggestion: If you don’t order the Barbecue Plate alongside this distinguished Southern offering, then bless your heart. Ranked #37 of 48 Quick Bites in Fayetteville. Then there are the milkshakes. The acidity from the pickle relish and mustard cuts through the density and decadence of the caramel cheesecake. Trying to explain Cook Out to someone who isn’t from the South is like trying to explain the sky’s infinite stars to someone who only knows the sun. Julian Boren March 27, 2013. – Mark 14:51. Just like every shake on the menu. No, really. Anxiety can be a hard concept to explain to people. Yeah, that’s great and all, but tell us: Have you ever tried a Cook Out quesadilla? A new flavor like Butterfinger pops up now and again, and there are murmurs of secret shakes. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 0.5Sweetness – 1Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 3Finish – 0.5Quality – 2In the grand scheme of Cook Out shakes, pineapple is one of the less memorable flavors. It’s the neon sign across the street that reads COOK OUT — and those are tears in your eyes. Nilla Wafers are a deceitful treat and add a distinctive crunch that rounds out the flavor profile of an otherwise plain chocolate shake.Pairing suggestion: Cook Out Style Hamburger. But you do have to remember about the raw egg thing. So, when Cook Out opened locations in Georgia offering 40 flavors of milkshakes, I realized I had finally found my Mecca. If I can remember the milkshake then it will rank over one t hat might have scored higher initially. strawberry? I'll be going back for dessert tonight! I am lucky that the fries at Cookout are vegan, unlike McDonald's, which are cooked in beef flavoring so they are not even vegetarian. The flavors include: Though most people come to try one of the above flavors, Cook Out restaurants are also known for their fresh (never frozen) "outdoor style" hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue selections such as Cajun chicken, and BBQ pork, and tasty side dishes like hushpuppies, classic fries, and onion rings, so you can make a full meal of your visit. This tastes like your classic cookies ‘n’ cream offering, but it is still very well done. Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 2Body/Texture – 1.5Flavor – 3Finish – 0.5Quality – 2Given the reputation of Cook Out’s cheesecake shakes (a whole N.Y. slice in every shake!) We we were expecting an elevated, “fancy” version from Cook Out, but the restaurant’s variety was run-of-the-mill. A hearty shake reminiscent of Sunday supper’s favorite dessert meets its match in this burger that’s topped with equally hearty chili, slaw, mustard, and onion. It’s one of the most well-blended, smooth, and balanced shakes on the roster, and chocolate and peanut butter come through in equal parts.Pairing suggestion: Sop up every last bit of goodness this shake can offer with Hush Puppies. It’s not only fresh, but smooth! Score Breakdown:Color – 0.5Bouquet – 0Sweetness – 1Body/Texture – 1Flavor – 1Finish – 0.5Quality – 1Poor, poor peach. It’s a blazing sentry of liberty. 46 Flavors of Cook Out Milkshakes and More, Healthy Homemade Strawberry Milkshake (Smoothie).
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