In Southern Africa, the attempt to achieve regional integration using ‘disintegrative’ development models has led to paralysis and pain. Literature review (1) Regional Integration In addition to the global economic regime based on the GATT and IMF systems, which has sustained the world economy since World War II, regionalism, through which neighbouring countries seek to strengthen their economies by entering into some form of “regional integration” has become a major trend. Challenges of Regional Integration. Apart from this continental effort at integration, there are other regional bodies, that have arisen A commitment to open regionalism and deep integration would help address some of these problems and create a healthy basis for regional and global trade integration. 2. And the OAU had some successes and challenges, but the exigencies necessitated a shift in the paradigms undergirding the integration effort. Council on the important role that regional integration and free trade agreements can play “in the establishment of a more equitable world trade system” and therefore fully support and encourage regional integration among developing countries (European Parliament, 2002, p.14). for intra-regional trade. This article looks at the global and regional integration of the Indian Ocean economy, with a view to identifying challenges to greater integration. Regional integration is increasingly being accepted as essential in facilitating economic and political development. Yet dominant development theories informing policy have yet to integrate ‘integration theory’ into their models. issues they are facing, Causes or the obstacles that slowdown the regional integration will be determined together with the countermeasures that have been implemented in order to respond to the challenges, ease or eliminate those difficulties and obstacles and accelerate the outcomes. The Challenges of Regional Integration for Development in Africa: Problems and Prospects ... Download full-text PDF Read full-text. By Thomas Wallgren * Presentation given at International Conference of governments and social movements “Regional Integration: an opportunity to face the crises” (21 and 22 July 2009, ... DESCARGUE LA PRESENTACION COMPLETA EN PDF. Read full-text. The Indian Ocean is an increasingly important component of the world economy. shift to the integration process, secondly the regional integration in Africa have challenges and prospects to realizing the African dream of economic integration and thirdly the challenges and prospects facing EAC regional integration are similar to those that face regional integration in Africa. challenges in achieving regional integration in africa keynote address at the southern africa development forum on progress and prospects in the implementation of protocols in southern africa organized by uneca- sa lusaka, zambia 29 – 31 may 2008 by prof. r. omotayo olaniyan au regional delegate to sadc african union union africaine Download full-text PDF. On 11th July 2000, the African Union was adopted during the Lomé Summit of the OAU. Chapter III examines the external challenges facing the region today, particularly as regards its trade relations with Europe, the United States, Canada and Latin America. level integration. Chapter II offers an overview of the regional integration process, including progress on intra-regional trade liberalization, the deepening and the widening of CARICOM. The discussion is concluded by a few observations on challenges facing regional integration in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA). COMESA and SADC face several challenges in pursuing open regionalism (in the form of a commitment to nondiscriminatory tariff liberalization). Continuing the pre-crisis trend, the region’s trade and growth have expanded rapidly. this, it is appropriate to briefly reexamine why regional integration is pursued, what is understood by regional integration and pre-conditions and principles for regional integration in sub-Saharan Africa. Download citation. 2.