To apply your tile in a subway pattern, start with a full piece of tile on your first row, then cut a piece of tile in half to begin your second row. Our kitchen is fairly big, so it didn't take long for the precision-cut fatigue to set in. Here’s what I spent on this project: Subway tile from Floor and Décor (Interceramic, in Bone): $88. I sanded down, and we found out that below the surface, we got drywall. We might just have to try this one out! To start, take a measuring tape, and calculate the total square footage of the space where you’re applying tile. Subway tiles are rectangular-shaped tiles that are typically laid in a running bond or offset pattern. If you are thinking to renovate your kitchen give it a try. You’ll have several minutes before the adhesive sets, but remember to work step by step and small sections at the time. We had no wet saw. Which tile, tools and products will you need, and is it obtainable in your budget? Installing the kitchen backsplash is largely informed by a number of … It takes more precision when making cuts, but would have saved us a big visual headache later in the process. Soon enough, you’ll get to the end of the row, and you’ll have to cut a tile. Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy. Thank you for sharing. Measure halfway down your tile and mark with a pencil. Peel and stick tiles are made of plastic or vinyl and are extremely lightweight so they can be stuck … I let all the tile dry for 24 hours, then move on to grouting. I’m not sure why the previous owner decided on the dark grout color…. It is actually one of my favorite Metro in Hungary. This pattern offsets tile joints so they are centered in the middle of all adjoining tiles. How to Layout Subway Tile Backsplash. They keep the tiles level and evenly spaced. Each tile in this pattern offsets the tile below it by one third of its length, creating a staggered diagonal effect. Start at the countertop: For a subway-tile backsplash like this one, my first priority is to always maintain the running bond pattern. Ideally, this gutter should have had the same spacing as between each tile. I said non-traditional DIY because, despite all the researching and staring at subway tile backsplash pictures on Pinterest for hours, we followed absolutely no instructions in this project. Go ahead, google it or jump on Pinterest and do a little research. Go figure…. But don't ruin your sink's finish or clog your drains for convenience! Once we got close to the outlet, we marked the tiles with a pencil and cut it. 3. Follow our steps and you’ll be able to tile your kitchen too. We have a weird kitchen in our house and I wouldn’t be able to do something like that there. We didn’t grout yet, but when we will we won’t use a dark color as they did on the kitchen wall. Here is a super quick video of how to use a tile cutter. See this peel and stick subway tile backsplash at Amazon. Working with grout is a messy job. This not only removes extra adhesive but also creates grooves that will make the tile stick and stay on the wall forever. Just make sure if you install the subway tiles around sinks and splashy areas, choose a water-resistant backer board. How to Install a Subway Tile Backsplash. If you like DIY projects and want more ideas, check out our home improvement posts: Have you worked with subway tiles? This is a clean and classic layout for subway tiles on walls and floors. Our backsplash DIY project was small, and we were up to the challenge to use a manual tile cutter. X 6 in. 1/3 Offset . Push the blade along the line to score the tile – one pass should be sufficient. I am not handy but would like to learn how to tile. This looks great! My brother needs to put in a back splash in his kitchen. Save Pin It See More Images (Image credit: Hayley Kessner) Before you leap into your kitchen or bath renovation, it pays to know the basics. However, I sanded the paint down a little bit with medium-grade sandpaper. That’s the only drawback, they are a … The tiles came in sheets, already attached. Maximum Strength Tile Adhesive to put the tiles. Your email address will not be published. So for a typical 3×6 subway tile, these two lines will be 3 inches apart. To install subway tile backsplash, measure the wall, calculate the number of tiles needed to cover it, and buy 10% more tile than you need to account for waste. It was a fun family project. I love subway tiles they look clean, modern and a little country at the same time. This is how subway tile was first started and adds a classic look to any space. You can even go for covering the rest of the walls like shown in the picture. To apply your tile in a subway pattern, start with a full piece of tile on your first row, then cut a piece of tile in half to begin your second row. There are also smaller and medium ones from which you can pick depending with your needs. Replacing your outlet covers is an inexpensive upgrade, and it can help to hide any ugly tile cuts around those areas. You’ll love the clean, farmhouse look the white subway tiles give. How much time will you need to set aside for this project, and is it realistic for your schedule? Let’s see what we learned by DIYing this kitchen backsplash: While the women were working on the kitchen makeover, my husband was working on a super cool entryway bench. We had fun and learned how to install subway tiles. How to Install a Subway Tile Backsplash. I’m planning a kitchen remodel, and this is definitely getting added to the list of possible designs! If you are installing a backsplash behind a sink or area with moisture, you'll need to be sure you're working on water-resistant drywall or a rock-based board. And now we got to the fun part. Ceramic Modular Wall Tile (12.5 sq. See more ideas about backsplash, kitchen tiles backsplash, subway tile backsplash kitchen. For the grout, I chose a non-sanded grout in Delorean Gray. This is also a good time to consider replacing the actual outlet receptacles with tamper resistant or electronic friendly USB outlets. So just grabbed the first tile and lined it up with the beginning of the right edge close to the floor. It will save you time and you’ll end up with a nice farmhouse kitchen. Makes it so easy to install. Thanks for sharing! oh, wow, that looks amazing, well done and thanks for sharing x. This is where the wet saw was the only solution, and if you can't find one to borrow, most hardware stores will rent them. If you need to protect cabinets, counters, etc. So easy it attracted the little one to help us out too. Looks great. Line up your halfway mark with the middle of a manual tile snapper, shiny side up. in diameter, you will likely need to make U-shape notch and corner cuts for outlets and cabinet edges. BUT! Do you think your style changed and now... How to make a toothpaste and brush holder   Are you tired of looking at the dull toothbrush organizer in your... Ah I love this! It can come in handy if your kitchen has limited natural lighting. You did an amazing job. it turned out great, and I want to share our easy DIY subway tile backsplash tips with you. If this is your first time working with tile, or a project of this scale, take the time beforehand and do your research. With the use of white tiles like this, you can instantly brighten up your kitchen without spending a lot. My husband and I love DIY projects! . So, I’ll share your tips with him. I sure your brother’s backsplash will turn out beautiful. 3. The margin on the floor was our guideline because it is fairly leveled. RELATED: 16 New Reasons to Love Subway Tile. I know the 1/2 offset/brick layout is the standard approach with subway tile but, am I crazy to think that 1/3 is also used? We recommend our users to update the browser. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. These kitchen surfaces might get high humidity, and it could affect regular drywalls. If you're working in a kitchen or bathroom, it's tempting to use the sink that's right there instead of hauling heavy buckets outside for cleanup. It made me so happy when our family decided to do a subway tile backsplash in their kitchen. Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance, Prev: The Best Christmas DIY Decors and crafts on a budget. Once the tile and grout are set, you'll need to edge the perimeters with matching caulk. For sure, we saved hundreds of dollars. Grout the joints. Painted snowman on wood Christmas decoration DIY, 12 Cheap bathroom remodel ideas you want to see, Daltile subway 3 in. Stacked vertical . Become well acquainted with each step of the process, so you can limit time troubleshooting later. Here is a super quick video of how to use a tile cutter. I truly believe we made less mess than a crew of workers. . Here is a pix about the most commonly used subway tile layouts. Cutting a subway tile with a wet saw is so much easier and time saver. This is the classic layout for subway tile. We had no strangers in the house the whole day long. Labor was for free. It will give you time to do little corrections like if one tile isn’t straight or too far away from the other. It ended up being a lifesaver when we were working around the outlets. If you really wants that precious little thing, rent it. To make your layout lines, start by drawing two vertical lines for the offset rows. MATERIALS: Tile (this is what we used) Thinset; Tiling trowel Wet saw; Tile spacers; Non-Sanded Grout; Grout float; Large sponge; Cheesecloth; Tile caulk; If you’re demolishing old tile, you’ll also need: Hammer; Pry bar; Gloves (vital to prevent blisters!) This is a fun step since you get to visualize how you want your space to look! Normally, subway tile backsplash come in different sizes but the 3 by 6 inches are the most common. It was time to get the subway tile kitchen backsplash up. The backsplash comes in different designs which give you the options that best suits your needs. Better said, let’s put the wives together so they can DIY. Make sure you don’t cut a lot of tile in advance to the same size. (If you have a big surface to cover, you might want to get a saw.). Often happens the wall is a little bit shorter or longer in the different rows. . Keep scrolling and reading… who knows probably you’ll get inspired for a subway tile DIY project soon. Bondera: No charge, but these cost around $34 a roll. So, would you attempt your own backsplash after this? Mosaic sheets are easy to separate into different configurations with a box cutter and come pre-spaced, eliminating a lot of time spacing and leveling. ft. / case). Our kitchen is fairly big, so it didn't take long for the precision-cut fatigue to set in. You don’t have to be super handy. White subway tile backsplash with grey grout is among the most favorite choices. Julie is right-handed; therefore, she started to put the tile adhesive on the right side of the wall. Pick Your Pattern: A Visual Guide to Tile Layouts. How to Install Subway Tile in Your kitchen with Tips and Tricks for a flawless installation. Beautiful kitchen! What we underestimated was just how thick some of those gaps were, which resulted in the need for a very thick line of caulk around the entire perimeter. They have a bullnose, finished edge. 2. Wow this is amazing! If you want to make the room look taller than it is, you may consider installing subway tiles vertically. Use painters tape to mark out clean, straight lines and remove it before the caulk sets. In general, this can be a striking and high-end look, but in hindsight I wish we had chosen a lighter color. Well, here it goes. I can’t wait to do this too my kitchen when I buy a house. Whether you’re redesigning your bathtub, kitchen, or shower backsplash, there is a proper way to create the best layout before starting the project. I hope you’ll remember to look up this post and follow our steps. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It was definitely a fun kitchen renovation project. The cutest painted snowman on wood in 2020   I hope you are getting into the mood for a cute and easy Christmas... How to remodel a bathroom on a budget   Does your bathroom look outdated? Kitchen Backsplashes Tile Backsplashes Kitchen Tile Backsplashes Kitchens Materials and Supplies Tile Extended Design Upon first glance, this subway tile backsplash may not seem extraordinary, but by continuing the tile all the way to the ceiling, the room feels larger, the walls are easy to clean and the kitchen boasts more texture and interest. Classic Subway. Since this kitchen island won’t have any sink in it and we don’t have to worry about water and moisture, we decided to apply the white subway tiles directly to the painted drywall. The smaller the individual tiles, the easier it is to make cuts and to fit around awkward outlet and cabinet edges. This next bathroom shows subway tile OUTSIDE of its normal zone, acting as a backsplash to the freestanding tub. Water-resistant drywall is a good backer board to install backsplash tiles around sinks and other places in the kitchen. Thanks! Choosing a grout that contrasted so highly with the tile shows every imperfection and uneven line—and as first-time tilers, there were many imperfections! We marked the tile with a pencil where we needed to cut and went outside to make the magic happen. We picked 1/3 offset as it would give our kitchen a more contemporary look compared to the 1/2 offset you see everywhere. Grout: $12. Consider the step ladder in a niche in the shower or as a more creative subway tile layout in the kitchen. Tips On Designing a Subway Tile Backsplash . My husband has been working on our subway tile backsplash and I just walked in to find the corner like the third image (ACK!). Combine them with larger-sized tiles and neutral wood and white décor to achieve an astonishing effect. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Search for how-to videos and articles, Before you begin tiling, check out the existing surface you'll be working on. Oh wow, Denae! If you’re following the traditional subway tile layout, this means that you’ll start with a half tile from the outer edge. A friend offered to lend us a wet saw and we accepted, hoping we wouldn't actually need to use it. It’s a timeless layout that can work for any rectangular tile, making it a great option for virtually any space. Once the wall had the groove, Julie started to put the tiles following the classic subway tile pattern. As always, don’t forget to pin it and share so others can get into the DIY groove too. Step 5. We only needed to protect the floor and used an old bed sheet for that. There’s no right or wrong way to approach a layout, and there are absolutely always trade-offs, which is why I approach each job with a list of priorities, and work from there. Learn how to properly prep, cut, and install classic subway tile in an old house. Since the wall was leveled and it is kind of hidden under a big counter, we decided we don’t use spacers, but I strongly suggest if you think your eyes will see every little imperfection use them.