Walcott Fine Art, YouTube channel by Jason Walcott. The other product reviews are also great. Sometimes multiple names are given because chemical names can be stated in different ways and can also give an indication of the manufacture method. I'll include here some of the other brands made by Nevskaya Palitra here. In Liquid Color, Denise Soden's YouTube Channel: I've been binge watching her videos ever since I first came across her channel. Fluid Colors. Automotive/transportation Coatings & Pigments (2013 PDF)  |  Pigments for General Industral paints (PDF), Pigments for powder coatings (PDF)  |  Pigments and Dispersions for Architectural coatings (PDF), Colorants for Sensitive Applications (plastics & food contact) (PDF)  |  Pigments for Printing Inks (2014 PDF). Oil Paints  |  Dry Pigments  |  List or all the pigments in their line without color swatches  |  MSDS, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors at Blick Art Materials affiliate link (Web), Williamsburg Pigments at Blick Art Materials affillite link (Web). The addition of inert pigments or other modifiers can also change the perceived transparency of a paint formulation or pigment. Triangle Coatings, Inc. offers a full line of Architectural & Decorative Paints, Oil Paints, Concrete Sealers, Industrial Maintenance Coatings, OEM Product Finishes, and Government Specification Coatings. However, it's her great color swatches that made me add her channel to this page. KREMER-made and historic Pigments - Pigments of Modern Age, Pearlescent Pigments & Glitter - Mother of Pearl & Glimmer  - Metal Powders, Daylight Fluorescent Pigments - Phosphorescent Pigments, XSL-Pigments disigned to disperse in water, treated with dispersing agents, Iwa-Enogu® - Glass Pigments - Iwa-Enogu® Mineral Pigments, Fillers & Building Materials - Solvents, Chemicals & Additives. Color Index Generic Name:   Key Top ^ Page Top^ Sinopia has one of the largest selection of high quality pigments in the United States. The following links take you to their web site where C.I. Reference the following: (ASTM D4303 - 10, These links take you to their web site where C.I. Old charts for Pre-Tested Oils Color Chart (PDF), Spec Sheet (PDF) for historical interest only. Natural earth & mineral pigment supplier based in the USA. Discontinued Products (links are for historical reference only): W&N London Watercolors (70's/early 80's) discontinued, rebranded to the Cotman line, Finity Slow Dry Acrylics discontinued Leaflet (PDF*), Artists' Soft Pastels discontinued Brochure (PDF in Dutch, w/ CI Names*), Color Chart (PDF**),  MSDS (PDF), Winsor & Newton at Blick Art Materials afflillate link (Web). Color Index Names are found by clicking the paint image. It is highly soluble in water and remains resoluble over time. HK Holbien is a Japanese maker of artist quality paints. Discontinued Paints and Pigments: PDF files are for historic reference only. Some of her swatch cards are available as scanned JPG images for free download on her patreon page, and there are high definition scans and more color charts available to her Patreons. It is assumed intelligent people will use at least ordinary care when handling all paints or pigments. CI names/numbers available on the website by selecting the color and clicking all the way down to the specific pigment. Tested by the research dept. Many of her color charts and tests are avalible free on her Patron page. d in italics next to the pigment manufacturer or art supplier code indicates a discontinued pigment or paint. Their paints are available MSDS Master Sheet (PDF)  |  All MSDS Sheets (Web)  |  The Nomenclature of Color (Web). The only really useful charts are the ones that include the color index international pigment names. Usually sold in the US under the brand names Yarka, St. Petersburg, and White Nights, and also Jack Richeson, they are high quality artist watercolors in pans & half pans. The PDFs' have colour charts with CI information, The Archival Oils line have Blue Wool Scale ratings for lightfastness, to my knowledge they are the only artist paint manufacturer that does this. Jackson's Website has CI names by clicking the color swatches :     Art Brands Top^ Supplier and manufacturer of pure mineral pigments, modern & historical pigments & other fine-art supplies. Renesans:     Art Brands Top^ Professional fast drying Alkyd paints made in the U.S.A. Scuola Semi-Professional Watercolor (PDF Old, Colonial Natural Pigments from the US (Web), 1980 Oil Colors (Websie has no CI numbers), Genesis Heat Set Oils (Colors with no CI names - Web US), GOLDEN Interference & Iridescent Acrylic Colors (Web), Fluorescent & Phosphorescent Colors (Web), QoR Modern Watercolors at Blick Art Materials, Academy® collegiate line watercolor paints (Web), Phosphorescent "Glow in the Dark" pigments (Web), Acrylic and Polyurethane Binders/Mediums (web), Yuichi Artists Oil Paint (Current E-Book), Vernét Superior Astist's Oil Paints (Web US), Artists' Transparent Watercolors (Web US), Artists' Watercolor Pans/half pans (Web US), Hobien Technical Specifications (2004 PDF), Jackson's Aqua Oil Watermixable Colour (Web), Jackson's Artist's Watercolours tubes & pans (Web), Dry Pigments & Aqua-dispersion pigments (Web), Kama’s Professional Artist Handmade Oil Colors (Web), Kama Pigments Full Web Catalog product list 2018, SOLO GOYA Finest Artists’ Oil Colors (Web**), Lascaux Sirius Primary Colours Acrylic (Web), Lascaux Sirius Primary Watercolours (web), Lascaux Crystal Interference Acrylic Colours (Web), Lascaux Perlacryl Pearlescent Acrylics (Web), Lascaux Resonance Gouache Acrylic w/ Sage Oil (Web), LEFRANC Extra Fine Artists Oil (Web French), Leroux Extra Fine Artist Oil Colors (Web French), Leroux Fine Artist Oil Colors (Web French), Leroux Etude (Student) Colors (Web French), Italian Natural Earth Oil Colors - Terre Grezze D'Italia, Addendum Pigment/Paint List (2012 PDF archive only), Mijello™ Mission Gold Watercolors (Web), Watercolor Mediums/Binders & Additives (Web), Old Holland Oil Paints, Watercolors, Acrylics & Pigments, (Full Catalog 2014 PDF for historic reference only), Huile d'Art super fine oil Color Chart (PDF), (Paint Information Studio HV & Fluid PDF), Artist Acrylic Liquid Pigmented Acrylic Ink (PDF), (Pigmented Marker Information w/ CI names PDF), Fragonard Aquarelle extra fine watercolour, (Still available as of 2018 at Blick Art -, Pigment Oil Sticks and Encaustic Paints (interactive color chart Web), Artistic Renesans Extra Soft handmade pastels (Web**), Their full catalog here (PDF in E-Book form), St. Pertersburg Yarka White Knights Extra Fine Artist's Watercolour pans (Web), Current Full Catalog on issuu.com (E-book), Rembrandt Artists’ Quality Oil Paints (Full Leaflet PDF), Rembrandt Artists’ Quality Extra Fine Watercolour Paints (Full Leaflet PDF), Rembrandt Acrylic Paint (Full Leaflet PDF), Rembrandt Artists’ Quality Extra Fine Soft and Carré Pastels (Full Leaflet PDF), Cobra Water Soluble Oils (Full Leaflet PDF), Van Gogh Watercolor Paint (Full Leaflet PDF), Van Gogh Acrylic Paint (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Expert Acrylic Paints (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylic Paint (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Acrylic Pigmented Inks (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Pigmented Markers (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Spray Paint (Full Brochure PDF), Talens Art Creation Oils (Full Leaflet PDF), Talens Art Creation Watercolours (Full Leaflet PDF), Talens Art Creation Acrylics (Full Leaflet PDF), Rembrandt Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics and Pastels at Blick Art Materials, Van Gogh Oils, Watercolors, and Pastels at Blick Art Materials, Mussini Oil Colors Finest Artist Resin Oil Color (Web ), Norma ® Professional Finest Oil Colors (Web), HORADAM ® AQUARELL Finest Artists' watercolours (Web), AKADEMIE® Aquarell Fine Artists' watercolours (Web), PRIMAcry and PRIMAcry Fluid Finest Artist Acrylic Colors (Web), AERO COLOR® Professional Liquid acrylic colours (Web), HORADAM ® Finest artists' gouache colours (Web), Finest Artists’ Calligraphy Gouache (Web), AERO COLOR® Professional Airbrush Colors (Web), Genuine Artists' Bronzes - metallic bronze and aluminium pigments (Web), College® series student Oil Paints( Web), College® series student Acrylic Paints( Web), College® series Linol litho print Inks ( Web), (Brochure all College Series w/ color charts PDF), Schmincke products at Blick Art Materials, Artist Quality Extra Fine Heavy Body Acrylics (Web), Abstract® Innovative Heavy Body Mixed Media Acryics (Web), Gouache Extra Fine & Sennelier Artists' Egg Tempera (Web), (English Brochure w/ binders & additives PDF), (Colourchart & Pigment list Brochure PDF), Sennelier products at Blick Art Materials, Schira Porcelain Paints & Powders (PDF**), Shin Han SWC Premium Extra Fine Artstists' Watercolor at Jackson's, Shin Han Special Watercolors at Jackson's, Shin Han PASS Hybred Watercolor & Gouache at Jackson's, White Knights Extra Fine Artist's Watercolour pans (Web), Sonnet Studio Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor paints (all on same page Web), Finest Quality Professional Oil Colours (Web), Finest Quality Professional Watercolours (Web), High Viscosity Professional Acrylic (Web), Finest Quality Professional Liquid Acrylics (Web), Tri-Art Professional Liquid Acrylic Pigmented Inks (Web), Utrecht Professional Artists' Oil Paint (Web), Jane Blundell's Blog (Web), Seymore (formally Pip Seymour) Artist Oil Colours (Web), Seymore (formally Pip Seymour) Watercolours (Web - Colors only**), Wallace Seymour Bespoke (custom) oil paints, Wallace Seymour Vintage Watercolours (Web**, Wallace Seymour Early Historic Watercolour Pans (Historic names only, Web**), Wallace Seymour 18th Century Watercolour Sets (Historic names only, Web**), wOil® Water Mixable Oil Paints w/ CI (Web), Bob Ross Oil Colors at Blick Art Materials, List or all the pigments in their line without color swatches, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors at Blick Art Materials, Williamsburg Pigments at Blick Art Materials, Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Paints (Web), Professional Artist Watercolour Sticks (Web), Professional Artist Acrylic Colours (Web), Special series oil colours: lapis lazuli oltremare, Genuine Vermilion and Genuine Naples Yellow (Web, Automotive/transportation Coatings & Pigments (2013 PDF), Pigments for General Industral paints (PDF), Pigments and Dispersions for Architectural coatings (PDF), Colorants for Sensitive Applications (plastics & food contact) (PDF), Entire Pigment Sales Range (Web 2018 PDF link), CLASSIC® Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (Web), Chemical Substances in Tattoo Inks (2012 PDF).