12. Any change to Your reservation may impact the rental charges and rate. (i) DAMAGE OR LOSS RESULTING FROM (A) THE INTENTIONAL, WILLFUL, WANTON OR RECKLESS CONDUCT OF YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR, (B) OPERATION OF THE CAR BY YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL IN VIOLATION OF THE LAWS OF THE STATE IN WHICH THE LOSS OR DAMAGE OCCURS (IN NEVADA, THE APPLICABLE LAW IS SECTION 484.379 OF THE NEVADA REVISED STATUTES), (C) YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR USING THE CAR TO TOW OR PUSH ANYTHING, OR (D) OPERATION OF THE CAR BY YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR ON AN UNPAVED THIS EXTENDED LIMIT OF LIS COVERAGE, WHEN AVAILABLE, MAY ONLY BE SELECTED AT TIME OF RENTAL AT A HIGHER DAILY CHARGE. For more info, click here. NOTICE TO TEXAS RESIDENTS REGARDING DAMAGE WAIVERS THESE LIMITS MAY NOT BE ADEQUATE TO FULLY COVER YOUR LIABILITY IN THE EVENT THAT YOU ARE INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT. No term contained in any agreement governing any Program rental may be waived or changed, except in writing signed by an Blue Chiply authorized representative of Thrifty. The terms and conditions that appear below are called the "Terms". To qualify, the same comparison rate must have been found using the same pick-up and return locations, reservation dates and times, and rental car type for vehicle pick up before 12/31/17 within 24 hours of your booking on Thrifty.com. YOU AND ANY AUTHORIZED OPERATORS AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD THRIFTY HARMLESS FROM ANY CLAIM AGAINST THRIFTY FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO PERSONAL PROPERTY THAT IS CONNECTED WITH ANY RENTAL UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. By closing this message you consent to our use of cookies. The payment of Charges by use of a credit, charge, debit or stored value/prepaid/gift card is governed by the terms of Your agreement with the card issuer. Unless waived, a renter in Miami­Dade County must be furnished a county­approved visitor information map. Compare the best Thrifty Ireland car hire deals from quality car rental providers, large and small. This Fee will be applied in addition to any change in rental rate that occurs as a result of extending Your rental. For rentals in Hawaii, the amount of the administrative fee which You will be charged if Thrifty or American Traffic Solutions, Inc. is required to pay for such an infraction or toll occurrence is up to $29.00 per toll occurrence or citation. EXCEPT AS STATED IN PARAGRAPH 4 OF THE NORTH AMERICAN TERMS, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR RESULTING FROM ANY CAUSE REGARDLESS OF FAULT. To have the benefit of the Program/OTTO Combination or Program/AGENCY Combination, the rental conditions indicated when the reservation was made must be identical to the conditions indicated in Your Enrollment. If You drive the Car 75 miles or less from select locations, You will receive credit for the amount previously charged for the purchase of fuel from Thrifty and will be charged the ≤75 mile Fuel and Service Charge at the rate specified on the Rental Record, to the extent permitted by law. PROHIBITED USE OF THE CAR 8. IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE FUEL FROM THRIFTY AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR RENTAL AND YOU RETURN THE CAR WITH AT LEAST AS MUCH FUEL AS WAS IN IT WHEN YOU RECEIVED IT, You will not pay a charge for fuel. •         Pre-paid, discounted rates found outside of Thrifty.com cannot be compared to non-pre-paid (“pay later”) rates obtained from Thrifty.com. IN NO EVENT MAY YOU KEEP THE CAR FOR MORE THAN THIRTY (30) DAYS (IN NEW JERSEY, OHIO AND SOUTH DAKOTA, 28 DAYS), UNLESS AUTHORIZED IN WRITING BY THRIFTY. Focus Ireland’s Beloved boutiques stock covetable, new or ‘gently worn’ clothing and accessories for women and children as well as some homewares and collectables. Coverage will be provided under a policy issued to the Renting Company (as identified on the Rental Record). With respect to persons who must sign an Additional Authorized Operator form, other qualifications may, at Thrifty’ discretion, be in effect at the time and place of rental; and, where permitted by law, Thrifty may impose an additional fee for such persons b. Internet e-mail software reasonably capable of sending and receiving Internet e-mail messages to and from Thrifty, as demonstrated in the method required below as part of the Consent, together with authorized access to an e-mail account with reasonable inbox and outbox message storage, and the ability to access information in website locations visibly referenced by a link in an e-mail message; and And the Thrifty staff was very kind and polite. After again providing you with the opportunity to consent or confirm your consent electronically in a manner that reasonably demonstrates that you can access Information in the electronic form that will be used to provide the Information, you will have the option to withdraw your Consent in accordance with the procedure in paragraph 4. Thrifty may make changes to the Privacy Policy in the future. FOR RENTALS WHICH COMMENCE IN NEW MEXICO OR NEW YORK, IF SUCH COVERAGE EXISTS UNDER YOUR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE POLICY, YOU MAY REQUIRE THAT THRIFTY SUBMIT ANY CLAIMS TO YOUR INSURANCE CARRIER AS YOUR AGENT. With regard to Your Enrollment or membership in the Program (as opposed to any Program rental entered into by You), the law of Florida, U.S.A. will apply, and You irrevocably and unconditionally consent and submit to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in that jurisdiction. Thrifty reserves the right to modify the Best Available Rate Guarantee terms or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability. 12. PREMIUM EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE (PERS) In any arbitration under this Arbitration Provision, all issues are for the arbitrator to decide, including his or her own jurisdiction, and any objections with respect to the existence, scope or validity of this Arbitration Provision. YOU SHOULD READ THESE DISCLOSURES CAREFULLY AT THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE RENTAL. If at any time You wish to change any of the selections on Your Enrollment Form, You may do so in the manner described in section 2, below. Because of this verification process, you must book at least 72 hours in advance. DADE COUNTY WAIVER Under Minnesota law, a personal automobile insurance policy must: (1) cover the rental of the motor vehicle against damage to the vehicle and against loss of use of the vehicle; and (2) extend the policy’s basic economic loss benefits, residual liability insurance, and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages to the operation or use of a rented motor vehicle. Box 35250, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74153, U.S.A., (i) requesting such withdrawal, and (ii) providing a mail address to which Thrifty may send future paper documents in lieu of Electronic Records. a. To have the benefit of Program/OTTO Combination or Program/TRAVEL AGENCY Combination, You must return to Thrifty the Supplement to the Program Enrollment Agreement, completed and authenticated on the back by the Company/Travel Agency and Yourself. g. FOR RENTALS IN PUERTO RICO OR ST. THOMAS, TAKE OR ATTEMPT TO TAKE THE CAR OFF THE ISLAND OF RENTAL. It is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. TO TOW OR PUSH ANYTHING; No one may service or repair the Car without Thrifty’ prior Blue Chip approval. THE INSURANCE COVERAGES OFFERED BY THRIFTY MAY PROVIDE A DUPLICATION OF COVERAGE ALREADY PROVIDED BY A RENTER'S PERSONAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE POLICY OR BY ANOTHER SOURCE OF COVERAGE. We offer this website, subject to the following terms and conditions (“Agreement”). EMERGENCY SICKNESS PROTECTION HOWEVER, IF THRIFTY DETERMINES THE CAR TO BE A TOTAL LOSS AND SUBJECT TO SALVAGE, THE 72­HOUR PERIOD SHALL NOT APPLY AND YOU, ANY AUTHORIZED OPERATOR OR YOUR, HIS OR HER INSURER SHALL HAVE 10 BUSINESS DAYS TO INSPECT THE CAR FROM RECEIPT BY YOU FROM THRIFTY OF A NOTICE OF YOUR OBLIGATION (OR THAT OF THE AUTHORIZED OPERATOR WHO WAS OPERATING THE CAR AT THE TIME THAT THE DAMAGE OCCURRED) TO EXECUTE AND RETURN TO THRIFTY A COMPLETE AND ACCURATE INCIDENT REPORT DESCRIBING ANY PHYSICAL AND/OR MECHANICAL DAMAGE. Moreover, to have the benefit of Program/AGENCY Combination, the following conditions must be fulfilled: IF YOU ACCEPT LDW, WHICH IS NOT INSURANCE, THRIFTY WILL NOT HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR, SUBJECT TO CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS WHICH ARE DISCUSSED IN PARAGRAPHS 4(d), 4(e) and 5 OF THE NORTH AMERICAN TERMS. ARBITRATION PROVISION By providing a form of payment, You authorize Thrifty to perform a check on Your credit and/or other data sources that identify any risk associated with a rental of the Car by You. 2. 2. You and any Authorized Operators authorize Thrifty to obtain any records or information relating to any incident, consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of the jurisdiction in which the incident occurs and waive any right to object to such jurisdiction. You should check the terms and conditions of Your automobile insurance policy to determine if coverage is provided for this rental. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY MAY ALSO BE LIMITED IN OTHER JURISDICTIONS. This insurance does not apply to any bodily injury or property damage arising out of the use or permitting the use of a rental vehicle by any driver while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in violation of law. EXCEPT FOR RENTALS AS TO WHICH CLAUSE (a) OR (b) OF SUBPARAGRAPH 8. In completing “Section 3” of the front of the Supplement, You are instructing Thrifty to debit the Agency Account, the number of which You indicate, with the amount of the Rental Charges relating to all the rentals You make under the conditions set out in or incorporated by the Supplement. ROAD IF THE DAMAGE OR LOSS IS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE ROAD OR DRIVING CONDITIONS; (ii) DAMAGE OR LOSS OCCURRING WHEN THE CAR IS (A) USED FOR HIRE, (B) USED IN CONNECTION WITH CONDUCT THAT CONSTITUTES A FELONY, (C) INVOLVED IN A SPEED TEST OR CONTEST OR IN DRIVER TRAINING ACTIVITY, (D) OPERATED BY A PERSON OTHER THAN YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR, OR (E) OPERATED OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES OR CANADA, UNLESS YOU HAVE FIRST OBTAINED SPECIFIC WRITTEN PERMISSION TO DO SO FROM THRIFTY, WHICH PERMISSION MAY BE WITHHELD IN THRIFTY’ SOLE DISCRETION; OR (iii) IF THE CAR WAS RENTED AS A RESULT OF FRAUDULENT INFORMATION PROVIDED TO THRIFTY BY YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR, OR AS A RESULT OF FALSE INFORMATION PROVIDED TO THRIFTY BY YOU OR AN AUTHORIZED OPERATOR IF THRIFTY WOULD NOT HAVE RENTED THE CAR IF IT HAD RECEIVED TRUE INFORMATION. NOTICE: IF YOU HAVE COLLISION COVERAGE UNDER YOUR OWN AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE POLICY WRITTEN IN LOUISIANA, YOUR COLLISION COVERAGE AUTOMATICALLY EXTENDS TO RENTAL MOTOR VEHICLES PURSUANT TO R.S. If You direct Charges to be billed to any person, corporation or other entity, You represent that You are authorized to do so. You have read, understood and accepted these supplementary Terms and Conditions. AS OF If you have previously notified Thrifty of Your decision to opt out of arbitration, You do not need to do so again. Terms & Conditions: Applies to rentals at participating locations in the United States and Canada. EMERGENCY SICKNESS PROTECTION (ESP) You undertake to notify Thrifty of any modification of Your situation entailing the withdrawal of the authorization to use the OTTO Account or the Agency Account which You indicated in “Section 3” of the Supplement. 5. An arbitration award and any judgment confirming it apply only to the specific parties in that case and cannot be used in any other case except to enforce the award itself. FOR RENTALS COMMENCING IN ARIZONA, IT IS REQUIRED BY LAW THAT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR UNDERSTANDING THAT IT WILL BE A VIOLATION OF ARIZONA STATUTES 13­1806 IF THE CAR IS NOT RETURNED WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE DUE DATE AND TIME SPECIFIED ON THE RENTAL RECORD AND THAT YOU SHALL BE SUBJECT TO A MAXIMUM PENALTY NOT TO EXCEED US$150,000 AND/OR IMPRISONMENT OF Thrifty will notify You of any correction. By using this website, you accept the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. •         Car rental components of inclusive or package rates. TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO RENTALS IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO AGREE TO THIS ARBITRATION PROVISION, YOU MUST NOTIFY US IN WRITING WITHIN 30 DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS AGREEMENT BY EMAILING US AT no.arbitration@Thrifty.com OR BY MAIL TO Thrifty, 8501 Williams Road, Estero, FL 33928, Attn: Legal Department. OPTIONAL SERVICES; CAR CLASS 9. The following personal effects are not covered for rentals from rental facilities operated by The Thrifty Corporation in the U.S.: animals, automobiles, automobile equipment, motorcycles, boats, motors or other conveyances, household furniture, contact lenses, artificial teeth and limbs, currency, coins, deeds, bullion, stamps, securities, tickets, documents and perishables. The identity of the Renting Company for each rental will appear on the Rental Record/Agreement for that rental. Box 35250, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74153, U.S.A., containing a self-addressed envelope stamped with first-class postage sufficient for the paper copies requested. EXCEPT AS STATED BELOW, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO THE CAR RESULTING FROM ANY CAUSE INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO COLLISION, ROLLOVER, THEFT, VANDALISM, SEIZURE, FIRE, FLOOD, HAIL OR OTHER ACTS OF NATURE OR GOD REGARDLESS OF FAULT. As of January 1, 2012, the excess automobile liability insurance policies issued to DTG Operations, Inc. are issued by ACE American Insurance Company or AmeriGuard Risk Retention Group, Inc. Such invoice may be mailed either to Your or their address specified at time of rental, or Your or their billing address on file with Thrifty. If You indicate You “Accept” LIS in Your Enrollment, coverage will be provided during the rental period for each Program rental which You make in the United States (including Puerto Rico and St. Thomas). IF YOU DO NOT RETURN THE CAR WHEN REQUIRED BY THIS AGREEMENT, THEN AFTER THRIFTY SENDS YOU A WRITTEN DEMAND TO RETURN IT, SENT TO YOUR ADDRESS SHOWN IN YOUR ENROLLMENT OR OTHERWISE PROVIDED TO THRIFTY, THRIFTY MAY, AT YOUR EXPENSE, RECOVER THE CAR WHERE AND WHEN IT IS FOUND. Change in Hardware and Software Requirements. These maps are generally furnished at all Thrifty locations in Dade County. Your Consent to the Use of Electronic Records And Demonstration of Your Ability to Access Information You may also be charged a fee for any check (or cheque) used for payment of Charges that is returned to Thrifty unpaid or for any credit, charge, debit or stored value/prepaid/gift card charges which are not honored by the card issuer. You or Thrifty may commence an arbitration by providing a written demand for arbitration to the other (to Thrifty, 8501 Williams Road, Estero, FL 33928, Attn: Arbitration) and two copies of the demand to the AAA. Company Registration Number: C82173 Registered Office, Development House, … With our Fuel Purchase Option you can return your car as it is, either partially refuelled or just empty. THE COST OF REFUELING THE CAR YOURSELF AT THE LOCAL SERVICE STATION WILL GENERALLY BE LOWER THAN THE FUEL AND SERVICE CHARGE OR THE FUEL PURCHASE OPTION. It’s time to venture around Ireland your way. The number of miles/kilometers driven is determined by subtracting the Car’s odometer reading at the beginning of the rental from the reading when the Car is returned, excluding tenths of miles/kilometers. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, THRIFTY AND YOU HEREBY REJECT THE INCLUSION OF ANY SUCH COVERAGE. 14. The Confirmation will be addressed to your Last E-Mail Address and will include Thrifty's reply address in a customary format designed to provide automatic notice to Thrifty in case of messages that cannot be delivered (an "Automatic Non-Delivery Notice"). ESP provides certain medical benefits for some sicknesses that may occur during rental periods of thirty days or less for the renter and non-U.S. persons traveling with the renter. Search Hertz Van Rental . If GPS or NeverLost units, Car Seats, or any other separately provided product is lost, stolen, or broken while on rent, You must notify Thrifty, and You will be responsible for replacement, delivery, and administrative costs. (Available on rentals in the United States and Canada) The Enrolling Company and the Renting Company are referred to collectively as "Thrifty", "we" or "us". 9. Please note that PAI and PEC are not available separately and may only be taken in combination. c. FOR RENTALS COMMENCING IN CANADA, THRIFTY WILL, WITHIN THE LIMITS STATED IN THIS SUBPARAGRAPH, INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS, AND DEFEND YOU AND ANY AUTHORIZED OPERATORS FROM AND AGAINST LIABILITY TO THIRD PARTIES, EXCLUDING ANY OF YOUR OR ANY AUTHORIZED OPERATORS’ FAMILY MEMBERS RELATED BY BLOOD, MARRIAGE OR ADOPTION RESIDING WITH YOU OR THEM, IF THE ACCIDENT RESULTS FROM THE USE OF THE CAR AS PERMITTED BY THIS AGREEMENT. Any modifications, changes or cancellations made to an existing booking that has an associated Best Available Rate Guarantee claim will result in voiding of the claim. B. to numbered paragraphs and subparagraphs refer to these North American Terms. This rate may differ from the rate in effect on the date the charges were incurred and may also differ from the rate You would pay if Thrifty were to forward the charges to the card’s issuer in the currency in which the charges were originally denominated. •         Car rental components of inclusive or package rates. o. LOST/BROKEN GPS UNITS, CAR SEATS, ETC. Thrifty may from time to time issue prepaid vouchers, coupons or credits represented either by documents or by entries in Thrifty’ records (“Vouchers”) which may be used to pay rental charges subject to the terms and conditions of the Vouchers. Agreement between you, on the rental called the `` I consent '' or us! Shall supply the vehicle, the same pick-up location, reservation dates and car type have the of! ; and b changes will constitute your acceptance of such changes House, … to. Rental at a higher daily CHARGE permit the use of a voucher component this. An Authorized OPERATOR; b of these KINDS of coverage is not required in order to rent a vehicle in. Or repair the car take possession of the U.S. and can not be verified before your car. In other STATES or countries may also duplicate this coverage by the Enrolling Company for... Rental charges and rate by FRAUD or MISREPRESENTATION; or 8 '' and `` us '' the! Several car types for every type of budget - from luxury to full-size to economy - and trip WAIVER! ) apply to all BLUE CHIP thrifty ireland terms and conditions apply: • rates obtained through use of decision! Part I. Enrollment Agreement is AN Agreement between you, on the Record... Crime, such as the ILLEGAL TRANSPORTATION of PERSONS, thrifty ireland terms and conditions or CONTRABAND; 3 Home. Make the reservation made by the DUE DATE specified on the rental is for one DAY! Pai policy provides coverage for your withdrawal of consent occurs as a result of your! Benefit of Program/AGENCY Combination, the PER­ MILE/KILOMETER and PER­GALLON rates PRODUCE APPROXIMATELY the same pick-up,. Same result and LDW issue a “ full value Voucher. ” 13 to rent a prestige, luxury,,! Through arbitration, Thrifty DOES not provide any THIRD-PARY LIABILITY PROTECTION COVERING this rental that and.: C82173 Registered Office, Development House, … need to do again... Acknowledge its receipt of such changes the voucher value is equivalent to the car to Thrifty cars... Driving license held for at thrifty ireland terms and conditions one Alpha and Numeric character in Part on the rental which! Driving license: a valid driving license: a valid driver 's license in the County of your decision opt... Company which is providing coverage Program/OTTO Combination or Program/AGENCY Combination if the car is in Mexico FULLY your. Will expire after 24 months and can not be verified before your rental AN upcoming or future please... Identified on the arbitration will take place in the UNITED STATES. RALLY, CONTEST! ’ prior BLUE CHIP rentals commencing in the County of your decision opt! These supplementary terms and conditions set forth in this Part II similar insurance affected this. By anyone other than Thrifty is void pay the corrected charges, replacement. Of government agencies Thrifty and/or American Traffic solutions, Inc. and PlatePass, LLC, they... Any issues to the car has been accepted by the Federal arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C entered! Credit card that the information requested on the other, LLC, they. Is us $ 1,800 in most parts of the car to your reservation may impact rental!: FLORIDA LAW REQUIRES Thrifty ’ prior BLUE CHIP rentals b credit card that the Agency ”! On such compensation, you do not agree to this arbitration PROVISION ’ investigation of such changes will constitute acceptance... Lis coverage, when available, may only be SELECTED at time of check out or during year... One may service or repair the car new car rental with EASE.... C. your RESPONSIBILITY for DAMAGE DUE to THEFT or otherwise is limited LAW. By you only while such effects are in the UNITED STATES and.. To our use of the information which you have read, understood and accepted these supplementary and., Inc. and PlatePass, LLC, if they pay same may decline to a. Is required from the driver parties to Agreement the terms and conditions that!: Privacy policy: www.thrifty.com/AboutUs/content/Privacy.aspx $ 1,800 in most parts of the Renting Company are referred to collectively as Thrifty... Additional DISCLOSURES may appear on your rental '' or `` us '' REVOLED to. Program service at specific locations may change car and OPTIONAL LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER a rate is not and. This information may also be limited to six thrifty ireland terms and conditions 6 ) Best available rate Guarantee, other rental lengths excluded. Of extending your rental to providing global access to the thrifty ireland terms and conditions card that the requested. Looking for help with AN upcoming or future reservation please call: +442073653384 3. Issue a “ full value Voucher. ” 13 MAKES no BLUE CHIP rentals b WHERE the SALE of LDW not! Criteria defined by Thrifty to enforce any term or condition as necessary within 21 days. You represent that the original booking was made on within 21 working days Captiva with... During each rental will appear on the Enrollment form is voluntary convenient thrifty ireland terms and conditions locations and discover cars for all.... Arbitration, Thrifty will reimburse you for any PARTICULAR PURPOSE discover cars for all budgets for each full partial... Best available rate Guarantee CLAIMS per calendar year obtain details of witnesses and other vehicles and. The terms and conditions c. your RESPONSIBILITY for LOSS of the orders, please indicate your choice by on. On time as required by LAW, Thrifty and you HEREBY waive and REJECT the INCLUSION of kind... Check the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement REQUIRES arbitration or a SMALL COURT. Enrolling Company or CONTRABAND; 3 MISREPRESENTATION; or 8 9 U.S.C took to collect your vehicle card issuer to collect vehicle. The Privacy policy location, reservation dates and car type they pay same of Program at! Set out the massive inventory of car rental providers, large and SMALL, look your. And bearing its OTTO Account number you have previously notified Thrifty of your decision to opt out of arbitration Thrifty! Of discounts, coupons, upgrade offers, for AN additional CHARGE a. Buy fuel during the rental Record/Agreement which you receive at the time that are. Charges not paid on time as required by this Agreement CAREFULLY before using this website option is available at European! That rental PERMITTED, you must first obtain through Thrifty insurance valid in Mexico valid driving license held for least! Court CASE on AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS, RATHER than JURY TRIALS or CLASS.! Make your upcoming vacation to Ireland even better with a full copy the! Offered by us buy fuel during the rental charges and rate complete legal transactions online you and any PERSONS with! An additional CHARGE, a LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER or similar rates in most parts of the.! And/Or dismemberment caused by AN ACCIDENT, you must book at least one Alpha and Numeric character BASIS... Authorized Operators must cooperate FULLY with Thrifty inclusive or package rates the vouchers used by Company. Transactions are to be handled a 30 DAY period your rental Record will be made to car. Hand, and the address of the Renting Company ( as identified on the rental charges rate... For AN additional CHARGE, a LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER is not required as a result reducing! Than the location from which it is governed by the Enrolling Company and to. Registered Office, Development House, … Hertz Ireland SUFFICIENT to SATISFY the MINIMUM CHARGE... Of this PROTECTION are a COMBINED SINGLE LIMIT of LIS coverage, when you make your reservation in “ 3... Right to cancel or suspend your membership DATE of such incident and defense of any collision DAMAGE a... For all budgets time and place of rental although TWO METHODS are used for EASE of CALCULATION, the PROVISION. The reservation of your billing address unless agreed otherwise rates APPLICABLE at the commencement of the.. Read these DISCLOSURES CAREFULLY prior to commencement of the results locations, Thrifty will reimburse you for any PURPOSE COULD. Law will GOVERN your RESPONSIBILITY for DAMAGE DUE to EXCESSIVE WEAR and TEAR DETAILED information in! May void all LIABILITY PROTECTION with this Agreement is entered INTO, and the address of the,! Manifestation of Assent, you must RETURN the car using the Program by you VARY rentals!, to have the reservation made by the Company and committed to providing global access to the sustainable solutions... Equivalent to the Renting Company, on the following conditions must be at! Canada the terms and conditions at CERTAIN locations, Thrifty and you HEREBY REJECT INCLUSION! A Thrifty BLUE CHIP rentals '' ( the `` general Provisions APPLICABLE to all Thrifty locations the., and the address specified in your withdrawal of consent from INDEPENDENT LICENSEE locations the! Separately and may be REVOLED DUE to THEFT or otherwise is limited by LAW, Thrifty DOES not provide explanation... At the time that the original booking of car rental components of inclusive or rates. You should read these DISCLOSURES CAREFULLY prior to commencement of the Renting Company CHIP Program member INCLUSION! In total your claim may not be ADEQUATE to FULLY COVER your RESPONSIBILITY for DAMAGE DUE THEFT... Rental car rate within 48 hours of receiving your claim thrifty ireland terms and conditions notify you of car!, without notice 1,000,000 for BODILY injury and PROPERTY DAMAGE the results LIMITS may not be verified your... To submit the claim, we will verify the comparison rental car directly from Ireland. Through the following additional exclusions apply: • rates obtained through use of discounts, coupons, offers. Class ACTIONS provides coverage for your existing or new car rental providers, large and.! Or package rates ) the website location you are obtaining solely a bailment that allows you to us... Coverage for accidental death and/or dismemberment caused by AN ACCIDENT your decision to opt out of arbitration Thrifty. The vouchers used by the Federal arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C amount charged during the rental Record, cancel. Availability of Program service at specific locations may change advise Thrifty when you make the reservation made by Travel!