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We typically recommend using MAS Deep Pour where you can pour large amounts of epoxy up to 0.5-1” thick, and then using MAS Table Top Pro as the finish top coat. Mixing:  Mixing to vigorously will whip in excessive air bubbles into the blended resin and hardener. We’ve actually tested our product and obtained a result of 1.5 g/L VOC, which is extremely low. That should be around 2-4 hours after pouring, but warmer temperatures will set faster, and cooler temperatures will set slower. Epoxy is a temperature sensitive material. Keep in mind that epoxy is mass and temperature sensitive. Table Top Epoxy is great for embedding objects into your table, bar top, or counter top Table Top Epoxy makes it easy to cover a prepared level, horizontal surface containing just about any collection of personally priceless, glued-down objects (such as photographs, postcards, bottle caps, coins, charts, baseball cards, buttons) with multiple, thin layers of crystal clear protection. Wipe the surface down with a solvent like denatured alcohol or acetone You can seal the non-epoxied pieces with polyurethane or really any wood finish. Simple changes in temperature can affect the density of both the resin and hardener while the kit is being metered out. Learn how your comment data is processed. Do not use a tack cloth. It gives me perfect ocean cells. When warm, it’s thinner and sets faster. Using MAS Penetrating Epoxy sealer, mix two parts resin to one part hardener into a cup and stir for 2-3 minutes. Q Some manufacturers may claim "FDA complaint", "meets FDA guidelines", etc. To tint epoxy, simply use an epoxy compatible colorant and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Will epoxy resin bond or stick to acrylic? How long does Mas Tabletop Pro take to dry or fully cure? While much of the industry will tell you their 100% solids epoxy products contains zero VOC, there could still be trace amounts of VOC present in any epoxy system. Temperature:  If the temp falls below 60°F while epoxy is initially setting up, it may stall out the chemical reaction needed to harden the epoxy. If there is any doubt about the condition of old material, we recommend mixing a small amount in a disposable cup to ensure it hardens before using it for a project. Asked by Nardin Costandy on October 20, 2020 1:16 pm This can also be done with clear super glue for a quicker fix on small imperfections such as fish eyes. Specialty Woodworking Products, Time Saving Adhesives, My Account Answered by the admin Do not use paper towels, dirty rags, contaminated sandpaper, or touch surface with oily fingers. That said, we’ve made many table/bar tops with our product and personally feel comfortable if the tabletop incidentally contacts food (like dropping and being picked up), but we wouldn’t use it to coat a food prep surface or a mug where the food or someone’s mouth will have direct and continuous exposure. Asked by Scott on December 17, 2020 8:38 am For reference, a low VOC house paint may contain up to 50 g/L VOC and other VOC-exempt solvents. Questions and answers of the customers If the coffee cups have an uncoated ceramic, , you can actually scratch glass with that mug as well as virtually any room-temp cure epoxy surface. Send me a notification for each new answer. Only mix up what you intend to immediately use. You will need to degrease using a solvent like denatured alcohol or acetone to remove any oils or contaminates from the surface, followed by a light scuff of the laminate with sandpaper followed by another wash-down with a solvent. - this is not the same as FDA approval. As well as these, we also sell MAS potable water epoxy and MAS table top epoxy; as well as some MAS fillers. It is quite like the allergic reaction to poison ivy. Here is a video showcasing different thicknesses and how the heat effects Tabletop Pro. Mix time varies by the volume of product being mixed. As for the polyurethane on the top, you can apply it as a top coat but in this environment it would not be needed! Can it be used over an oil based stain? Could I place a... answer now Past that point you will want to lightly scuff sand between coats to promote adhesion. Answered by the admin 0 votes MAS Deep Pour has a 5.5 hour gel time at 77°F in a 150 gram mass, but will set up much faster if warmer or left sitting for an extended time in a larger mass. Asked by Jaime Kuzio on October 20, 2020 7:10 pm It’s true that most of us are looking for something quick … because if it takes a long time, we just don’t want to bother. Usually, it takes around 72 hours to fully cure the epoxy. To make a mechanical bond: Easy to work with but the working time was less than 20 minutes. Q Table top epoxy usually cures much quicker than a deep pour casting resin. When cool, it’s thicker and sets slower. The condensation won't leave rings on the epoxy, however, if the cup or mug is very hot it could leave an indentation on the resin. The product should be stored indoors, on a raised surface off the floor and away from exterior walls. An excess of resin or hardener will negatively affect the cure and could cause a wide range of short and/or long term problems with your epoxy project. Let epoxy sit for 10 minutes to allow air bubbles to rise to the surface. I’ve tried so many different brands and this is by far my favorite. DO NOT use a tack cloth. It can but used in that application. With that said, you can wait for the full cure schedule, then lightly scuff the finish to create surface area and texture for the epoxy to adhere to, wash the piece down with a solvent like denatured alcohol or acetone (keep in mind that may discolor or remove the oil finish)  at which point you can apply a seal coat (1/32") and watch for any fish eyes or orange peel. Lightly sand the surface and apply another coat to level it out. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Priming is typically done if you are using it as a base color to accent the top colorants used to create an effect. How long do I need ... answer now Answered by the admin Q What is the max thickness you can pour MAS Tabletop Pro? A variety of factors will affect epoxy resin curing time; hardener ratio, ambient temperature and the use of heating tools (heat guns and lamps) all play a part in epoxy resin’s transition from liquid to gel to solid. Asked by Yuki on January 13, 2021 1:32 pm Can you make an epoxy resin river table with MAS Tabletop Pro? 0 votes Also check out, there are some unique options like glow in the dark or thermochromic pigment. A 1.3 gallon kit of mixed Deep Pour (12.6 lbs), cast 1” thick, will have about a 260F peak exotherm, and a gel time of roughly 200 minutes. That being said, every project is unique. How do I remove cup rings and heat indents from epoxy resin? 0 votes There are no answers for this question yet. When in doubt, small scale compatibility testing is always a good idea. Pour mixed epoxy onto the wood and coat all sides of the wood slab using a paint brush or by rubbing it into the wood by hand with rubber gloves on. What epoxy resin do I need for a River Table? Best practice is to wait 5-7 days at room temperature for an epoxy surface to fully cure (develop it’s full mechanical and thermal properties) before putting it into service. 0 votes We recommend testing the colors in very small batches (1-2oz) of mixed deep pour to ensure a desired result before pouring a large scale project. Keep in mind, every project is unique. Answered by the admin answer now We typically recommend using a water-based stain under the epoxy clear coat. When in doubt, use a cotton ball to test. Machining, sanding and/or shaping epoxy is pretty straight forward. Bare wood typically takes on a slightly richer color when wet out with MAS Table Top Pro. Clear SOLO brand disposable cups made of polypropylene (resin code 5, PP) work quite great. Asked by Mike McCallister on December 23, 2020 6:43 pm For most epoxy applications, 5-10% extra should be added to account for the inevitable wasted epoxy that stays on the stir stick, or stays in the bottom corners of the mixing cup, or accidental drips. Your email address will not be published. One of the great things about an epoxy table top finish is that if it does get damaged, it can easily be sanded and recoated. Table Top Hardener These are largely marketing claims that have not necessarily been substantiated. It has a one-to-one by volume mix ratio and cures at room temperature. I can’t find the info on UV protection (yellowing effect) and up to many degrees is resistant ... answer now Do not use a tack cloth. Best options for managing drips on the underside of project are to either periodically tend and smooth out with a brush as they form or use blue painters tape to protect underside perimeter. Q We’ve done this for tables in our office with success. The more you mix up, and the warmer it is, the faster it will gel. For comparison, an actual 500F system is more in line with high end aerospace grade manufacturing and would still require an extensive high temp post cure cycle in order to achieve an HDT of Tg that high. answer now Asked by AVERY E MOLER on September 27, 2020 10:08 pm Can I use anything to mix the epoxy resin in? Mica comes in a variety of colors and is generally the go to pigment. If you make a table. Things to remember about the hardening or “curing” rate of varying epoxies. Answered by the admin You certainly can! Opaque pigments such as One-Shot Lettering Enamels, K-Bond Color Pigments and most oil based alkyd paints work well. October 13, 2020. How much heat can this resin withstand once cured? Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Coating for Wood Tabletop. Touching up the machined indentations will be an important step to maintain a consistent clear high gloss finish. As a general rule, if you can sand, you should. 0 votes Can you use use MAS Tabletop Pro outdoors? It can certainly but used outdoors, however a few clear coats of a high quality UV-Spar Varnish or Bristol Finish, will be needed to protect it from the UV Light which will cause it to yellow, turn chalky and degrade. Is there a limit on how much epoxy resin I can mix at one time? Fully mixed:  Upon mixing, be sure to scrape sides and bottom of mixing container to ensure all resin and hardener are fully blended. The heat deflection temperature is 124F. Cured material cannot be removed with solvents. Some metals can tarnish quickly so it is a good practice to apply the epoxy shortly after prepping the surface. Once epoxy has started to harden, you can just carefully peel the tape and any drips away before if fully sets. a color changing temperature sensitive pigment so it might be blue then change purple. can potentially leave an impression on the surface. 0 votes Step pour multiple layers for thicker coatings. Apply heat to maintain the epoxy’s chemical reaction and speed the cure. Answered by the admin Buffing and polishing can be a little time consuming, but can be a useful technique to remove small surface imperfections while rejuvenating the original high gloss finish of the epoxy coating or to knock back the high gloss look to more of a mat or satin finish. Quoted on packaging is not FDA approved for direct food contact not the same as FDA.. Portions then warm the area with a thin coat of mixed epoxy will also cure more. When varnishing, first and foremost follow the manufacturer ’ s thinner and sets slower 2-5 % alcohol... To manipulate care not to whip in excess air away with Tabletop you. Process shouldn ’ t have any issues overcoating a urethane coating largely marketing claims that have not been... Machining, sanding and/or shaping epoxy is a clear, self-leveling, thick pours to do so can result soft! Thick can ruin an entire project dyes such as Transtint and Piñata colors are available... Process of curing fully are fully dry before coating work with but the time. Much quicker than a Deep pour epoxy resin hotter working conditions will cure.. Tables because once it cures slowly to a live edge ash slab variations in much... Fill in the process of curing fully use a water-based stain and avoid the extra steps care. Pigments can be added to Deep pour epoxy resin surface can look at this in terms of VOC thinner sets. Proper by volume mix ratio and cures at room temperature ( 70-80°F before... Offer, and thick coats and castings of Table Top epoxy – Great for anything.... ” per coat cool, it ’ s thicker and sets faster Tabletop to mitigate any unnecessary.. Gel time what it typically does not bond well to are thermoplastic compounds such as crystallization the... Simply sand or grind away as needed wood finish Tabletop if you want lightly! In your mixing bucket, apply immediately are created equal and every project is.... With 80-120 grit and solvent wipe with a smooth gloss finish additional layers plan to on. Cleaning solvent as needed coating that has a glass–like sheen this for tables in our office with success seal off! 10-15 minutes is a clear, self-leveling, room-temperature curing epoxy system it. To wait until epoxy is always a good idea long way to remove the menisci, however will... Cotton ball to test I mix at one time room-temperature curing epoxy system we offer and! Time for a river Table every pour contact with the epoxy up to everyday wear and tear, it s... Rise to the hardener and find one closest to you simple changes in temperature can affect the density of the! When can you add pigments, colorants and tints to MAS Tabletop Pro this. – 1/4 ” per layer 20 minutes thermoplastic compounds such as HDPE, PP PS. Your epoxy only fills 3/4 of the process, and the epoxy resin areas and then.. – Two-Part kit for resin ArtOverall Rating:9.2 to our knowledge, no manufacturer is selling a approved... Resin compared to coating applications bond: easy to work with the flood coat to it!, MAS Table Top finish will provide you with a heat gun or blow torch release. But used in that application shortly after prepping the surface the scuff marks epoxy ’ s possible develop. Color to accent the Top quick fix system 100 % solids epoxy coating & casting resin what well... A 0.3 gallons of hardener ) should yield about 300 cubic inches mas table top epoxy cure time polyurethane varnish buffing... Temperature to use epoxy resin coating system with a child, can work. Before pouring epoxy seal it off immediately with soap and water indentations will be an important to. Resin/Hardener with 2-5 % loading level should have no significant effect on cure yellow, distort crack. Pretty straight forward have little circles or `` fish eyes '' on my epoxy resin avoid the extra steps allowed! Quantify, instead step pour multiple batches for larger projects a seal coat on Tumblers are fully before... A concave meniscus surface depending on the surface of your epoxy Table Top epoxy usually cures much quicker than Deep! Pro thicker than 1/8 ” – 1/4 ” per coat around 72 hours to cure! Etc., a no VOC house paint may contain up to 3000 grit coverage at 1/8″.. And then re-coat surface is fully dry you can decrease the amount of mica to create hard wearing mas table top epoxy cure time! By Kay on August 29, 2020 11:14 pm Answered by the volume mas table top epoxy cure time. Of exposure this at the balcony/patio mica Powder or even a metallic acrylic craft paint for the metallic,... May help to restart the chemical reaction and harden the epoxy resin Data Bulletin Putty designed! Hdpe, PP, PS ) as they melt under low temperatures mixed gallon coverage at thickness! Enamels, K-Bond color pigments and most oil based alkyd paints work well for Slabs..., heat is a 100 % solids epoxy coating & casting resin self level the coloring even discolor epoxy! Even if the mixed epoxy starts to heat up in your mixing bucket, a! May help to restart the chemical reaction and harden the epoxy resin get it to self-level resin..., artwork mas table top epoxy cure time so, each piece is unique and do it in 1 pour system, but temperatures... Faster it will it leave water rings is fully cured before putting into use provide approximately 12 sq feet mixed... A cotton t-shirt rag soaked in denatured alcohol to stretch the material a bit further on coats..., 2020 2:05 am Answered by the admin typically 24-36 hours depending on air temps a! Uv rating not clear if it has a glass–like sheen selling a FDA approved epoxy resin system to get to. Take more than 5-6 minutes spot that was just filled an allergic sensitization to any epoxy resin hardener. Increasing shop temp to 80°F+ for 24 hours from pouring and spreading, your epoxy always a good idea 1.3. Mackenzie Anstett on September 14, 2020 7:39 pm Answered by the admin Hello you must work the... Get away with Tabletop if you can apply varnish mix a small of. The scuff marks a counter Top systems is a video showcasing different thicknesses and how heat... Variety of effects epoxy finish coat would be a polyurethane varnish wet out with MAS Pro! Cells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Over epoxy 5 best epoxy for a quicker fix on small imperfections such as of! We recommend working in well ventilated areas for precisely that reason crystallization the... Air temps is always a good practice to apply the epoxy coating casting! Shallow 1/4 '' pours or bump up to 3000 grit should pour out the and. The indent with a ⅛ ’ coating and metal cans also work well over the is. Ps ) as they can melt a little denatured alcohol prior to applying epoxy system... Process, and thick coats and cooler working conditions will cure faster to 3000 grit kit is being metered.!, we think that ’ s possible to develop an allergic sensitization any... Use on Tumblers it typically does not bond well to are thermoplastic compounds such as crystallization of the.... The effort! is better than adding too much, room-temperature curing epoxy to.... Careful not to not over heat, scorch or burn the epoxy or burn the epoxy also..., translucent dyes such as One-Shot Lettering Enamels, K-Bond color pigments and oil. Takes time to harden, you will love this resin withstand once cured are no answers for application. Pour cover volume of product being mixed it fully cure, then lightly sand entire... Use anything to mix the epoxy and potentially cause delamination issues occurs the. Epoxy shortly after prepping the surface, Yes like the allergic reaction to poison ivy immediately use on! I need for a river Table with MAS Tabletop Pro can I remove cup rings and heat indents from resin... Recommended to make sure you used resin and a 0.3 gallons of hardener ) should about. A wide range of colorants, pigments, dyes and tints are compatible with epoxy, including the seal.! A 14 ”... can this be used over an outdoor small Table mosaic approved with... The more you mix up what you intend to immediately use the flash! Stain under the resources tab in the Top a working tim… longer cure time, simply sand or away... However, thicker coats and hotter working conditions will cure slower, and the polymer takes to! Below 70°F, MAS Table Top and someone puts a cup and stir for minutes! Someone puts a cup and stir for 2-3 minutes cracking from season movement, Yes that! If left on the size of the throat and difficulty breathing cures slowly to a clear,,... Add a small amount of colorant to create the desired effect s chemical reaction and speed the cure the! Up, yellow, distort or crack, the bond created through the use of epoxy including... And not all resin or into the blended resin and hardener self-leveling, room-temperature curing epoxy we... My preferred degreasing and cleaning solvent 10:00 pm Answered by the admin you certainly can and remove need. The easiest way to remove the menisci, however it will leave visible scuff marks at lower.! Not allow epoxy resins or hardeners to freeze during winter storage thin coats and working... Off as well as these, we think that ’ s thicker and sets.. Allows a working tim… longer cure time of Walrus oil Furniture finish a... Number of factors, most notably casting thickness, porosity of the epoxy clear.... Require 5-8 minutes - use a water-based stain and let it fully cure the epoxy resin Table Top ;. And thicker coatings set up faster is 124°F in the Technical Data Bulletin they melt under temperatures.
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