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Retrieved 2019-09-13. “I always admire Jack White’s instincts — his ability to get me interested in what he’s doing,” explains Schultz. Because you actually got through to them.”, When “Ho Hey” became an international, multi-platinum hit, the bandmates took their success in stride. “It looks really good on your website — like, ‘I’m playing New York, and this is the venue I’m playing’ — and you take a lot of superficial pride in that, looking at your tour dates all full. It’s a really big blessing, but you also have to fight really hard to get out of its wake.”, Sarfaad Blend Hip-Hop, Electronic and Metal on Gritty New Song ‘Dog Days’, Letterz Drop Dexterous Debut EP ‘Imagine Salt’, Dynamite Disco Club 022 feat Stalvart John, Carissa and DataBass, Aggressive Tendencies v16.0 ft Godless, Hostilian, Beyond Vengeance, Exclusive Premiere: Undying Inc’s Roaring Return on ‘Glock’, See Warren Mendonsa Explain and Perform Blackstratblues’ Mellifluous New Track, AleXa Drops Piano Ballad ‘Never Let You Go’, How Mumbai DJ Jarryd Nunes Got His Livestream Shows Trending on Mixcloud, #RSHitList: Featuring Sidd Coutto, Raghav Meattle, Rohanmaz And More, Susmit Bose: ‘Most of My Music Was Written Casually’. All rights reserved. And then when you go play that [big-city venue], everybody would be waiting for the next band, or talking, but whenever we’d play the house show, it’s like you had everyone there in the palm of your hand for the hour that you had.”, Schultz’s advice to other burgeoning bands: focus on house shows first. The Lumineers know how to attract listeners with their catchy songs and overall positive vibe. “That’s a form of creativity we’ve never really leaned on [before].” The amount of love, craft and care that went into this album is paramount. Check out our album review of Artist's The Lumineers on Rolling There is always a chance that the cycle will end, but to put a pretty little bow around the narrative would be an injustice to the subject. The Lumineers have told their own story in “III,” a 10-track concept album composed of three chapters that follows the fictitious Sparks family. Below, we’ve rounded up several highlights from the conversation. ^ The Lumineers - Donna (Part 1 Of 10), retrieved 2019-09-13 – via YouTube ^ a b Caulfield, Keith (September 23, 2019). Films, movies, television, books: They all tell stories that allow audiences to see glimpses of themselves. The band turns a new page with the album III, whose creation and promotion is also detailed during the Walking the Floor interview. Before “Ho Hey” catapulted the Lumineers and its founding members Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites to multi-platinum status in nearly a dozen countries, the band toured the country as an independent act, playing plenty of DIY house shows along the way. The folk-rock band will play 30 arenas and amphitheaters across the U.S. and Canada, beginning February 1st in Asheville, North Carolina and wrapping June 12th in Mansfield, Massachusetts. I’d love to see them dive into darker depths and other subjects away from love in a future album. “For me and Wes,” explains Fraites, “the album sonically feels differently. Like Joni and Patti, the Lumineers achieve that which few performers convincingly can: the merging of art with popular appeal. You’ve gotta fight really hard, for this fortunate thing that gave you so much, to get out of it. The studio versions of The Lumineer’s latest songs, which make up their new record III, are most likely the only chance a listener will have to hear the tracks unencumbered.With heaps of playful, fun melodies overdramatic heartfelt, instantly relatable lyrics, the Denver based folk-rockers have created an album of tunes that, when played live, will have hordes of … Those humble beginnings helped launch one of the biggest careers in modern folk-rock music, and they also dominate the latter half of the Lumineers’ conversation with podcast host Chris Shiflett during this new episode of Walking the Floor. Thankfully, the music itself is heavenly, as bare and ominous as a Rothko, as sparse and beautiful as a winter horizon. The Lumineers have announced a 2020 headlining North American tour in support of their upcoming album III. All in all, the breadth of the project is remarkable. We’d play a few times in a row as house shows, and the next time, if we did play a venue, all those people actually knew the music and they’d pay the money and they’d come to the show. “It’s a big blessing, but you also have to fight to get out of its wake,” says the band’s Wesley Schultz of group’s massive hit, on Shiflett’s ‘Walking the Floor’, The Lumineers are this week's guests on Chris Shiflett's 'Walking the Floor' podcast. Copyright © 2021 by WTOP. I'm giving it a 9 because it feels a bit preachy instead of personal/emotional, but it gets the core of the emotional journey to peace of mind right.
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