Please advise. I couldn’t figure out how to connect or reassemble those 2 wires. If the fridge or freezer is not getting cold or frozen, be sure both the condenser and evap fans are operational. Cold air coming out of the back of the fridge. Is it just the freezer going up in temperature or both freezer and refrigerator? If compressor keeps turning off either it is overheating or a component on the fridge is telling it to shut off. Many thanks for your help, Laura, I was told to keep the bars at 3 freezer/3 fridge. The compressor stopped running and an inverter replacement, by a repair company, got it up and running again, cooling properly. the temperature control inside the freezer is at 5 currently, we have tried all levels and the model number is GRB712YLP its an LG refrigerator. And has been working fine. I have checked for ice on the cooling fins inside, replaced the defrost timer, replaced the starter relay and cleaned the compressor coils. Is it normal? Surely they use the same condenser? Yes it is possible you need freon. The temperature setting in your freezer was possibly raised accidentally? Or is it more serious? If the compressor does not run at all, you may have a bad start capacitor. Now I cannot even reset the temperature or C or F settings or reset the water filter on the touch panel. That is usually the issue when the fridge and freezer work for awhile and a short time later fails to cool. The evaporator drain pan is likely to be clogged. Shutting off the power by mistake may have thrown off the timing. It has quit working.. Repairing the compressor in the refrigerator usually involves the replacement of the start device and/or overload on the motor. when i stick my ear to the door i hear a very low vibrating noise like it was cooling… but nothing. I got my meter and tested power when the unit was on and the compressor was not running. To check to see if you have dirty condenser coils, unplug the power cord, get behind your refrigerator and remove the small panel at the bottom of the fridge. Replaced the Overload that plugs into the compressor. I turn them right up but again, after a day or two, the fridge and freezer are nowhere near cool enough and the compressor is extremely hot to the touch. Air is blowing from the vents in each side but it isn’t cold. Check all these things and get back to us. Yes the lights are on when its not cooloing.. No fans running at all.. My freezer just started crystallizing everything a day or two ago. If fan is not working, the fridge won’t cool… Replace it and you should be good to go. That I needed a new compressor and it would cost me $800. Starting to think we may need freon? Deborah, The compressor is not always running. Compressor could be on the fritz. Research your particular refrigerator and look for airflow obstruction and routing issues. can you tell me what that means? Almost like it was off balance and causing a buzz. It stopped cooling for a week and had temperatures of 65 degrees for six days. -RR. Just the lights are out? Will need to troubleshoot with a multi-meter. My LG french door refrigerator freezer on the bottom stopped freezing yesterday. Maybe they just need a bigger freezer? Fortunately, you can install some of the best RV refrigerator fans to keep your refrigerator from overheating as well as your drinks. -RR. I do hear a clicking noise when I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Thanks again! Iggy, -RR. Yes. No fans no compressor at all? Did you defrost it because of the issue and now it is doing the same thing or did the manual defrost cause this? -RR. -RR. The Fan in the Freezer Compartment of the Fridge Is Not Working. Have I an issue with my defrost system? You may also have a compressor issue. Evaporator is clear of ice and the heater tests continuous. Compressor seams to be working/cycling on and off…Not short cycling. several hours later, we realized the freezer isn’t freezing water at all despite adjusting thermostat to max (can’t make ice-cubes). Fans are running? Dryer Will Not Start – How To Troubleshoot And Fix? The refrigerator part that starts the compressor is the capacitor/relay. Closed it back up.. Is it normal for a new compressor to go on about 17-18 hours per day? Compressor runs really hot to the touch. 1. We did pull it out and vacuum in and under. Everything seems to be working until my freezer stopped freezing but it still cool. I let it sit in the sun to melt all the ice away. Thanks so much, Jesse Bunch, The compressor is slightly warm to touch but makes no noise. Did the storm knock out the power? Is the fan in the freezer section spinning at times? Fred, Let us know what you find. -RR. A new fan is a few dollars on Amazon. God Bless you for being kind enough to help folks like me! Where abouts are the coils, I could not find them. -RR. So I have a samsung, bottom freezer, it started making this really loud humming sound and the only way it went off was when I open the fridge now I don’t hear a single sound but my fridge is no longer cold and the freezer is still working just fine..and top of that, the temp light for the fridge keeps blinking whereas the freezer one is you have any suggestions as to what the problem might be? My kitchenaid refrigerator/freezer ksss48qjx00 will cool for 2 days and then gets too warm. Noisy Microwave Oven – What Parts To Check – How To Fix? -RR. Would that bad connection cause the refrigerator not to work? Could that mean something else? Here is a page with the parts for your Sears (Kenmore) Refrigerator that you may need. -RR, I have a Whirlpool WH31S1E Compact refrigerator/freezer. We would love to repair it instead of buying a new one if possible. I will ask around to see about a multimeter.. Are you in the area? I have a Frigidaire all fridge upright model about 7 yrs. It could be the Evaporator Fan Motor. Patricia Dumatrait, Have you unplugged it and plug back in to see if you can reset?? So we cannot work out why the water is not dispensing. The best deal would have been a scratch and dent. COMPRESSOR NOT STARTING – BAD RELAY – REPLACE RELAY We tried the power freeze, with no luck. I have a question for you and any insight would be much appreciated. Is that possible? If there is no voltage (power) going into the relay, then you need to assume that the next component along the wiring is bad or faulty. It did the same thing again even with the water off. What does that mean? I try to defrost some times. the freezer and fridge are appropriately cold; the motor runs constantly, the perimeter of the freezer and fridge door opening area are ALWAYS very warm as if the defroster is always on. IF you are still having issues, please let us know and we will be happy to assist further troubleshooting. This type of frost buildup usually tells you there is a problem with the self defrosting system. What is the model number? -RR. I can feel blowing air in the freezer rear. It has been cleaned out from top to bottom, what now? Let us know if that solves your issue. Have a whirlpool fridge, about 15 years old, the tubes coming off of the compressor have a lot of ice build up on them, what is this a sign of? Are the wires all connected down near the compressor? What do I do to try to troubleshoot and would new frig be best alternative? I just noticed that both the freezer and fridge are not cooling down. I noticed the fridge door sensor wasn’t working properly so rehung the door and that fixed that. Yes I have a digital mutlimeter. Dear Joan i have the same problem , tecknecian has changed the fan 2 night before but still Fridg temperture is 16 c !! I have an LG French door style refrigerator. The light and the fan are running. The freezer side is cold and everything in it is frozen as it should be. Check the back to be sure the relay is working and is kicking on the compressor. If this fan fails, you’ll likely be stuck with a warm refrigerator. While every where I read it is suggested that the refrigerant is usually not a cause of refrigerator problems, but in this case it seems to be the only item remaining to be checked. He is putting in a new compressor not rebuilt. If the condenser coils are dirty, the compressor will overheat and will cut off on the overload. Either that your timer which may be a circuit board control needs to be replaced. Is this the high pitch noise other sites talk about when the compressor is bad and needs replaced? What little bit of ice had been made has since melted. Maria, Shortly before he left, he heard the clicking sound and rechecked everything again. If a component in the self defrosting system is defective, the refrigerator keeps trying to cool. However, have you checked to see if there is a small relay that works in conjunction with the capacitor? This will prevent cooling to the freezer and fridge section can still work. How To Fix A Squeaking Pedestal On A Front Load Washing Machine. I have an older fridge with manual defrost. 8. If the timer\board is good the thermostat or heater assembly is bad and will not open circuit when iced up so no defrost no air circulation no fridge side cooling. How To Fix A Slow Remote Control With A Cable Box? He said it was a bad compressor. What is the model number of your Samsung? -RR, Thank you for your quick reply! -RR. Any ideas? Do some more troubleshooting and see what you can come up with. -RR. It may have iced up or the damper motor/sensor failed. The fan does comes on and the temperature won’t go lower than 50 for freezer and 62 for refrigerator. Now we have -22C in the freezer but 10C in the fridge. Condenser fan motor not working . I have a Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator Model FFHB2740PS bought December 2013. Avais, The compressor was making a low “clunk” noise it shut off. What would cause such a thing? It’s a GE GSS25JEMD BB. -RR, Thank you RR -RR. Model FFHT2117LS, Jay, – My White Work Shirts Have A Yellowed Color. Recently I noticed the temperature on both the left and right sides begin to climb slowly until the refrigerator cools no more. Lisa, Can you give us the model number of the refrigerator and answer the questions we asked to better assist you? My husband’s brother works in the refrigeration department at Whirlpool on the software side of things (he didn’t even know what the problem could be) and even with a VIP discount, there’s not much of a deal to be had having a family member working there. Anu, Did this issue arise after you cleaned the fridge? How much time passes before the fridge and freezer rise in temp? Is the problem with compressor or defrost cycle timer or clogged water line? -RR. Ray, Allen, We have not checked relays. – Compressor is very hot, condenser fan working, evaporator fan not working. Replaced by repairman then did not cool enough. So What should be the probable cause…? I removed the fan that brings cold air from the freezer compartment into the Fridge compartment and tested it. Since then I’ve heard a noise from the fridge when I open it like a fan kicking off. PartRobot, Frozen or partially frozen lines can cause a blockage.