In Switzerland, the Oberhasli goat is known for its ability to adapt milk production to the prevailing climate. While a doe can come into heat as early as 5 months old, it is better to wait until she is at least 8 months old or 80 pounds to prevent kidding problems. AKC English Labradors Maryland Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats Top Ten Milkers Show goats Pet goats Puppies Oberhasli Dairy Goats Hi Folks - 7/1/2020 - Well 2019 and 2020 were not very good to us - in mid 2019 we lost our only son at the age of 22 , tragically. Oberhasli goats are strong for their size, with powerful rear legs. The first day of life for Mini Oberhasli /Savanna Baby Goat at Treebrook Farm. What's new at Sir Echo Farm - Oberhasli Dairy Goats Barrett John and Dean Arthur 2019 Brought us 2 beautiful baby boys into our tribe! ​Does stand 28 inches at the withers and weigh an average of 120 pounds. The face is … But their handsome coloring and distinctive looks also make them appealing pets and show animals. An exciting time on the farm! The color of … This is a fault in dairy goats, as it can inhibit easy milking, but makes the goat more sure-footed and agile on rocky terrain. This breed is the perfect choice if you’re looking into breeding. Oberhasli goats made their way to the US in the early 1900s, yet there isn’t a whole lot of them running around. Required fields are marked *. Some people have even run into cons and receive a different breed than what they ordered. Standard Description: Medium size, deep chest, straight or dished face with erect ears. Your email address will not be published. This breed can easily adapt to cold climates. When free fed, goats will only eat as much mineral supplements as they need. Pygmy Goats The pygmy goat is an America breed of achondroplastic goat that originated from the Cameroon Valley, in West Africa. Its appearance is alert and vigorous while having a gentle temperament. Water. This dairy goat breed is able to produce between ½ and 1½ gallons of milk per day, with a butterfat content between 3.5% and 4%. The Mini-Oberhasli is a cross of Nigerian Dwarf and a Swiss dairy goat noted for its rich red bay coat ranging from light bay to a dark bay or solid black in does. These high-yield goats may be prized as the best goats for milk, but in substandard conditions they prioritize production to the detriment of health maintenance. In this article, we are going to take look at ten of the smaller and miniature goat breeds. Life is so full with this family of now 12 grandchildren! If you are looking to purchase an Oberhasli goat, the Oberhasli Breeders of America has a list of registered breeders available on their site. Because they’re not easily frightened, Oberhasli goats don’t need a lot of persuasions to get the job done. During their early American history, Swiss Alpines were frequently interbred with Alpines of different origin. Oberhasli goat associations: What are the major Oberhasli goat associations in the USA? The milk has a fine, sweet flavor. Goats will lean, stand, rub, and chew on fencing, particularly if they have smaller pasture, or if there seems to be attractive forage on the other side, so posts should be no further than 8 feet apart, and posts should be cemented into the ground to keep strong Oberhaslis from pushing them over. Like all goats, Oberhaslis need periodic hoof trimming and deworming. The current milk production record is 4,665 pounds per lactation. The Oberhasli Breeders of America was formed, and, a year later in 1978, the breed was recognized by the American Dairy Goat Association. Its called "bleating" how goats communicate with each other. The milk contains about 3.9% fat and 2.9% protein. As fun as they may be, they still require excellent care to help them grow up. Some breeders prefer to schedule “dates,” where a desirable buck comes to visit their herd. The quality of the sire determines the quality of the kids. A "doe" or "nanny" is what a female Toggenburg Goat is called. Its color is chamois. With appropriate training, they adapt well to exploring unknown areas and crossing water. Goats of Alpine origin are less suited to damp climates, where they are prone to internal parasite infection and respiratory disease. Allowing them freedom of pasture also gives them the exercise they need to stay healthy and prevent health problems. None of the Swiss lines were kept pure or recognized as a separate breed in Alpine herdbooks. A "buck or "billy" is what And the fact that they can be trained as pack goats adds a special dimension to the many uses of this special breed of goat. Home→Dairy Goats→Does→Oberhasli Does→ Baby’s Page Baby’s Page Liberty-HF Baby Ruth Born March 16, 2016, ADGA registered. Due to their strength and courage, they are often used as pack goats despite their stature. They’re strong pack animals. Some farmers even use the Oberhasli as packing animals due to their size and ability to overcome obstacles. Their excellent mothers and breed through late August to early January. When this breed first came to America, their name and identification changed, making them harder to trace. Oberhasli goats are smart and can easily get out of makeshift living quarters. This is a fault in dairy goats, as it can inhibit easy milking, but makes the goat more sure-footed and agile on rocky terrain. Due to their strength and courage, they are often used as pack goats despite their stature. This breed was brought in the ] . What are oberhasli goats used for? But buying and raising a purebred Oberhasli buck can be an expensive year-round investment, if all that's needed is to freshen your does. This requires some skill to execute, and limits the number of times you can attempt to breed a doe without incurring more expense, but also allows your kids to have the best possible bloodlines at a reasonable cost. Eddie would ask me what I wanted for my birthday and I would answer; “An Oberhasli If you are providing high-quality food, they may only require small amounts of trace minerals. Goats are herding animals so you'll need to calculate for multiple animals. Dairy Goats ABOUT OUR FARM LATEST NEWS HOME BUCKS SALES-LIST DOES OBERHASLI LAMANCHA RECORDED NUBIAN The latest changes were made on October … Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery - if you’re buying from out of state, you may have to cover the cost of transportation, and provide your own. Oberhasli goat kid by Jill/Flickr CC BY 2.0. Their milk contains a low butterfat content. However, a few white hairs in the coat are permitted. Please log in again. Breeding pure Oberhaslis can be a good source of profit for your goat farm. Oberhasli goats have a handsome coloring, docile disposition, and excellent milk production. Keeping your own buck ensures that you can breed your does right when they are ready, and allowing him access to the does may bring them into heat. In 2010, there were a total of just 1729 Oberhasli goats in America, distributed over 30 states. Oberhasli goat is a medium sized animal, which is alert and vigorous in appearance. Sources: Oberhasli Breeders of America, The Livestock Conservancy, Schweizer Ziegenzuchtverbands, Schweizer Ziegen by Urs Weiss (as referenced in Gemsfarbige Gebirgsziege on Wikipedia). Depending on the size of your pasture, the variety of plants available, and the season, alfalfa hay can and should be offered for free feeding. Oberhasli goats give good quantities of delicious milk, and are very desirable dairy goats. If you rotate your pasture, you’ll minimize the risk of spreading pests and infections. Its color is chamois. They are friendly and calm, and do not easily startle, which makes them easy to live with in a variety of situations. Wethers make good pack goats as they are strong and calm. Purchase very high-quality hay for the healthiest goats and best quality milk. Due to their Alpine origin, they tolerate cold climates very well. Some breeders are developing lines of Oberhaslis to increase their size and make them even better pack goats. All Alpine goats, even those of French origin, have descended from Swiss Alpine landrace goats, as have Oberhasli goats. Temperament: Friendly, gentle, quiet, … The best way to secure your Oberhaslis is a goat wire fence with 4-inch openings too small for adults to put their heads through: goat wire is strong enough to withstand the chewing, leaning, and standing that the fence will endure. They range from light to deep red, with darker reds being the preferred color. Productivity: Average milk yield is 1650 pounds/750 kg (in Italy 880 pounds/400 kg) over 265 days. Oberhasli goats are strong for their size, with powerful rear legs. They have black bellies, black legs below the knee, black muzzles and facial stripes, and a black dorsal stripe. The does are depended upon to produce high-quality milk. Height to withers: Bucks 30–34 inches; (75–85 cm); does 28–32 inches (70–80 cm). Breeding stock and show stock from high quality animals. It is better to have a dry dirt floor than a wood one; wood flooring can get slippery with mud or manure, and potentially injure a goat or cause foot problems. Find a local veterinarian who is familiar with goats, and learn to spot the early signs of parasites. Use a mineral supplement designed for goats or cattle, and avoid supplements designed for sheep, because goats and cows require copper, which is toxic to sheep. They are also particularly strong and vigorous, which creates special challenges when fencing them, and they should be given ample space to roam and exercise to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your fencing. Alfalfa hay can be expensive, so some people supplement other high-quality hay with alfalfa pellets instead. Most miniature goat breeds have been bred downsized by crossing a standard sized goat with one of the small-sized goats. Having baby goats, or kids, can be an exciting time. They did not yet gain their own herdbook, but remained registered with other Alpines with which they interbred. Some breeders are developing lines of Oberhaslis to increase their size and make them even better pack goats. Oberhaslis will happily browse on shrubs, weeds, herbs, and tree bark and leaves. Meanwhile in Europe, Switzerland set up its herdbook in 1930, and Italy in 1973. Oberhasli goats are strong for their size, with powerful rear legs. Bucks stand at least 30 inches tall and weigh at least 150 pounds. Their thick coats and Swiss origins make them hardy in cold climates. Oberhasli Seniors Ober-Boerd Lotus (AB1752673) 6 Yr Old 5th Freshener Due: May 26, 2021 Lotus GCH Ober-Boerd Rhythm 1*M (AB1790977) 5 Yr Old 4th Freshener … In Europe, Switzerland registered 9320 head, Italy 6237, and Austria approximately 3000 in 2012/2013.