Page 1. Thanks for using the guide! On top of the adventure questing strategy we mentioned before which can also be done by your third character there are still plenty of ways that both extra characters can contribute to your main character’s progress. The elemental protection on this is all around great and makes it the de facto standard shield. Low chance of casting Level 3 Drain Life when hit. ATK +1%, MATK +1%, MaxHP -2%. STR+2, DEX+1, MaxHP +150. If your boots are at +6/7, Ifodes Card will be stronger. Awakening or Berserk Potions should be used to cap your ASPD if it isn't already, and definitely consume Box of Resentment for the attack bonus. If for some reason, your main character is struggling to earn 100 points on daily activities to earn that much sought after Big Cat Voucher I, then you can easily compensate for this by having any of your characters earn the remaining points through daily missions. When physically attacking, (0.3 * refine level)% chance to transform into Eddga and gain ATK +(25 * refine level) and lose 5 SP per second for 3 seconds. It's a very nice boost to have! At the safe refine level it has the highest damage modifier for the upper headgear slot for Axe Boomerang. Also minor, so much less of a priority. Ragnarok Mobile Guide Chinese & Sea Server Today at 7:17 PM Ragnarok M Eternal Love : Intro and 18 things you need to know in Ep ... isode 7.0 ( 2 ภาษางับ ) . Spear type weapons are required. ASPD +6%. For 10~50 seconds, weapon size modifiers are all set to 100% for yourself and party members. Note that this will change (potentially heavily) depending on your play style, how co-ordinated you are with your team and who you're facing. This can be enchanted or re-enchanted once per day by doing Thorn's quest [1], keeping in mind he only does one a day. +30% damage against Demon race and Undead race enemies. This and the DEX Supplement Equipment are the first two armour pieces I would aim to buy as an Axe Mechanic build. Endless Tower runs, Rift Sealing, and Arena Coin earning activities can also be engaged in by your alt character and the rewards you can grab from here will make it a lot easier for you main character to progress. If you decide to have your original high level character use it again, it will adjust to its original level. Then the rest falls in whatever order is most convenient. Now that all Blacksmith and Whitesmith buffs are available in Madogear, EVERY build should always be riding Madogear as there are no longer any downsides (except maybe aesthetically). Most PVM situations can do without it, but it does still increase your DPS a bit if it triggers the DEF fall. Latest downloads from CANON in Printer / Scanner. This is where we wrap up our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love ultimate guide and hope you still found more than the usual tips and strategies to further advance your characters in the game. If you are under Safety Wall and have Neutral Barrier active, you're temporarily invulnerable to physical attacks, so the only thing left to block is magic. Neutral. You can't be caught with a poor man's wheelbarrow, you need style. Power Swing builds work the best when Axe Boomerang is powered up alongside of it, so you'll need to strike a balance between melee and ranged power ups. 450 ATK. The standard footgear card for survivability. When wielding a mace, increase ATK by 4~40 and HIT by 2~20. Repair - OPTIONAL: power heal since ABs will not be able to do that for you. If refine level >= 7, ATK +5, MATK +5. There are no better options. Against MVPs and mobs with shadow attacks (i.e., any MVP that uses Grand Cross of Darkness like Amdarais, Celestial Tendrillion [Dark], etc. DEF +20. Class : Cannonball Attack Strength : 100 Weight : 1 Property : None. Browse the Ragnarok Mobile cards, card price, card crafting. Axe Mechanics aren't able to offer anything aside from occasional one-shots with a super over upgraded Vellum Guillotine Axe Boomerang. Ragnarok Online en Español. If you're levelling as a Madogear build, this is a nice stepping stone for ranged AoE if enemies resist Flame Launcher. If the pet’s level is equal to or lower than the alt character, then there’s no need to worry. It will vary greatly by preference, but generally this is how to prioritize: Slot in Dark Pinguicula Card / Duneyrr Card / Essence of Evil STR3 / Essence of Evil DEX3. I'm not going to bother covering the forging skills. Variable cast time -3%. Get as many copies as you can of this weapon so you have one for every purpose. They last for 30 minutes. MDEF +1. Remember as well that these challenges reset every week at the same time as any weekly resets do so be sure to take note of the challenges and push through completing more especially on weekends. Also look how cute you are. To begin the quest, simply visit your Guild Hall and talk to the Orloum Valkyrie on the upper left side of the map. The convenience farm option, when you don't want to carry Fly Wings anymore. Boxes acquired by Wolfchev's Laboratory and Malangdo Culvert, and dropped by select monsters in Bio Labs 3, Bio Labs 4, Hall of Abyss guild dungeons. With a Lockstep Card, this lets you overpower the Pile Bunker P when using Arm Cannon. As each drop's worth is volatile, I've included market links for each of them so you can see for yourself if the card is still worth using. Once you start to join War of Emperium, you should work toward upgrading your Gentleman's Pipe into this. Potentially combine with Magma Eruption for your opening strike. For other elements, like Dark, there's Bathory. INT to whatever it needs to be to attain 0 VCT. With enchants, opt for high DEX bonuses. Slot in Hodremlin Card or Alice Card depending on what you're facing, or Khalitzburg Knight Card if you're using White Knight Card on your weapon. For skill levels 3~5, enemies outside of 5x5 but within 7x7 will receive only 75% of the damage. Passive skill. 2 [Fatal Wound]. Being a level 3 weapon, it will have less ATK bonus compared to the level 4 weapon options when over-upgraded. Madogear type builds are the only real option in PVP. But i am wondering what the best stat build would be, Btw i have 2,014 kagune and 505 durability since i'm planning to become a glass cannon, But i noticed that i am too glassy If you ever meet a Soul Linker who knows the Blacksmith Spirit link, you'll definitely want to keep this buff active on the party. You'll need to combine it with more delay reduction gear to get proper mileage. Melee builds can also do nothing else but apply single target melee pressure and the low range means you are at high risk of getting trapped and killed. This is practically handed out on many boots. Repair broken equipment back to a usable state using metal items in your inventory. ATK +15. About me: Mechanic is one of my favourite classes thematically. However, Mechanics are able to refine weapons with a higher success rate than using the NPC with regular ores like Oridecon, which can save you a fair bit of money. If you've extra points, why not? Take note that some random players may issue challenges to you too so be careful not to accept challenges as it will take the process much longer to complete. Passively increase DEF by 40~100, whether you're in a Madogear or not. Better for PVP, swap something like this on to mess with your opponents. Should give you more of an offensive bonus over Diabolus Armor. Double Reinforced Parts Gun Barrel would be my priority, after this, a Pile Bunker. You can buy this gear from the Black Marketeer in Prontera at /navi prontera 175/137. With Behemoth at his beck and call, and his beloved twin shotguns in his grasp, not many Digimon can challenge Beelzemon and live to tell the tale. As you can see, Lv2 grants the highest DPS. Nowadays, Pendant of Maelstrom should be cheaper than a set of properly enchanted PEMs, so they're useful to have if you've been unlucky with your enchants on your PEMs. Weapon Level 3. @go prontera, head to the Main Office and job change to Merchant. Set Bonus: With Supplement Part Str, Axe Boomerang damage +100%. However, this needs very high refines to get the most Neutral resistance possible, which makes this quite expensive to use. If you are not yet at or above Lv85 after turning in the equipment quest and the two board ones, kill a few more Wraiths and Evil Druids at Glast Heim. Ragnarok is a weapon that was added in BETA stage. ! Not useful in PVM, the wide area reveal is great for PVP on the other hand. If refined to +7 or higher, CRIT +10%. Always make sure you're either ready to win or completely out of options before Self Destructing. Reduce damage from medium size and large size enemies by 5%. Combined with the wing, this gives the most skill delay reduction for the armour slot. Compared to the Crimson Two-Handed Axe, it has higher base weapon ATK and slightly more weight, but only 1 card slot. Only an option if you're using a mace, so any non-Axe build benefits here. You probably won't use it too often, but if it stuns the straggling enemies harassing your DPS or healer classes, they'll probably appreciate it. Knuckle Boost is best used to interrupt people out of skill casts. A lava field lasts for 5 seconds. OBBs are fun to gamble on, but only rarely will you get something worthwhile. MDEF +5. It helps you cast faster, but the only two skills of consequence would be Cold Slower and (of course) Self Destruction. Grab any stragglers harassing the back of the party with Axe Boomerang and either destroy them with autos, more Axe Boomerangs or Cart Termination, or lure them into the main mob for the party to deal with. Slot in Outrageous Cookie Card, upgrade to Blut Hase Card. Quest skill, so no cost to get. A full 3 percentage points in delay drop, so it's good if you're gearing for delay reduction. Gold Medals can be acquired by sacrificing rare items and contributing them to guild donations. The extra VIT for more HP is always appreciated too. On monster kill, they have a chance to drop a poisonous herb. MDEF +5. Don’t fret though because we will show you a quick and easy way to earn those coins faster than most people can and all you need is a friend or an alternate account. Crimson 2H Axe has one additional card slot against this, which will make Hurricane Fury overall weaker for skill spamming. After you get a Pile Bunker (or P or S), this becomes completely obsolete as its ATK is too low to compete. ATK +5%, MATK +5%. While in a Gramps party, keep the following in mind: Same strategies as before, run around to mob them up and Cart Revolution everything down. Outrageous Cookie has become a niche card meant only for high refined boots. Even +4 will give you a sizeable enhancement, but work hard at increasing its refine level for more power and utility. For enchants, you will want either Spell for faster cast (most likely this one) or Max HP +% for a bit more survivability and damage. For melee builds like Power Swing, Cart Termination and auto-attackers. Raydric Card, Marse Card or any of the situational defence cards mentioned in the garment section are also acceptable to keep around as swaps, depending on what you're facing. For the enchant, it's a large toss up depending on what you want your secondary role to be. Standard for PVPing, while the reductions are small, you need it to complete the WoE set bonus. The six +10 foods are: There are also +20 stat foods which stack with the above items. They can be a bit expensive, but you don't get any other cards that up your ATK as much for this slot. Lets you use the all-important Pushcart, which has 8000 weight capacity for up to 100 stacks of items. Can get stat enchants up to +5 plus a special unique enchant, Headgear Quest from Old Blacksmith in Yuno, Headgear quest from Vending Machine in Lutie, Can add unique enchants by spending Honor Tokens, Drops with a randomly chosen set of properties, +4 or higher VIT Supplement Equipment [1], +4 or higher AGI Supplement Equipment [1], +4 or higher Old Driver Band (Yellow) [1], +3/6/9/12 or higher Heart Wing Headband [1], +9 or higher Reinforced Parts - Engine [1], +4 or higher Reinforced Parts - Booster [1], +15 or higher Vicious Mind Two-handed Axe [1], Instructor Boya's Eden Equipment Quest in Payon Cave, Instructor Boya's Eden Equipment Quest in Orc Dungeon, Instructor Ur's Eden Equipment Quest in Glast Heim, If level 130 or above, additional VIT +4. You can remove the FCT entirely for Arm Cannon Lv2 and Lv3 by equipping Temporal DEX Boots at 120 base DEX. Great for targeted mob hunting, like if you only wanted to hit Succubi and Incubi in Geffenia and not bother with the other enemies. You might want to try a different build or made a mistake allocating stats and skill points. Lockstep is by far the best one to combo with. Take advantage also of BG's Box of Sunlight to remain alert of enemies beyond the range of Infrared Scan. Your progress here do not reset ever so if you fail on your last attempt, you may want to get stronger first or re-organize your team. This will be a common occurrence when playing War of Emperium, where an attacking guild will require progressive Land Protector-ing to get closer to the next objective. If refined to +9 or higher, additional ATK +5%, ranged damage +5%. Water property resistance +5%. You can provide additional damage support with Cart Termination if your build can handle some close quarters, or you can swap to an axe (e.g., overupgraded Vellum Guillotine) and provide some ranged damage support with Axe Boomerang.