There is, of course, an opportunity in appearing to be the moderate choice, the safe pair of hands. I didn't mean policies didn't matter, but whatever big projects a government wants to do there is still the general day to day running of the country. Keir Starmer is posing as the Labour Party's unity candidate, appearing prime ministerial while sticking by the party's left-wing policies. Keir Starmer has defended Labour’s Brexit policy after claims from colleagues that it was the reason for the party’s worst election defeat since 1935. F or us as students, one of the most notable of Keir Starmer’s promises was the continuation of the party’s policy to scrap tuition fees, likely made to convince those on the left of the party he did not intend to ditch Corbynism in its entirety.. by Daniel O'Donoghue January 11, 2021, 12:38 p… In that sense, these new interventions from Keir Starmer do signify an important statement as to the approach ahead. ... • End the national shame of rough sleeping and homelessness, which is a direct result of Tory policies since 2010. November 21, 2020. Starmer warned it was fuelling resentment, and the country needed a “more sustainable model.” He declined to answer directly when asked by journalists if Labour had dropped more radical Corbyn-era policies including part-nationalising BT. But if elected, he would be forced to choose between these priorities — and it's clear the left policies would lose out. Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer is reportedly facing threats of mass resignations from his frontbench if he orders MPs to support the UK government's Brexit deal.. Why has Labour failed to stand up for those most damaged by the Government's lockdown policies? Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer gets quizzed by Piers and Susanna on Labour's policies if they win December's general election. Keir Starmer Pledges – Challenge Motions – Equality. Keir Starmer's comments came at a meeting with a host of environmental groups yesterday. LONDON — Labour’s new leader Keir Starmer is on a surprisingly Trumpian mission: (Re)build the wall! Whilst Tony Blair effectively capitulated to Thatcherite pro-greed, pro-war policies, Keir Starmer does appear to have consistently opposed them throughout both his legal and political career. Sir Keir was the favourite all along to win the leadership race, and this morning finally replaced the outgoing socialist. But that isn’t because Labour has a new policy on “family values”. The so-called red wall — a collection of once-solid Labour-voting constituencies in the Midlands and north of England — was laid waste by Boris Johnson in his 2019 election victory. Even if Keir Starmer supports the measures, the … Keir Starmer addresses the Labour Party Leadership Dudley Town Hall in Dudley, England, on March 8, 2020. Starmer in particular is a fence sitting wet wipe not fit to run a garden centre. Our members have produced a number of motions for use in Branch and Constituency Labour Parties that challenge Keir Starmer to follow the pledges he made during his Leadership campaign. By Rebecca Perring PUBLISHED: 14:53, Sat, Sep 19, 2020 Economic policies Keir Starmer may use to 'win back the Red Wall' SIR Keir Starmer needs to demonstrate "economic competence" with a set of new policies if he wants to win the next general election, general secretary of Labour Leave Brendan Chilton has … Sir Keir Starmer rules out major changes to Brexit deal By Tony Diver 11 Jan 2021, 6:00am Sturgeon to fight 'nonsense' Salmond claims as pressure mounts for probe to examine lying allegations Keir Starmer has been named the new leader of the Labour Party.. And in his opening months, almost all the focus will be on coronavirus.. Sir Keir Starmer has tweeted a video, saying it is the "honour and privilege of [his] life" to be elected as the new Labour leader. All the indicators suggest that Keir Starmer will be the next leader of the Labour Party. Keir Starmer wants to unite Labour with policies that please everyone, but like Corbyn he's doomed to fail. Keir Starmer won the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn in the first round with 56.2 percent of the vote, beating rivals Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images) Keir Starmer addressed the nation on television and radio last night, offering a response to the Prime Minister’s Sunday evening broadcast.The Labour leader made clear that the party under his leadership would “always put the national interest first and have the courage to support the government where it gets things right; but challenge it where it gets things wrong”. The youth representative referred to Sir Keir's second referendum policy. Labour leader Keir Starmer has urged the government to scrap plans for council tax hikes, benefit cuts, and a pay freeze for key workers. He said Labour would work “with business” on its manifesto after its election defeat. In the meantime, Keir Starmer, one of the candidates to be Leader, has sent a letter setting out his stall. Labour leadership: Sir Keir Starmer on course to win contest in first round - YouGov poll. Boris Johnson "simply isn't up to the job", Keir Starmer shot as he claimed the prime minister's "serial incompetence" has cost lives and jobs. Northern England Labour Left (NELL) intends to hold the Party Leadership to account. image caption Sir Keir Starmer is the clear favourite among MPs. When Keir Starmer took the stage at the Labour Party’s 2020 virtual conference in September, both the world and his party were very different places than one year previously.Standing behind a podium adorned with the motto ‘a new leadership’, Starmer used his first conference speech as Labour leader to firmly distance himself from his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn. The opposition leader also used one of his first speeches on the economy to provide new lifelines to Britain’s working families, self-employed and struggling renters, homeowners and high streets. I am not blaming Labour or Starmer for the total mess we are currently in as they have extremely little power or influence. The famous policy targeted at students in the 2017 and 2019 manifesto is one of the most expensive of all Labour policies, costing £7.2 billion. Labour leadership frontrunner Sir Keir Starmer has promised to maintain the party's commitment to abolishing tuition fees, one of Jeremy Corbyn's flagship policies. "The front runners are Rebecca and Keir," she said, referring to Sir Keir Starmer, "and I think Rebecca has some of the most popular policies that we saw in the Labour manifesto and Keir had what we saw as the most disastrous policy."