Snowflake Obsidian is the black and white stone, and you can see photos of these at bottom of page. When you meditate with Black Obsidian, it will surround you with motivational energies to ensure that you don’t deviate from your destined path. Are you aware that being Obsidian will fill you with the courage and strength to deal with your problems head-on because they cannot be kept under the rugs anymore. Elizabeth break negative attachments to people with whom you have been close. Make no mistake though. This combination will stimulate the higher chakras and may aid the development of psychic abilities and help your overall spiritual growth. It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts. They are. The Black Obsidian is one of the most important spiritual teachers and is also called as the "stone of truth." If you want to magnify your organization skills or become more practical in all aspects, or you just want more grounding energy in your life, pair your Black Obsidian with Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, or Hematite. But if you need more assistance to help you to remove or cut these ties, that can be ties from this life or karmic in nature and related to past lives, there are a number of other strong crystals that can also help with this. Obsidian stone is all about self-growth. We have more than 500 Shape In Desing. Stones you could use for this purpose includes Mariposite, Shungite, Celestite, Dream Quartz or Prehnite. cleanser. It will also act as a protective stone that will ward off all kinds of negative energies. With Black Obsidian by your side, there will be no chance for the negativity to take hold. If you feel a headache coming on, it’s often very soothing to lightly touch a cool piece of obsidian to your temple and lightly let the energies take hold. Obsidian Arrowheads. But if you set the intention to face your shadows and prepare yourself for overcoming your most traumatic fears, it can be the stone that brings you the most transformational experience to your life. It will protect you and your loved one from anything that threatens to break the two of you apart. $12.74. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Self-identity and self-assurance are incredibly vital qualities to have, and yet they can often feel like the most elusive things in the world. It is born out of rapidly cooling lava flows from a volcano. This is  similar to the vibration of clairsentience, also known as the, It may be advantageous to use a piece of obsidian stone like the one shown above, as it has an obvious cutting edge, that allows you to more easily, could visualize cutting the cords linking into your chakras one by one, aiding you. Specific stones to use for cutting karmic ties includes Novaculite, Black Kyanite or Amblygonite used alone or in combination with Tunellite which has a good action to sever ties. It’s no surprise to consider that this is one of the most popular uses for obsidian. You can always benefit from having more truth in your life! The sharpness of black obsidian is also expressed as a metaphysical property. You can look at the sheen and the feel of the crystal to see when it needs this kind of attention. Start by cutting the karmic ties at your solar plexus and heart chakra then sever all of the other ties. It will fill you up with the determination and willpower that you need to succeed in all that you do. It’ll also help us to forgive ourselves, and our partners, for these little missteps. Once you perceive these issues, the energy of this stone pushes you to make changes. The dark sorcerer of the crystal world, Obsidian’s penetrating energy will take you on a deep-rooted journey of the underworld. been doing spiritual or healing work, as it has a strong action to Other colors of Obsidian such as Mahogany or Snowflake Obsidian is made into jewelry, as all colors of this stone are very popular. Yet at the same time, it will give you a link into your inner strength. Black Obsidian Stone Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Earrings 1.5 1130. Use a sweeping motion to remove the ties one by one, and ask Spirit that all ties or connections to anyone else be removed. you from negativity. Obsidian Stone is a mineral among healing stones.It is known as the volcano glass among the people.