Shrimp fra Diavolo Pan-Seared Shrimp, Garlic, Tomatoes, Diavolo Sauce with Hand-Cut Fettuccine. The portion sizes were great as well. The pasta noodles are super thin!! I was also glad that it wasn't too dim, however, the noise level was extra loud during this visit. There was fresh bread and balsamic vinaigrette/olive oil. Where was the lemon? It was also fun to extend the holidays into the rest of the year and have an excuse to have a good dinner, we had the time to really focus on each other and share stories from the year. *My co-workers also raved about the Mama's Lasagna. ?Veal parmesan: The table was pretty divided on this one. If you're in Internet Explorer, please use an alternate browser for the best experience. My overall rating is 3 Stars because the food was a disappointment. Our core when we’re out looking for new business is mostly e-commerce businesses. I definitely recommend the dessert here! Add the shrimp to the garlic, along with the green onions (white and light green parts), wine, and lemon juice. Loved it. The veal piccata had great flavoring and it was cooked well. It's a really good deal. I definitely think choosing a place that has a set menu makes it really easy on the planning side. I don't think I will be returning here. My orders: - stuffed… For some odd reason we got a bruschetta and I don't remember us ordering it. Flavor and texture both great. Our server was super nice but she would disappear for 10 minutes at a time randomly. @Maggianos Hours Mon-Thu: 11am – 10pm Fri-Sat: 11am – 11pm Sun: 12pm – 10pm ... shrimp scampi. Shrimp Scampi Tomatoes, Garlic, Lemon Butter with Linguine Aglio Olio. Nutrition Facts. But in our server's defense, Mark was a nice dude. In my opinion looks really cluttered. The worst part and the insult came as the evening came to an end. What we do also manifests itself into lead generation for most other businesses, or for restaurants its reservations, banquet leads or catering leads. We sent the entre back so that we could enjoy the salad and asked that a "fresh" entre be prepared as opposed to placing it under heat lamps. We do keep spirits up through some gift giving with the leadership team to their staff members as a token of appreciation for what they do throughout the year. The shrimp scampi pasta dish looked great. Available January 9th through February 24th. We ordered the Caesar salad, calamari, shrimp scampi, linguine with clams in white sauce, chicken parmesan, veal piccata, creme brûlée and tiramisu. My orders: - stuffed mushrooms: 5/5. One of the staff came over and said it was unacceptable that it has taken that long to get our drinks. You might be better off doing chicken instead.Everything was pretty much average across the board. We were told it would take 30 minutes for a table since we did not have a reservation. On a day-to-day basis, we work on creating positive news coverage for our clients. *Heads up on family style: The first course will come out in big plates and portions. Actually, to be honest, if it were up to my girlfriend and I, we'd have ordered more salad and calamari. The real disappointment was that there was very little flavor. It was fluffy and the taste of alcohol wasn't too strong. An April holiday party and white elephant…or what Reap Marketing might call wine elephant. Our table was spacious but they sure know how to pack everyone in a small space. The first location was opened on the corner of Clark Street and Grand Avenue in Chicago, Illinois in 1991. If you have the chefs running food, I think that could be the case... unless it was for a special reason. They have a great Italian food. Pay Ahead and Skip the Line. Want to chime in. I had to sprinkle some salt and pepper to jazz it up a bit. Shrimp Scampi – Lunch Order. Everyone was very attentive and we ordered a couple drinks some salad and pasta.The drinks took a while, after our salad was served because they were sooo buzy! I ordered a separate serving of garlic mashed potatoes and it was good. So I will definitely have to try that out next time. Nothing about that appetizer was overwhelming, so that was good. Previously, I was the Senior Director of Marketing for Gigi’s Cupcakes and I headed up Digital Marketing at Pie Five Pizza. If you want to know what you’re eating there, thisRead More Maggiano’s Nutrition I think it's a great place for a family dinner and try once, but I think there are other cheaper Italian spots. Pasta was definitely al dente, although I always prefer my rigatoni softer. Want $10 off your next visit? Maggiano's will offer you good cappuccino, ice tea or espresso. I bought 15 boxes of wine and after we tasted them we did a drawing where we basically drafted the remainder of the boxes for them to take home. I was on a team at IBM that invented a software service to measure website data and provide more insights, for bigger companies to use and improve their overall marketing efforts. The calamari was on point, we all wished that we had more of it. Linguine di Mare - This dish is HUGE!! It tastes fresh and I didn't have any problem with chewing sand or anything grimy. The calamari was alright, it didn't have that crunch to it that I would have liked. Some of us had the Salmon entree with spinach but the portion size was small. The chicken was very moist and the breading wasn't too thick - the cheese and sauce were great as well. This was the worse italian food I have ever had! It was like a build your own bruschetta toast. The taste was on point and came with a lot of pasta.Spaghetti and meatballs were decent. Maggiano's Shrimp Scampi Photo : flickr / CC0 6 each Shrimp, (16-20 per lb) 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 6 each Grape Tomatoes, cut in ½ 1 Tbsp Roasted Garlic Cloves 1/3 Cup Chicken Stock 1/3 Cup White Wine 2 Tbsp Butter 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice 1 Tbsp Fresh Basil, torn 4 pieces Garlic Bread, pieces, cut on a bias in half 1 each Lemon Half ½ Cup Parsley, chopped Salt & Pepper, to taste Please order this if you come here. I think we should've just stuck to the safe options like spaghetti and meatball and we would've been better off. Bianca Prade December 23, 2010. The shrimp scampi was very light and not that flavorful. However, there wasn't much angel hair pasta so I still felt a little hungry after.Baked ziti was very good and I would definitely do eat it again.Linguine with clams was by far the star of all our dishes. Light & Lemony Scampi Recipe: How to Make It | Taste of Home ©2021 Maggiano’s Little Italy | Terms and Conditions | Web Accessibility | Privacy Policy. We will be back and recommend it to our friends! We mentioned our wait to another waiter and finally salad showed up with our entre. No zest, the sauce was runny and essentially flavorless. 21%. The food quality and real lack of flavor really didn't match the bill which was $100. Amount Per Serving. Was bland tasting. The shrimp scampi was scrumptious but it was a little bit too salty.. Plating procedure: Peel and de-vein the shrimp and marinate with half of the chopped garlic, half of the olive oil, and the ground black pepper. After the gift card....debatable. This place reminds me of many of the older restaurants in Manhattan, New York. I did fettuccine and honestly it tasted better with fettuccine. Jul 21, 2013 - Maggiano's recipes - the easy way to prepare the best dishes from the Maggiano's Little Italy menu. Protein 35g * The desserts were super good, not too sweet at all. Just a tip. Then add the shrimp, season with salt and pepper to taste and sauté for 1-2 minutes on one side (until just beginning to turn pink), then flip. It ended up being only a couple people, and was really expensive because we had a minimum we had to meet and couldn’t reschedule it so that was a disaster in my book. I don't mind sharing water with her, but after that veal, I needed to chug the whole damn thing to myself. Glad that we made a reservation or else we would have probably been waiting for quite some time. Enjoy $10 Off Your Meal By Joining Our E-Club, New Chef Features | Now Through February 24th, Business of Celebration - Episode 3 - Kimberly Turman, Business of Celebration - Episode 2 - Brice McBeth. Here's what we ordered:Chopped salad: Honestly probably one of the better items on the family menu. 105% Saturated Fat 21g Trans Fat 1g. She brought the beer and wine, but only 6 oz. It’s been really effective for us and a lot easier to accommodate more people. It's a white creamy sauce with tones of truffle. 25%. Our original waitress finally showed up and said we would get fresh entres - no apology or comment about the length of time it took to get the salads. Dietary Fiber 6g Sugars 10g. We’ve been working with Maggiano’s now for 10 years. They were both so warm and just melted in my mouth. 22.5. tomatoes, garlic & lemon butter w/ angel hair aglio olio shrimp fra diavolo. I rely on yelp for many things across the nation so I feel it is my duty to share my own experiences with other yelpers. I would ask for one main course which is good for 2 people ... Shrimp scampi. After you've tried Mama D's Italian kitchen, it's hard to go back. Linguine & Clams. Meals, lunch, dinner, drinks and kids menu. Anyhow, our group decided to do the Family Style which is about $33/person. I help create the overall strategy of how we’re going to do that and make sure that we have the right messaging, whether it’s coming up with a big splash idea, planning a grand opening, sending a chef on a morning show segment, bringing high-profile influencers into a restaurant or even planning a social media campaign. We had an amazing experience. Both were simply amazing! Last but not least, we ordered the dessert platter (~$13) that included tiramisu, crème brulee, Gigi's butter cake, cheesecake, and apple crostada. The great thing about family style is that you keep getting more of the items that you order. - shrimp scampi: 5/5. Center-Cut Filet Mignon** This review is strictly because I haven't found a pasta place I like better than Mama D's yet. I would not recommend them at all! My nephew alone could crush two, and with it being his birthday, he got dibs, so that was one plate called for already. And OMG, it was delish! We had a party of 7 people and sat pretty snug at a round table. That is a tough one… I would say Secret Santa is fun because you get to find out fun things about what your coworkers like and sometimes you get somebody who you wouldn’t normally work with on a day-to-day basis. Maggiano's - Denver Pavilions, Italian business in Denver. It was served on top of chocolate sauce with sprinkled chocolate chips on top, so since I'm like a total chocolate junky, it was yummy perfecto! We ended up having trouble accommodating anyone so we decided to shift our holiday party towards the beginning of the year, but come January everyone was done with the holidays and needed a little break. We don’t create a Christmas in April theme in the office or anything, although there was talk of still doing an ugly sweater contest one year but that hasn’t seen the light of day. $25.99. Have not been here for years! She took down our drink orders, and asked if we wanted to start off with any appetizers. I liked my first couple pieces, but after that it became pretty salty. I love how they have that deal where you can order 1 pasta there to eat and then you can choose another pasta dish to bring home. I highly recommend everything we ordered. See more ideas about recipes, restaurant recipes, copycat recipes. It had burrata cheese and a tomato/basil/balsamic vinegar salsa and it was very flavorful and the cheese was creamy. Shrimp Scampi $24.99 Garlic, Lemon Butter with Spaghetti (1290 cal) The linguini with clams were decent - wished there were more clams and the shrimp scampi had really good flavor and there were so many pieces of shrimp! This place looks like it is a fancy restaurant from outside but it looks kind of casual inside. It has a wasabi kind of spicier taste so definitely beware of the dressing. Waitress finally came back and asked for the wine order again. Italian cuisine is to guests' liking at this bar. In any case, my family and I love going here and we love trying different dishes. We waited about 10 minutes - no water and no drinks. Sodium 2370mg. The tables are way too packed together and there isn't enough space to walk in between the tables. I manage a team of two Marketing Specialists that work with me on our clients, mostly in the restaurant and retail space. I dont even wanna go to the fact i paid good money and the appetizers were horrible also, not even fully cooked! Although the restaurant was nearly empy she kept rushing us, so much so that I had to keep calling her back because she kept running off before I could finish a sentence. If you're craving corporate mediocre Italian food, then search no more!My family sometimes comes here to celebrate birthdays, mainly for my nephews. We’ve also done White Elephant at our holiday party and it’s fun to see what people come up with. These guys handled it like pros! Full restaurant menu with prices up-dated for 2021. Yes, Only because I have a gift card for this place. Instructions. 183%. Last year we gave out fun awards that were voted on internally, such as Fashionista and Most Creative, to recognize different team members. It ended up being Easter before we got to our holiday party and it was a big success because it was such an off time so no one had any plans for the weekend that we chose. Our pastas didn't have a lot of flavor. Tomaotes, garlic, and lemon butter with angel hair aglio olio. Originally we were considering ordering off the regular menu, but at $40 per adult and $18 for kids (I think 12 years old was the cut-off) and unlimited orders, we decided to stick with the family menu. We were immediately greeted by our server (who also had a trainee that she introduced to us). In a hot sauté pan over high heat place the shrimp with the remaining olive oil. Maggiano's pastas were okay. Aside from pasta and flatbreads, they also serve salads, sandwiches and entrees among others. Had a Father's Day dinner here...Drinks were excellent and the food was pretty good. We only got one and had to wait another 15ish minutes for another one.The service was a bit all over the place. The service was okay, the waitress checked on us a couple times. The pizza is authentic and. Service was good and efficient. Our waitress was nice, although she never told us her name, not that it really matters.I ordered a glass of champagne and it was very good. Crispy Zucchini Fritté - SOOOO GOOD!! Usually, Misty, our HR and Administrative Guru, plans most of our internal events. The whole place was busy as hell.From food to service, everything was pretty much as I mentioned at the beginning: Mediocre. It is also very pertinent to mention that the food was superb. Maggiano's Menu and Prices. First my waitress had the audacity to circle the suggested tip area on my receipt, something I have NEVER EVER seen before and then she circled my table about 5 times trying to pick up my cash. I left IBM to join the client side, to see what I could do and put some of my practices to use. Our agency was 20 to 25 people or so and we were trying to accommodate everybody which is never a good idea to begin with. When you're ready, wrap up the good times with a steaming cappuccino and Vera's Lemon Cookies. The tomato basil soup was decent.The Shrimp Scampi was not good, It lacked flavor and texture, the shrimp was a bit overcooked.