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Thank you for this! It's really, really great. But I was laughing about the whole thing by the next day. So, by personal choice I cut them out of my life. The ability to conclude and correctly archive miseries, so that the subconscious mind doesn’t overwrite positive intentions. A person in their lifetime will face some obstacles, one time or another and will need to adjust or change accordingly. To me, that is the meaning of choosing happiness. / Subscribe 0 Ted Talks are great but … I believe happiness is a choice -- that you have the ability to create real and lasting happiness for yourself. I cried, I threw a hissy fit, I fell into hysterical, if-I-don’t-laugh-right-now-I’ll-have-a-nervous-breakdown laughter, and then cried some more. ” Eudaimonia, is a Greek term variously translated as happiness, welfare, flourishing, and blessedness. It is for the courageous, the care takers, the ignorant, the selfless, the focused, the decisive and the vigorous.”. -John. i do agree that you can choose happiness throughout your day, but how could someone maintain that happiness, because the smallest things can just ruin all that.Making the whole day feel worst then before ,Yeah you can wake up and say today am gonna be happy and every thing is gonna change, and then you trip ,you get a phone call you didn’t want ,or etc by then your whole day just seems to go down form there . Many people feel this way. No matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, we choose how we respond to those circumstances. Love this! It was one heck of a day. dont focus on being unhappy, thats just stupid. you get through it bad feelings and all, and change things so that your not in this position again. I am well known for the fact that I ALWAYS choose happiness. Mariana, I simply just ignore everything that puts me into distress. Do what you want to do and do what you believe is great work. Happiness Speech. Malcolm Gladwell Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce "Tipping Point" author Malcolm Gladwell gets inside the food industry's pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce — and makes a larger argument about the nature of choice Thank you for posting this up. The idea that happiness is a choice seems to be just that, an idea, and one that doesn’t apply to you. Your email address will not be published. It allows us to think more clearly. Happiness is something which we can’t describe in words it can only be felt from someone’s expression of a smile. - If you're in an unhappy relationship you can choose to change it and that could mean getting out. 3. I believe in rainbows, sunshine and that happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy about missing him instead… and maybe that doesnt make sense, and maybe i should give up. Step 1: Mental decide to be happy. Happiness is linked to thankfulness. I was dedicated to learning. That will always make you happy. What if everything you do fails? i agree with parts of this article, but i think if people ignored “feelings” and walked around all the time like everything is great (ignoring their feelings), i think they will explode at some point. thus in the future you can be happy. There are some people who seem to think that happiness is the result of all the right wheels turning at just the right time. I see that it is a choice even in the midst of a horrible break up. There are some people who seem to think that happiness is the result of all the right wheels turning at just the right time. Because of this simple truth, in order to change your life, you just have to change your thinking habits. 2. Even while I felt stuck and sad at times I always liked setting goals and making plans to get away from negativity, to improve my life and to make my own happiness. It takes steady practice. Unfortunately, some people may stay stuck; becoming bitter, angry & depressed and repetitively continuing the vicious cycle that brought them their original unhappy state of mind. Implicitly –. I remember the day my life drastically changed for the better was when I learned that our patterns of thought are just habits. If you’ve never considered happiness as a choice before today, there has never been a better time than right now to choose happiness. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Happiness is a state of mind. When grief strikes, or when you just can’t seem to catch a break, sometimes you just want to sulk and stay upset, perpetuate the sadness. One thing after another went wrong. Happiness is a choice essays"If you want to be happy, be" says Kozma Prutkov's famous proverb. This means, stand up straight, walk quickly, and smile. Have you ever known someone diagnosed with depression or severe anxiety? I hope not to sound too corny but honestly the thing that “does it” for me is trying to do whatever I am doing with Love.. it is impossible to have a heart full of love and be miserable! After the “aha” come the hard work of choosing joy even when things aren’t so fabulous. what you do are in harmony.". I couldn’t agree more – Happiness is a choice. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. 65 Choices Quotes One of my favorite quotes, of all time, is about choices. Moreover, happiness comes from within and no one can steal your happiness. Many people believe that you're either born happy or you're not. Today is National Voter Registration Day! We can’t help it. There's always a way. It’s a feeling that keeps people healthy and fit. 30, 2018 / Misc. I’m standing here in front of you to express my deep sympathy and sorrow to those people who commits suicide, to those who doesn't value their life and to those who is lives in their past. Happiness is the easiest goal to reach. In the life of each person there are some crucial moments when the whole fu Looking back I clearly see that I chose to go after happiness and I had I love this sentence in your blog. Thanks for the article, well said! i think people should feel them as they come along in their life, and deal with them.
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