hace 1 década. I was finally able to clean her tank this morning. If you're interested, you can check out my other blogs here. Male and Female Average Size. However ball pythons are not malicious and there will always be a reason for a bite. IT HURT! At least when it comes to human adults and children . But there are some risks you should know about. Instead, ball pythons are beginner-friendly snake pets that you should never be afraid of. Younger ball pythons may be more prone to biting, but even this is unusual. While ball pythons do not typically bite, lunge or act aggressively this does not necessarily mean that they are not willing or able to defend themselves. It’s not a silly question at all. I cautiously placed her back in her tank and she is now curled up in her log quite content. These snakes are not big enough to … Thanks for pointing out the typo! If you’re having difficulty getting a ball python off your hand or finger because it won’t let go, you can place the snake into some cold water, and it will almost immediately release itself. Needless to say, he got dinner and a snack that day…i dont want a hungry snake on my hands…er, feet (wink)! The great thing is ball pythons aren’t venomous, so you are not in too much danger. Not much. It’s highly unlikely. If you yank a Ball Python off of you, it will make the bite much worse and cause you more pain because you’ll likely rip more of your skin off by doing so. She no longer curled up in her log but was constantly moving around the tank inspecting the top. Even so, younger ball pythons are more capable of biting than their adult counterparts. I can add one other circumstance under which a normally docile ball python might become aggressive. In all honesty a ball pythons bite does not hurt to much. Started My Pet Python way back when I first adopted Havana, an adult female and my first real pet. Fortunately, this kind of thing can be easily avoided. Honestly, not much. In order to avoid being bitten in the future, be sure to adjust your behaviour the next time you try to handle the ball python. I don’t know, maybe this is sort of a silly question. This more likely happens if they are young, inexperienced, and happen to be quite hungry. Royal/Ball pythons are a very docile species of snake that rarely bite. Does My Corn Snake Need A Heat Lamp on Its Cage? Most of the bites reported by breeders come from hatchlings, babies, and juveniles. They usually will roll up into a tight ball hiding their head when scared/threatened. The snake belonged to a neighbor. Reasons for Ball Python Bites. The simple answer to this is yes. Snake Care Tip: Cover the Screen Lid of a Glass Cage, Where to Buy Feeder Mealworms for Reptile Food. A pet ball python isn't capable of killing a human, but it can injure people with a bite. Just like every once in a while you’ll come across a person with an extremely sour attitude, every once in a while you may come across a ball python with a terribly vicious personality. How painful can the bite be? Everyone knows that snake fangs are an impressive sight!. Can a ball python kill a human? Ball pythons lose teeth quite frequently, and they do grow back with time. I created My Pet Python when I first adopted my pet snake: an adult ball python named Havana. This is why it’s a good idea to use tongs to put the ball python’s food into the enclosure. Yes, ball pythons can bite. All pythons are non-venomous, and most of them pose no threat to humans. Now let’s get to your question. This type of behavior can be worked out over time. So I commend you on that. I hope this answers your question, and I wish you all the best if and when you decide to bring a ball python into your home. This is because they are non-venomous, constricting snakes. This kind of aggressive behavior may decrease over time with proper handling, but there is always some risk of an aggressive snake. When i sat up he pushed his teeth in further, which told me he wasnt letting go. Have you ever wondered what you should do if a snake bites you? It occasionally happens if the circumstances are just right. She has always been a good eater but even after eating she continued to be restless and she became aggressive towards me! I dropped a small hand towel on her head, which caused her to ball, so I could move her to rest at the bottom of a tall empty garbage can while I cleaned her tank. Hello, I enjoyed reading your article. They have teeth that are more than capable of biting down on you. Filed Under: Ball Python Pet Care, Choosing Your Pet Python, Environment, Handling, Snake Facts. During their hunting process, ball pythons won’t bite their prey first. It's very rare that pythons kill humans, but not unheard of. But there is always a chance you will end up with an aggressive snake. If you have recently cooked with with meat, chicken stock, chicken broth, or anything else of that nature, you may still smell like the meat that you handled. They do not have venom. The Reticulated Pythons is also docile, but due to its size, it is more dangerous. Yes, ball pythons do bite. So we’ve address your first question, can a ball python kill a human? It may hurt a bit, but if you wash it off you'll be fine. P.s. Ball pythons are defensive and vulnerable while they are feeding, so it is best to … African rock pythons and reticulated pythons fall into this category. (2) A baby might be unable to simply remove the snake from its neck, as an older child or an adult would do. Finally, a ball python will almost always try to defend its food from competition, so sticking your hand into a cage when your ball python is getting ready to feed is not a good idea. The bite of a ball python should really not hurt very much, although it can of course cause bleeding if it pierces through the skin. If you’re asking if a ball python can kill a human by constricting, then the answer is no. While a pet ball python might not be able to kill you, it can certainly cause injury with a bite. In other circumstances, if the ball python was recently frightened, by say a shake or a thud, he or she may have been put on edge, causing him or her to strike at you when you try getting near. This is usually down to fear, threat or intimidation, all of which can be controlled to stop a bite from happening in the first place. Ball pythons bite rarely. Differences Between Male and Female Ball Pythons, On Varying Opinions in the Ball Python Community. Finally, if you’ve recently actually handled the snake’s food, and try putting your hands into the ball python’s enclosure, even if it’s just to drop in the meal, the snake may try to bite your hand. My advice is to purchase a healthy baby or yearling, so you can shape its behavior as it grows older. Thus, they are not dangerous. Ball pythons are relatively small snakes, and the wounds their bites cause are usually very minor. I woke up with the toe next to my big toe, index toe, in his mouth. Although overall, ball pythons are extremely docile creatures that are rarely ever aggressive, there are a few here and there that have particularly bad temperaments. All of these are valid questions for a new snake owner, a long time snake owner, someone who just had kids or friends move into his home where his pet may be housed or just someone wondering. To be more specific, it kind of depends on how you react. I suspect she will no longer be aggressive. It’s important to try to identify the cause for why a snake may have bitten, especially when such behaviour happens repeatedly. Ball pythons have small inward-sloped teeth. Asked by Wiki User. Ball Pythons are known to latch on when they bite. Can I use aspen shavings as a ball python substrate / bedding? If the ball python loses a tooth when biting, don’t worry, it’s nothing to be concerned about. Does It Hurt And Can It Be Stopped. Ball pythons are often feel both uncomfortable and uneasy when they’re in the process of getting ready to shed, so if you can tell that your ball python is gearing up for a shed, this may be why he or she is being more defensive than usual. Once a ball python reaches adults age, which can happen within a couple of years, it’s much harder to change its behavior and “personality.” With regular handling, baby ball pythons tend to grow into docile animals. If a ball python smells the food on your skin, they are very likely to mistaken your hand or arm for food, causing them to strike at you. Usually, the number one reason the keeps people from getting a pet snake is the fact that snakes can bite. Apparently it escaped its enclosure and eventually found its way into the baby’s crib. But not without warning. Not for you or the snake. Can you feed your snake when you have them in your hand? Actually, the threat of bacterial infection applies to a wide variety of pets, including dogs, cats, rodents and birds. If you’re asking if a ball python can kill a human by constricting, then the answer is no. Their bites are usually the last resort for a snake that feels threatened, whether the human intentionally invades a snake’s space or not. Ball pythons will only bite on occasions they feel very threatened. While it’s rare, there have been cases of these snakes attacking and killing their owners (or some innocent bystander like a child). 23 24 25. I believe you mean to say “and he or she has never been the vicious ( not viscous) type before, its safe to say you can rule this cause out” unless, of course, you are talking about a very thick, syrupy python. my gf is scared to touch him what are the chances of getting bit? A ball python does not usually bite the handler. No, they are considered incapable of killing a human child or adult through constriction. Most captive bred animals (like ball pythons) are born with human interaction from day one, so they are accustomed towards being handled most of … Their bites are thought to be incredibly painful or even deadly. Ball pythons are often feel both uncomfortable and uneasy when theyre in the process of getting ready to shed, so if you can tell that your ball python is g… Posted: (3 months ago) Does a ball pythons bite hurt. Its important to keep in mind is that pythons do … So let’s talk about those. These snakes are considered to be too small to kill an adult human. These snakes are not big enough to encircle and constrict a grown human. Unless you really antagonise them. I am researching on ball pythons in hope that I will eventually be able to own one. Brandon has more than 20 years of experience keeping a wide variety of snakes. These larger species can easily grow beyond 12 feet (in the case of rock pythons), or in excess of 20 feet for reticulated. If you pick them up the wrong way or try to hold them in a manner they dislike, they may also try to strike at you. But getting back to your number-one question. Snakes do not bite humans unprovoked. It’s really not a good idea to do that. But there are some other risks associated with these animals. I wore gloves to move her, as she tried to strike at me. But if it had wrapped around the child’s neck for some reason, it could’ve cut off his airway by constricting. I’ve had Monty over 20 years so imagine my surprise when she became aggressive recently. The easiest way to do so is by buying one or more of the fixtures discussed earlier, but instead of using a heat lamp bulb, use compact fluorescent bulbs instead. While I don’t think it has ever happened, I believe it’s possible for an adult-sized ball python to kill a human baby. Do ball pythons bite? It only bites when the snake feels any king of threat from the person. In contrast, an adult ball python will only grow to about 3.5 – 4 feet, on average. They are simply too small to pose such a threat (with the possible exception of human infants). All pythons are constrictors by nature and they kill by squeezing their prey until it dies. Ball pythons can bite but they don’t usually attack humans. However, dogs, cats, parakeets, and hamsters, etc, etc ALL bite! Here we share how we change the behavior of ball pythons that want to strike, and how we pick them up. The short answer is yes, they can and do occasionally bite. There are some python species that are capable of killing a human — even an adult human. He's the author of the ball python care guide as well as the horror-thriller novel Purgatory. Are there any other risks we should know about?”. Even though ball pythons do not require special lighting, many keepers like to provide enclosure lighting to make the habitat and animal look their best. If you’ve recently handled a pet hamster, mouse, guinea pig, or other rodent, you will also smell like food to a ball python, meaning the snake will almost certainly strike at you if you put your hand in his or her enclosure without washing the smell off first. The father came into the room and found the snake wrapped around the boy’s ankle, trying to eat his foot. Why is my corn snake soaking in his water bowl lately. And, even this is uncommon. Under these circumstances, the ball python will typically bite a finger, hold it firm, then constrict on the finger. Do Ball Pythons Bite? The site is a compilation of research I dug up: guides on proper ball python care, tips for choosing a pet python, a variety of snake facts, and many other miscellaneous snake-related articles. All rights reserved. Thankfully, that did not happen. I washed down all sides of her tank, her log, water dish and replaced the flooring. If you’re sure that you washed your hands really well and that you don’t smell like any type of snake food, the ball python has likely bit in defence due to stress. But don’t worry, the bites don’t hurt too much! So this answer comes with lots of caveats. A python may exhibit different behavior based on circumstance. © 2012–2021 My Pet Python. Do Ball Pythons Bite? . Humans often feel anxious about the thought of being bitten by a snake. That being said, if it’s your ball python that’s doing the biting, and he or she has never been the vicious type before, it’s safe to say you can rule this cause out. Hi, I'm Elise! They do not typically attack humans, but will bite and possibly constrict if they feel threatened, or mistake a hand for food. If you want to keep a member of the Pythonidae family as a pet, you might consider the more manageable ball python. It also requires much more space, effort and experience to care for it properly. No syrupy pythons here! However, they rarely ever attack humans. So it probably would’ve just let go and moved along. Do ball pythons bite? They strike quickly and then immobilize the prey but not by using venom. But it’s physically possible for two reasons: (1) An adult ball python is certainly long enough to get around a baby’s neck. In 2012, there was a story on ABC News about a baby who was attacked by a ball python just of his (the child’s) first birthday. Ok so we know our pet snake has the hardware and ability to bite but is it any real danger to us humans. However, they rarely ever attack humans. The bites are nothing that will need emergency attention. But a handful of species do grow large enough to constrict and kill their owners. Answer. My female spinner ball python decided it was hungry and rather then waiting for feeding day tomorrow it just decided it would eat my finger instead A baby ball pythons bite will not hurt much. These include the reticulated and Burmese pythons, along with a few other species. i got a balled python and i just ed it about 4 hours ago can i hold it yet or will it bite at all In this instance, the snake would have soon realized that it could not ingest the child’s leg. The reason was that I had always kept her cage very clean but when I had knee replacement surgery I wasn’t able to keep up with her cage and it had become littered with feces and spilled water from her dish had left a corner of her cage damp. do ball pythons bite ? However, a ball python’s bite is not venomous (poisonous). Ball pythons can also become easily stressed when the temperature or the humidity in their enclosure is not where it should be. Ball pythons are very docile as a species. Biting is also the snake’s best way to catch its food, and so snake bites on humans often occur due to the snake confusing a hand for a meal. The answer is YES! Plus, you can also damage your Ball Python’s teeth by yanking it off. Week after week she became more active than usual and I thought she was hungry. – Yes, ball pythons bite. My hades spends a lot of time with me, we even nap together. Of course they can bite, but they are a placid species that generally won't. Haha! Other than threat hunger is one of the important factors behind snake bites. How to Tame Down Aggressive Brazilian Rainbow Boa, How to Handle a Ball Python for the First Time. All Rights Reserved.Writing and photography by Elise Xavier. You are being diligent and responsible by researching this topic in advance, before bringing a new pet into your home. Anything with teeth can bite. Respuesta preferida. However, even before your ball python will strike a bite, it might have given you some warning signs which you didn’t notice. This is why I suggest handling a few different ball pythons before you choose which one to take home. Sometimes, you will barely even feel it. Female ball pythons will obviously be extremely aggressive when they’ve just laid eggs, as, like with most mothers, they’re hardwired to protect their young from any potential danger. Pain from a ball python bite varies based on the situation and the person being bitten. Kaphiovo. © 2019, Reptile Knowledge. Generally, their meals are small rodents. I cooked my boyfriend breakfast before work and me and hades got into bed. Learn more about My Pet Python here. The second reason a ball python may bite is because they’re feeling stressed and are trying to defend themselves, their eggs, or their food. Does a ball pythons bite hurt? Yet a ball python will release your hand as soon as he or she realizes that your hand is not food as it had suspected. Wiki User Answered . Luckily, i had a glass of water and when i wet his face he removed his teeth. I also have a cat blog, as well as blogs on a slew of other topics. Relevancia. Some ball pythons, for example, don’t like being touched on the top of the head or on the neck, and trying this repeatedly when they are obviously recoiling from your touch may get you bitten. The answer is probably not. How Big Do Ball Pythons Get? Pythons often eat primates, including monkeys, sometimes orangutans and, seldom, people. Additionally, they are fairly slender snakes when compared to their “giant” cousins like the Burmese and reticulated. In conclusion, ball pythons cannot seriously harm humans. And good on you for doing your research before getting a new pet! However, the chance of a ball python biting you is very uncommon. Respuesta Guardar. The third reason ball pythons may bite is because they have mistaken a hand for food. So we’re talking about two different classes of snakes. But don’t worry, it is usually not a big deal – especially for those who keep ball pythons. What can trigger them to even bite in the first place? But there is a remote chance they could kill an infant or young child — at least theoretically. © 2020, Brandon Cornett | All rights reserved, Reader question: “I want to get a ball python for a pet, but I am concerned about safety. A lot of owners are nervous that their pet snake may eventually bite them. That means they squeeze their prey. Babies are another story. Individual ball pythons can be aggressive and attempt to bite their owners. There are three overarching reasons for a ball python biting or attempting to bite a human: temperament, stress, and mistaking a hand for food. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases; learn more here. The simple fact is that there has never been a single documented case of a ball python attacking and killing a human. If you keep your ball python’s cage clean, and always wash your hands after handling the snake or the cage, you can virtually eliminate the risk of salmonella and other bacterial infections. Ball pythons, Corn snakes and California kingsnakes are nearly always well behaved. Do ball pythons bites hurt? Top Answer. Most of the time, ball pythons, specifically, are not harmful to humans. Generally speaking, these are fairly docile snakes that tend to curl up and hide their heads when they feel threatened. An adult ball python bite will hurt a little more, nothing worse than a dog or cat bite. It is why they make such awesome pets, known not to bite. The second reason a ball python may bite is because theyre feeling stressed and are trying to defend themselves, their eggs, or their food. What does happen when a ball python bites you? Love reptiles, especially ball pythons - I think they're some of the coolest & most stunning pets around! He was due for a feeding and ge was snifging around in thw air as i was falling asleep. Your email address will not be published. My toe must have twitched, etc and hades mistook it for food. Their bites don't hurt as much as they startle you. At least none that I’m aware of. 12 respuestas. Heat Mat Thermostat Controller. I hope you and Havana are well. At least when it comes to human adults and children. The best way to avoid bites, is to avoid giving your ball python a reason to bite you. 2012-01-25 03:11:38 2012-01-25 03:11:38. they sometimes could bite people but not always. Pythons bite first and would attack a human in two ways: 1. Fortunately, Dad was able to remove the snake before any serious harm occurred. Let me start with the short answer. But can a ball python kill a child or an adult human? Even so, younger ball pythons are more capable of biting than their adult counterparts. The first thing they do is wrap their bodies around the prey and squeeze. I wanted a place to share all the tips & advice I dug up while I was researching pet care, hoping the research I did could help others along the way. But there are exceptions to this general “rule.” Some ball pythons are aggressive and will bite their keepers if given the chance. Can a Ball Python Kill an Adult Human or a Child? Yes, ball pythons can bite. I have two young children in my house, and I want to make sure the ball python cannot harm them. Their instinct is to curl up in a ball when threatened. They don’t usually get big enough to even be a threat. there is a typo in your article. Under very rare circumstances, ball pythons may truly believe a part of your hand is food, and therefore may refuse to release their grasp on your hand. Although they are typically calm and don’t show temperament, they can bite while eating or if they feel agitated. Can pythons bite? We’ve all seen horror movies with giant serpents and venomous killers. I still remember my very first bite. Do ball pythons bite humans? Balls have very small teeth, and are constrictors. Salmonella and other bacterial infections are also a potential risk when keeping snakes.