I'll fetch the horses, you distract the guards. Where are your knights? She is worth more to me that you will ever understand. Just as soon as Uther Pendragon pays your ransom. Below, how stars will dress…. I am not your guest! Plus, it is unlikely that a black woman would have been accepted enough to even work in the castle. MORGANA Then you will die where you stand. Are you one of Hengist's men? Online, everywhere. Lymond's half sister Marthe, Morgause (Merlin) played by Emilia Fox. Those Fendi baguette handbags? What I care about is not wasting any more time talking. Arthur hears running footsteps, exchanges his sword for a crossbow, and jumps out of hiding to find a startled Morgana], [Morgana just looks at Arthur and shakes her head]. He leans over again to look at Merlin's face. The character Guinevere who is played by Angel Coulby a mixed race actress. He'll have your heads if any harm comes to me. No. [ch 3, skip the ch-2 space, (2 dc) in the next stitch] 7 times. [Lancelot tied up in the cage, bandits laughing and jeering at him]. I'm surprised you would undertake such a rescue mission...with just the two of you. Gwen hides behind a tree, then jumps out and takes down the man pursuing them. Wait, Hengist! This article is about the character from Arthurian legend. HENGIST *laughs* Next time you fight, do not expect any mercy. Gwen is the most kind, loyal person that you would ever meet, and she has been more than a friend to all of us! Hengist goes to Gwen's cell, which is open]. LANCELOTYou must keep up the pretence. Arthur walks up the stairs]. There's nothing you can say that will stop me. [Arthur steps aside and Gwen runs into Morgana's arms]. Do you think of no one but yourself? Cassandra Truth: The more Arthur insists that he's not under a love spell, the more Uther is convinced that he is. LANCELOT Oh, these stink! [Arthur smears his face with the berries. GUINEVERE Take her to her cell. Guinevere's life is at stake. -- [boisterous feasting in Hengist's fortress]. Head-to-toe gray? your own Pins on Pinterest Run. Buh-bye. I'm sure I'll manage. What's in the tunnels? No, wait! [she hesitates] Run. My ladies, you must follow me! He takes Morgana's dress and cloak and shoves them at her]. No, please! GUINEVEREWhat are you doing here? Nothing. I said distract them, not knock them out! I think I will get some rest. ARTHUR Don't sit there cowering, let's go! It's such a relief to see you safe. Morgana. Gwen slumps onto the prison bed]. Merlin Wiki is the number 1, THE BEST place to go to for information on the BBC's magical TV Series starring the young Merlin, King Arthur, the knights of the Round Table, Guinevere, Gaius, Morgana and more. KILGHARRAH She is the wife of King Arthur and rules alongside him in Camelot. Hengist, please! So I've been earning a living the only way that I know: with a sword in my hand. Sep 27, 2013 - Explore Michelle Foster's board "guinevere" on Pinterest. GUINEVERE I am not leaving you. Merlin mirrored her dropped gaze, not having an inkling of how to respond. -- [the four sit at a campfire in the woods, Arthur pouting at Gwen]. [Arthur and Gwen gaze at each other briefly as the party leaves. Guinevere comes to Camelot to marry Arthur- but she is not the real Guinevere, she is Merlin's daughter, sent … ARTHUR You trying to get us both killed? In the meantime, you'll be my guest. Or you do not have the courage to say a guy is pretty?" ARTHUR KENDRICK 8 dc and 8 ch-2 spaces. We have a long walk ahead of us. Well, unfortunately for you I am no kind of gentleman. [Hengist nods, the gate is opened, Gwen is dragged into the cage], HENGIST How can I know the King's mind when I am locked in your stinking cell? [Arthur is off somewhere in the woods. GUINEVEREWhat became of you after you left Camelot? [Arthur grabs Gwen and takes her down the tunnel], [rope breaks and gate falls, trapping Hengist in with the Wilddeoren]. : Guinevere, then Old!Merlin. "Then you will do as our Sire wishes." You can do what you will with me. There's someone here to see you. ARTHURWilddeoren are completely blind, they hunt by sense of smell. MERLIN Bring Kendrick to me. Lancelot comes to her window].