You need to prepare Katar of Quaking, especially if you want to build critical type Assassins. Posted by 1 year ago. then the crafting material is ready in the form of 30 Orcish Vouchers which drop from Orc Hero (MVP) in Orc Village or at 'The Ruins of Valhalla Guild'. Make Character into hiding state for 30s, decrease movement speed by 35%. Enggak cuma itu, Katar of Quaking juga dapat lo upgrade menjadi Agent Katar. 200-300k SB with buffs, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the RagnarokMobile community. This single weapon has an initial damage attack of 159 points. And what is weak do you mean? Du hast dich also entschieden Assassin, auch "Assa" oder "Sin" genannt, zu werden. Vorwort Hallöchen! Assassin, thief's second job, are the only class able to equip a weapon on both hands and the exclusive users of Katar weapons. With high str, Medium agi and low dex 3:2:1. 'Guillotine' is the name of the third advanced job from Thief. What 15k SB is in weak area? Enjoy the art of attacking with 'lightning' speed using this weapon. Katar Vs Dagger. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I just resetted. Therefore, whatever amount of critical rate Assassins have, it would al… I noticed that Assassins’ Stat Builds post has become a mess and even I myself didn’t like reading it as it is really dirty. Sandman. 10K-15K per hit? Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen zu meinem ersten RO- Guide zum Thema Assassin ! Now to get the Guillotine Katar you try dropping by to the weapon crafting NPC in Orc Village. Weapons however, I would say best ones come from Mirage Tower. Deal … I’m using katar right now but I’ve been seeing a lot of dagger users that deals 30k per double attack, while my crits with +8 agent katar and all … Press J to jump to the feed. Go back to full guide here. User account menu. Don't stop there, also bring 587 Abyss Flower which can be obtained from Wild Rose, Kobold Archer, Kobold Leader, Alice, Zherlthsh or Chimera (MVP). Die Builds habe ich mir selber erstellt und nirgendswo … With high str, Medium agi and low dex 3:2:1. Your Assassin character wants to hold this weapon? Cause my sonic blow is weak :(.. (currently at level 1 advanced katar mastery and level 1 enchant deadly poison), You have any advice on what my stat build should be? Katar Mastery Level … Just like Blood Tears, unfortunately, Loki’s Nail cannot be printed and only drops from Maya (MVP) at Ant Hell or at 'The Ruins of Valhalla Guild'. Originally started the game with a dagger assassin! Also, prepare 280 Scells that you can get from Andre or Elder Willow. Also if you wanna play Crit sin katar, Luk is about 30 (Max), the rest go to STR and AGI. But now that I’m a sinx I used my reset stat and skill and is now at 58 Str 70 agi and 20 dex.. am I doing it right? Inilah Kegiatan Seru yang Bisa Kamu Lakukan di Perfect World Mobile! 4. They can either go dagger or katar type. Nat-Crit … Gameplay. It is also the only class capable of dual-wielding and using Katar type weapons. Katar of Quaking. [β] Preveiw on builds. ... RO Assassin Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start. 1. For those who really love to see their characters have ASPD GG, Loki’s Nail is perfect for you. I think the best farming build is double katar assassin. and how much your atk stat is? Do you already increase sonic blow and sonic blow mastery(not sure the name) to the max right? Archived. Originally started the game with a dagger assassin! Posted by 1 year ago. https: If you want katar, don’t add dex and don’t use SB. I choose Pasana[Demi-Human, Fire, Medium-Size] to test. So if you want damage from SB -> go dagger and lots and lots of str, but if you want better auto attacks and lots of crits (which dont miss) you go katar and get LUK, For katar i think you should make your luck 30 str should be higher than vit but thats just me, As of now my sb is in 40k at normal rate, and my crit is 4.5k only, my stat build is 99 str, 40 dex and all left in agi, this is for a steady sonic blow and cirt type build, but for me if you want to focus on sb, pure str and dex and sb runes for katar, If you wanna go sb type then you need str more than agi, Hehehe I’m better now bro! This weapon has an initial damage attack of 180 points and max HP increases by 800 points. and crit hits only trigger on auto attacks. It is tricky to spot them as Thieves and Assassins have an old history together. Katar of Quaking You are already in stage three and want to upgrade to Katar Agent? But the assassin I saw was also using katar.. there was a video that sonic blow with katars does more damage than daggers, i forgot the title but i think the uploader was vergel..daggers do more (not sure) damage than katars with auto attacks tho. November 27, 2017. Log in sign up. They’re extremely agile and deadly. ML Redeem Code 11 January 2021 Asia Server, ML Redeem Code Today January 12, 2021 Asia Server, ML Redeem Code Today January 13, 2021 Official Moonton, REDEEM CODE FF Today 12 January 2021, Special Free Fire Code Celebrates 6 Million Instagram Followers, ML Redeem Code January 4, 2021 Latest Asia Server. Katars double an Assassin's CRIT rate, allowing them to achieve guaranteed Critical strikes on every attack should they spec or gear for it. You should look into ur runes and you’ll understand the types of Assassin. Best build and equips for Re:Start Assassin - posted in Thief Classes: Im currently trying to build a double attack katar assassin with some crit as well. Ragnarok M Eternal Love Assassin Katar Skill Build Stats: Strength Agility Luck 3:3:2 First Class: Thief. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For your information, if there is a weapon crafting material that can only drop from MvP monsters, as an alternative you can buy it by auction or by opening the Mysterious Box. Katars are specialized hand-held blades that are designed for stabbing, although they can be manipulated to do slashes. When viewed from the level of difficulty, this weapon is the easiest to obtain, because you don't need to beat the MVP or Mini-Boss first. “I’m slow, speed is my insecurity, that’s why I love this build.” This is one of my favorite builds so far. Assassins have a variety of damage dealing and poisoning skills. Katar Mastery Level 10 Sonic Blow Level 10 Cloaking Level 5 Grimtooth Level 5 Enchant Poison Level 5 Venom Dust Level 5 Poison React Level 5 Venom Splasher Level 5 ----- Perfect Dodge Assassin ----- These are the skills recommended for a perfect dodge assassin. Just go to the crafting NPC in the town of Morroc. Back Revo-Classic Assassin Guide Revo-Classic Assassin Guide . For the crafting material, prepare 30 Topaz which can be obtained from Deniro * (Deniro, one star is not an ordinary Deniro). Study all of the skills and pick what type will compliment ur gamestyle. The reason is that the drop of Blood Tears weapons came from Osiris monsters (Level 73) on the Pyramid on the second floor and from "The Ruins of Valhalla Guild.". You can hunt Sandman for your Katar of Quaking as you'll need it for our next step. You'll need about 9x luck to reach 100 crit using 3 mobster cards, and 1 bapho jr card. Gameplay. Assassins have full mastery of the killing arts. Wow, from the name, this one Katar sounds scary. Brave Carnage Katar: 0: 3: 130: 0: Neutral: STR +1, DEX +1, LUK +1 Increases physical damage vs. Demi-Human by 70%. This one is getting excited with the effect of increasing 30% ASPD which can last for 7 seconds! Unfortunately, this weapon can't be printed and for the beginning of the game, this weapon is quite difficult to obtain. dex also increase attack and if you go katar, you'll probably have 0 dex. Finally, prepare 25 Bone Skells from the Orc Warrior or from the Kobold (Buckler). As you have noticed there are only 6 upgrade-able skills in Thief Class. There are currently only 3 buyable Katar type weapons for the Assassin Job Class. Just pure dps. Using Sidewinder-compounded Katars can simulate 190 Attackspeed with Double Attack. Awakening Potion 2. It usually is which ever armour goes best with your build. Besides that, you can increase your Hit by 40 points when your Assassin learns the 'Katar Mastery' skill. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Thief Skills. If you want SB, use daggers. This Assassin Cross build can work with a wide range of Weapons from different Daggers to Katars. Next is the choice of weapons Assassin Ragnarok M Eternal Love for Katar build.