Dum Dums lollipop "Mystery Flavor" A Dum Dum Pop (or Dum Dum) is a sphere-shaped lollipop named by I.C. Dum Dums - 765 Followers, 12 Following, 748 pins | Official Pinterest account of Dum Dum Pops®, the classic, all American lollipop, a favorite since 1924 with 16 fun flavors plus its signature Mystery Flavor… try dum dums® candy canes! As a kid, they were one of my favorite Features Spangler's favorites from its lineup, plus the candy maker's famous Mystery Flavor. flavors: blu raspberry, cherry, watermelon size: 12 candy canes (5.3oz/150g net wt.) We finally have an answer. Add to … Dum Dums are sphere-shaped lollipops named by I. C. Bahr, a sales manager at the Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio, in 1924. Jolly Rancher Assorted Hard Candy 198g. And I found a flavor timeline: 1924 Dum Dum Pops® were invented in 1924. Back in 2015, the company did release special bags of bacon, buttered popcorn and pizza flavors, all in mystery-label wrappers. Great for sharing with the whole office. What is Mystery Flavor? Dum Dums®, the classic all-American lollipop, has been a favorite amongst both children and adults since 1924. This item DUM DUMS Lollipops, Variety Flavor Mix, 300 Count Bag. Find an old favorite or discover a new one in the seemingly endless variety of tasty flavors. What was the first Dum Dum flavor? Dum Dums come in a lot of different flavors. Every color of these gluten-free, major allergen free and kosher certifed Original Pops taste mouth-wateringly delicious every time. Bahr, a Sales Manager at the Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio, in 1924. These old fashioned lollipops come in 16 flavours and also include a mystery flavour! 41 Dum Dum Flavors 1924Dum Dums® are a popular American lollipop, invented in 1924. Dum-Dums are made by Spangler, a family company making family treats since 1906. Ever since 1960, flavors were dropped and other flavors introduced, or re-introduced, on a yearly basis. I first discovered their existence on Instagram and the poster claimed they found them at Dollar Tree. Each individually wrapped Dum Dums pop offers an irresistible any time treat customers ask for by name. these colorful candy canes come direct from the flavor champs to sweeten those stockings & make ya smile. What was the first Dum Dum flavor? Dum-Dums come in a wide variety of flavors, so everyone can find their favorites! There are actually two ways they make that flavor, one is when they change flavors on the line, as they make dum dums all the time (to the tune of 8 million a day). There were 7 original flavors: lemon, lime, orange, coconut-pineapple, cherry, grape, and butterscotch. Flavors Strawberry (10) Sour Apple (8) Crme Soda (1) Collection Bonnie Marcus (2) Top of Page. Dum Dums are spherical lollipops made in 16 flavors with new flavors rotating into the mix every so often. Started in 1924, Dum Dums lollipops was acquired from Akron Candy Co. by Spangler Candy Co. in 1953. Dum Dum Pops 113g 4oz. Dum Dums originated from Akron Candy Company in Bellevue, Ohio, in 1924. This was a marketing idea that made the production process run more smoothly and made eating Dum Dums … We looked, but had no luck. As you eat your way through your Halloween candy stash, you might stumble onto a few Dum Dums, those ubiquitous little lollipops that have been around since 1924. In 1953, the Dum Dum Pop was purchased by the Spangler Candy Company and moved manufacturing to Bryan, Ohio. BLUE T PAINTER LOLLY 150X5P #1 Best Seller Chupa Chups The Best of x100 Lollipops. 1953 Dum Dum Pops were purchased by Spangler Candy in 1953. Back then, the original flavors were Lemon, Lime, Orange, Coconut-Pineapple, Cherry, Grape, and Butterscotch. Initially, there were 7 flavors: lemon, lime, orange, coconut-pineapple, cherry, grape, and butterscotch. Dum Dums Holiday Pops Ranked By Flavor Back in October, while looking through Christmas items at a store (the name of which currently escapes me), I found something I wasn't expecting: Dum Dums Holiday Pops. 1954 9th flavor was added - strawberry. With 16 sweet satisfying flavors, Dum Dums are the treat that offices can bank on. Celebrate any holiday, party, or special event with one of the most versatile candy around. Cherry cola? Quick View Personalized Christmas Wonderful Time Dum Dums with Gift Tag (75 pops) As low as $12.99 ea. These famous pops have a long history of helping us to find the fun and playful side of daily life! The history of Dum Dum Pops reveals that there has not been a dull moment in the factory. love dum dums® lollipops? Vidal Tongue Painter 150 Lollies. ", followed by 694 people on Pinterest. I work for the Spangler Candy Co., who makes Dum Dum pops. With an assortment of 16 flavors and one Mystery Flavor, Dum Dums are a goody that everyone is sure to gobble up. One 300-count Dum Dums bag is the perfect filling to the candy dish at the reception desk or hostess stand. Dum-Dums Original Pops has been loved for over 100 years! Staples.com: Dum-Dums® Lollipops, Assorted Flavors, 300/Pk with fast and free shipping on select orders. See more ideas about dum dums, dum dums lollipops, candy store. And when our favorite sweets are mounted on a stick, it's a beautiful thing. Akron Candy Company invented these sugary treats in 1924. You can find 9-10 of the original flavors in the Dum Dum Pops assortment at all times, while 2-3 new flavors rotate into the assortment each year. Parents and teachers know that Dum-Dums® are essential when you're on the road, at home or in the classroom. Flavors include: Blueberry, Blu Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Butterscotch, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Cream Soda, Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon-lime, Orange, Peach-mango, Root Beer, Sour Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon and Mystery Flavor Colors and flavors may vary Approximately 75 pieces per pound So, I searched some more, using hashtags to my advantage, and … Apr 4, 2017 - Explore Dum Dums's board "Dum Dums//ONLINE! The simple hard candy sucker on a stick comes in an assortment of 16 fun flavors and colors. Holiday Dum Dums Lollipops are new for 2013 and I'm so happy I found them. Dum Dums originated from Akron Candy Company in … It's up to Dum Dums fans to guess the flavor of these mysterious pops." Dum Dums’ mystery flavor, which is indicated with a purple wrapper covered in question marks, is not a surprise fruit flavor, but really just a genius idea born out of a candy company’s need to save time and maximize profits. Bulk Lollipops & Lollipop Sucker Candy. Item # 919330 : … Red; View Details. Spangler (1) Bag Dum-Dums Pops - Up To 8 Assorted Limited Edition Flavors - Holiday Lollipops - Free of Major Allergens - Net Wt. Dum Dums lollipops with 16 famous flavors have made people all over the world smile for generations. 16 assorted flavors Nostalgic lollipop favorite Individually wrapped lollipops Spangler® Dum Dums® lollipops are an all time favorite candy, enjoyed by generation after generation. And maybe you’ll even have a Mystery Flavor pop, its wrapper covered in question marks — is it pineapple-banana? 1953 8th flavor was added - root beer. Buy Dum-Dums Assorted Flavors Original Pops, 50 Oz., 300 Count at Walmart.com Another Factoid about Dum Dums Mystery flavor. Dum Dums Fabulous Flavors. Product Details. I.C. Bahr, the early sales manager of the company, named them, thinking "Dum Dums" was a phrase any child could say. I knew they were around a long time, but recently learned they've been around since 1924 from the Akron Candy Company and were bought by the Spangler Candy Company (Think candy canes and circus peanuts marshmallow candy) in 1953. Green. Over the years, a number of flavors rotated in and out. new! They are famous for their “Mystery Flavor” which is the result of the end of one batch mixing with the next batch, rather than stopping production to clean machines in between flavors. dum dums® original pops are simply the best. 10.4 oz 4.4 out of 5 stars 36 $8.20 With 16 fun flavors to choose from, plus its signature Mystery Flavor™, these nostalgic lollipops are ideal for all ages. Find your favourite flavour and help your candy-loving customers find theirs with the goodness of Dum-Dums Original Pops! Some Dum Dums have wrappers with question marks where the flavor is normally printed. includes 2 new hawaiian punch® flavors!! In 1953, Dum Dums were purchased by the Spangler Candy Company and moved manufacturing to Bryan, Ohio. Offer a sweet treat to thank staff and clients with these bags of 200 Dum Dums lollipops in assorted favorite flavors. Everyone loves candy. In 1953, the Dum Dum Pop was purchased by the Spangler Candy Company. With a variety of delectable flavors, this Dum Dums pops bag, which contains a pack of 300 lollipops, will keep them coming back for more. With 16 flavors plus the iconic Mystery Flavor, there is something for grandparents and grandkids alike! Product description. Dum-Dums can also add a pop of color and flavor to your next party. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. Initially, there were 7 flavors: lemon, lime, orange, coconut-pineapple, cherry, grape, and butterscotch. Some of life’s mysteries can’t be explained, but the mystery behind Dum Dums’ mystery flavor ― and why it’s so hard to pinpoint ― has finally been solved. In 1953, Dum Dums were purchased by the Spangler Candy Company and moved manufacturing to Bryan, Ohio. 10 or more different flavors in each bag of Dum Dums pops. Place a bowl of Dum Dum lollipops at the reception desk or in the break room for a little treat during the workday. In 1953, Dum Dums were purchased by the Spangler Candy Company and moved manufacturing to Bryan, Ohio. with soo many awesome flavors, this big bag is a halloween candy dream come true! Rightfully called "Mega Pops," these huge lollipops are actually just oversized for show and are full of 10 of the typical (actually edible) Dum-Dums in assorted flavors. Product description. ... Personalized Christmas Once Upon a Holiday Dum Dums with Gift Tag (75 pops) As low as $12.99 ea.