I'm in Siliguri at the moment and flying back on Tuesday (11th) i'll be in Delhi for the afternoon on Monday if anyone else is around. Safest 5 Destinations in Delhi for a solo Female traveler- A travel Guide!!! Thailand: Koh Samui – Top 8 beach heaven you should not miss-. Deepak S. 8,703 forum posts. Any suggestions ? Even though you will not be the victim of kidnapping or mugging, all the other risks are at the highest level in Delhi. Let me tell you that this time, it was a total fail. In fact, it is very rare to see international travelers in the streets of Old Delhi. 6. Recently, WhyPoll trust, an NGO based in the capital city conducted a survey to find out the specific places in the city where women feel insecure or have been harassed. Rats and insects are friendly, but they are surely not beings you want to share your room with. Delhi is a vast city and is home to a population of more than 16 million people. update your settings During the Delhi Durbar of 1911, the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta in the erstwhile Bengal Presidency to New Delhi.Later the status of Delhi was elevated to a Union Territory in November 1956. Jorbagh. And there is where I decided to stay during all my journey in New Delhi. You can walk around parts of Delhi but you cannot really do without a car. Vietnamese Gastronomy : 10 Marvelous Dishes you must try in Vietnam! It is easy to access by walking to the metro station. You can We were in India earlier this year, but just touching west coast ports so are excited about returning next spring to Delhi and the north with more time to explore. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions. Thanks so much for your very useful blog posts! One of the posh residential areas of Delhi, Greater Kailash has come to be known as a commercial and residential hub packed into one. Therefore, I am writing this article today, to help you get a general idea about New Delhi. but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already. GK also has a thriving nightlife scene with top restaurants like Gastronomica and HUDBA. This a very thoughtful and helpful synopsis – thank you so much for posting. By concentrate the past record of the urban areas, below is the list of top 10 safest cities in India in terms of lower crime rate. For other days as well, your hotel can arrange a car and driver. Golf links is pollution free, noise free and one of the most safest localities to reside in. we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. Rahul2604. Greater Kailash, Vasant Vihar, Anand Lok, Lajpat Nagar III and IV- These are mainly posh areas with good connectivity with rest of Delhi. Keeping the above factors in mind, we looked at safest places to visit in India which are near Delhi, are ideal for a self-drive road trip and are taking all required safety steps prescribed by the Tourism Ministry to mitigate COVID19. New Delhi is full of interesting sites that can’t be missed, and an even more exciting nightlife.What’s missing on this trip is a place of refuge for the two of you to retire after a long day out. Thank you for the article! It is a microcosm of India and its residents belong to varied ethnic, religious and linguistic groups. Thus, the area comes near the IGI Airport and surrounded by many of the lavish hotels which take care of every tourist coming to Delhi. If any of these becomes active, it can cause an earthquake of up to 7.5 magnitude. Paharganj & Karol Bagh. It is a little more upmarket though and has several options of nice boutique hotels. It's situated in clean and green Lutyens' Delhi, and was the last residential area built by the British before they left India. 25,845 forum posts. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Source It is one of the most popular Gurudwaras in Delhi which is known for its tranquillity and architecture. I would personnally recommend visiting it at least once. Delhi is national capital and one of the top leading city of North India, which has lots of opportunities for people living here and also for the newcomers who are planning to restart their life with a new mission. Neighborhoods in New Delhi: Explore New Delhi Neighborhoods to visit with maps, travel guides, and photos on Tripadvisor. From roads to parking lots, nearly 100 places in NCR have been mapped out with the help of this poll which are not safe for women. Most of the hotels in this area are mid range to upscale. Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport just bagged the second spot among world’s safest airports amid the COVID pandemic. It is a must see. I will be in New Delhi for 10 days and I need to make a reservation at a hostel or guesthouse. Chaos was born in Old Delhi. In order to more clearly explain where to stay in Delhi, I’m going to first divide the city into 3 main areas before sharing a few places I recommend. Copy and paste the url below to share the link. Because I will be doing a lot of walking, I would like to stay in safest walkable area. Crabtree India Travels. She booked a room for me as a present and made sure I stayed in a neighborhood where there is a little more breathing space and trees. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. New Friends Colony is one of the affluent & posh neighborhoods in South Delhi. A wealthy neighborhood of New Delhi, Chanakyapuri is home to the city’s diplomatic quarter. You can easily take a cab or a moto rickshaw and get anywhere around the city. Required fields are marked *. Delhi. Because I will be doing a lot of walking… Best/safest areas to stay in New Delhi | Asia - Indian Subcontinent - Lonely Planet Forum - Thorn Tree Weather is also very unique in Delhi Chanakyapuri Hauz Khas Village is located in the south Delhi about a distance of 500 meters from IIT Delhi Campus. Makes sense to do that. It is one of the historic habitations around the Hauz Khas Complex dated back to the Mughal history. Big bazar has the most lively traveler scene and is well located being some minutes walk away from the New Delhi Railroad Station. I would recommend to stay in Old Delhi if you are looking for a total immersion with locals. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Some travel guides advise tourists to visit some other Indian cities before they come to Delhi. For your arrival into India, I suggest you ask your hotel to arrange a car and driver to pick you up (that way you won't have trouble finding the place). Some travel guides advise tourists to visit some other Indian cities before they come to Delhi. By now, patience has worn thin and you’re probably thinking about stepping out. A lot of famous landmarks in New Delhi are located in the South zone. Central Delhi is very convenient being connected by various metro lines and stations. 5. As astonishing as it may sound the hustle bustle of a city like Delhi also has a hidden gem of a lake towards its southern end. Therefore, please make sure to always read the reviews before booking a room or a bed somewhere. Every single person who knew I was going to Delhi told me it is not worth the visit. It is considered to be one of the most elite colony with big modern houses inhabited by embassies, foreigners, leading businessman, army offices, judges, lawyers, doctors, and other people of the top society. It is clean, green and safe. Because I will be doing a lot of walking…, This post has been removed because it may not have met our. India is a hard country to travel in and it can be very overwhelming. This guide will help you find the most suitable area where to stay in New Delhi . Old Delhi is definitely an area where you need much more courage to stay than in any other part of Delhi City. Mexique : 5 raisons qui m’ont fait tomber Amoureuse du pays de la Tequila, Thailand to Laos : Crossing borders from Chiang Thong to Huay Xai. Most of people traveling on a pre-booked tour stay in Karol Bagh. It is very different from all the other parts of the city I have been to. This topic has been locked by a moderator. Delhi is a very dangerous city that might leave a bad impression on travelers that come to India for the first time. Even though you will not be the victim of kidnapping or mugging, all the other risks are at the highest level in Delhi. Connaught place is the financial center of New Delhi. While areas like Hauz Khas, Saket & Malviya Nagar are closer by the metro station, they are very expensive and the rates for girls PG/Hostels would be even more. Delhi is considered to be one of most unsafe metro city for women. We are travelling to New Delhi later this year with our two children. We bring you 10 unsafe places from the list. 6,207 forum posts. of area, the Mall also provides with a fantastic Amusement Park named, The Adventure Island equipped with several swings and rides that will astonish you completely. As lots of small- and large-scale companies are established here, that’s why it is known a Home for millions of freshers. Yes it is a busy market area and safe. It hosts the majority of foreign embassies in New Delhi. Japan: 20 Unusual Kitkat flavors you should absolutely try! I realized that the sightseeing in New Delhi is widely spread out. I say this because vehicle hire rates offered by most small Karol Bagh hotels are quite reasonable. That way, I adapted my self little by little to the Indian way of life and it was indeed a good transition before exploring the real India. It is a popular area among local tourists. South Delhi is very expensive depending on the place & distance from metro station. 5 Safe Staycations In Delhi To Visit During Covid. And today, I surely do not regret my decision! The gurdwara is open at all times and for visitors of all faiths and the langar or the community kitchen is open till around 11 PM. Answer 1 of 2: Hello We are traveling to Delhi from Agra next monday and like to take hotel in area where can be safely walked in evenings. post was good. New Delhi Destination Experts. Vasant Vihar is the second most popular area of South Delhi. Cheers! If you are an agoraphobic, definitely avoid Old Delhi. Atali, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand Even, these areas marked as the most expensive area in the country. It is one of the most overwhelming places I have been to in my entire life. 13. Agra: How Arjun, a Stranger reminded me of who I really am! The present system of administration in Delhi can be traced back to the British India (1858-1947). The first thing I did was looking up for main landmarks I wanted to visit (as I always do) to help me decide in which area of the city I should stay. As the second-largest city, and the capital of the nation, its 11 districts comprise multiple neighbourhoods. All the government buildings, businesses and commercial centers are gathered in Connaught place. My husband and I travel the majority of the year (I blog, too). This neighborhood is well located. This is very helpful . It is a very nice option if it fits your budget. Also some sights or shopping posibilities would be nice in that area. Neighborhoods in New Delhi: Explore New Delhi Neighborhoods to visit with maps, travel guides, and photos on Tripadvisor. It’s been nearly 9 months since the Covid lockdown has been imposed. I discovered a charming city, mixing on its very own way traditions and modernity. Metro Walk Mall is said to be the Biggest Mall in North Delhi with its wonderful shopping complexes and modern entertainment venues. Here was a list of the 5 best areas where you can stay in New Delhi according to your needs and your traveling style. It is a popular area among local tourists. Hauz Khas is an ancient historical ruin comprising various tombs, mosques and a water tank. you could hire one with a driver pretty reasonably (ranging from even Rs.1200 or 1300 a day. Ahhhhh…  New Delhi! Hi Traveler, http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/home/backup/woman%20help%20line.pdf. It will provide you several options to choose from according to your needs, preferences and budget. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. I will be in New Delhi for 10 days and I need to make a reservation at a hostel or guesthouse. I like to hear people’s opinions about a place but always end up exploring it my self to make my own point of you about it. I am so glad I did not listen to them. Therefore my mother decided that I needed a smooth transition and wanted me to stay in a less congested area. I'm a 31 year-old female traveling solo so feeling safe is a must! Also a place abundant in scenic beauty and sight seeing wonders , Hyderabad has also been held in good stead by its positioning among the safest cities in India. That way you don’t get through all the hustle of spending hours online looking for where to stay and which area of the city you should choose. delhi is a large city and the distances are massive. In fact, it is very rare to see international travelers in the streets of Old Delhi. http://www.makemytrip.com/hotels/hotels-in-chanakyapuri-delhi.html. Therefore, it did not really matter where I was staying as long as it was a safe area that gives me easy access to public transportation. Which area to stay in Delhi. New Delhi's Lodhi Colony was formed in the 1940s, as a residential colony for government officials. The area is very dirty, but I really liked it because it is the only part of New Delhi where people did not bother me in the street. 13,334 forum posts. I don’t even know the way I ended up right here, but I believed this Haunted Places In Delhi. There is a large market close by and a big shopping street which makes it a perfect area where to stay for people who like to shop during their travel. Where to go for the best street food in Old Delhi? Delhi sits on top of three active seismic fault lines: Sohna fault line, Mathura fault line and Delhi-Moradabad fault line. However, this megalopolis can be very overwhelming and a pre-trip organization seems almost indispensable if you are staying for a short time. The first area … was most informative. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and loved ones on your favorite social medias. Some weeks before beginning my adventure year around Asia, I started to organise my trip to my first destination, India. http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/home/backup/woman%20help%20line.pdf. Covering nearly 2,00,000 sq.ft. Sounds more dull than cool, right? Different mode of transportation from New Delhi airport; Metro station near to attractions; New Delhi railway station guide and SCAMS; Common SCAMS at New Delhi Railway Station. Roaming there casually, I initially saw 2-3 Police check posts and a primary school which puzzled me if it was really the Biggest Red Light Area of Delhi I’ve heard of. If you are looking for safe, clean, and beautiful hotels with your partner, refer to this article and you will definitely find the best hotels for couples in New Delhi, India. O ld Delhi: The Indian Tourists Area. In September, the Delhi government asked SafetiPin, a nonprofit, to map the city and identify stretches unsafe for women for immediate action. Delhi holds the tenth position on the rundown as being the capital of the nation it is not sheltered as it ought to be. But I am not sure I would advice to stay there. Your email address will not be published. Which area to stay in Delhi. New Delhi Warnings and Dangers If you intend on traveling to New Delhi anytime soon, it’s important to know the good and the bad about the area. Around 14 Kilometers from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Jorbagh is located in one of the greenest, safest & most central neighborhoods of Delhi. The safest areas for women in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR and Bengaluru Not all real estate micro-markets in India are equal, when it comes to offering a safe and convenient environment for women. Deepa_Krishnan. The south of New Delhi is know to be much greener and esthetically pleasing than the North. While it's still a little risky to go out and have fun like how you used to, here we list five destinations near Delhi-NCR that are pretty safe if you are so eager to travel out of the city. Friends Colony & New Friends Colony. SafetiPin's audit assesses public spaces based on nine parameters which include street lighting, security, gender diversity, and how safe a person feels in a space. Karol Bagh is kind of an upscale version of Paharganj. Please recommend any areas, hostels or guesthouses. If you intend on traveling to New Delhi anytime soon, it’s important to know the good and the bad about the area. The streets are large and full of trees. I was landing in New Delhi and decided to spend some days there before heading to the North of the country. Rajouri Ganden, Punjabi Bagh, East Patel Nagar or Janakpuri B and C blocks and Krishna Park. All rights reserved. And the best part of it is that you can still find a lot of street food and local shoppings. Hi there, Thorn Tree is currently set to READ-ONLY mode. The price range starts for as little as 200RS(3us$), for a bed in a dorm, and goes up to what ever you can pay. Many of India’s foreign embassies and political residences are found in the area, and it’s where a good portion of those who work in the district chooses to live. *Make sure to check out my Delhi Travel Guide for lots more tips! I loved New Delhi! It’s also one of the safest localities to reside in, centrally located and with round the clock security from private security firms and police throughout the area! It feels like an entire different city from the chaotic markets of Old Delhi. It is very easy to move around by metro or any other transportation of your choice. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe, so heed these warnings and dangers in New Delhi. Best place to live in South Delhi. I did not know what to expect before arriving there. by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the page. Chaos was born in Old Delhi. The area is full of affordable, hostels, hotels and guest houses. “Paharganj”, also know as “Big Bazar” is a central neighborhood where most backpackers and budget travelers stay. To sum up, Karol Bagh is a perfect deal for mid range budgets, travelers who are looking for less grungy area and people who love to shop for souvenirs. © This area is deemed as one of the most expensive areas in the whole of the country, with property rates rocketing sky high to almost Rs 4 lakh/sq. It's safe because there live some police and security firms as well. Over 50,000 people were … Would love to meet some people for the day x. Moto Rickshaws get sometimes crazy in the streets and crowds gather very easily. Jor Bagh It is a little further North west and is accessible by Metro, or Moto Rickshaw. Rated as one of the safest places in Delhi, Greater Kailash has numerous markets. Your email address will not be published. Lot of my pervert friends suggested me to pay a visit. I will be in New Delhi for 10 days and I need to make a reservation at a hostel or guesthouse. Lonely Planet. Best place to live in Central Delhi. One of the best places to stay in Delhi for tourists, Hauz Khas is one area which is a mix of the heritage and age-old culture of Delhi along with the modern era. You will need a lot of patience, and awareness to get around though. This area is almost central to some of the most lively areas of Delhi, whether be it Hauz Khas, Green Park, Greater Kailash or South Extension. Vasant Vihar. Best place to live in West Delhi. They are usually more expensive than in the North part of the city. It might be the best deal if your traveling on a low budget, even though it is a little grungy and overwhelming for a first stay in India. Also, if you could mention areas to avoid, that would be great too! Japan : The Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, a Place of Wonder, India: 11 Out of the Box Things to do In New Delhi. After  hours of research and many interactions with my Indien friends, I ended up getting a better understanding of New Delhi and it’s urban organisation. I hope it have been a good help for you. Hauz Khas village is one of the favourite places for couples to hang out and spend time in privacy and silence. It is full of big resorts and luxury hotels. I also spent substantial time exploring the beautiful chaos in the streets of this eclectic city during my stay. 10. Quite a … However, Gurgaon sits on seven fault lines, making it the riskiest area in Delhi NCR. please have a copy of the document while you travel to New Delhi. I am wondering how far north you travelled???? I personnally really liked the South Delhi. It is best to have a car while yuo are there. The area is full of Internet Cafés, restaurants of all types and travel agencies. Glorious in ways more than one, this lake sits in the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, an area that is reserved by the Delhi Wildlife Department. SunjayJK. That way you can enjoy the New Delhi’s chaos during the day and go back to a quite and safe area at the end of the afternoon. The agency has taken up another audit. South Delhi is a huge part of New Delhi, and which I’ll group into just a single area for the sake of this guide. Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. During my stay in the Indian Capital, I hunted for you some of the... © 2017 Allo maman tout va bien All Rights Reserved. Japanese Cuisine: Top 7 Tasty Japanese Dishes You Must Try, Japanese Gastronomy : Kushikatsu, The Fried Heaven On a Stick. yard *woah*. However, Lodhi Colony has India's first public open-air … What a special city ! Earlier. 2,401 forum posts. I don’t realize who you might be It lies on the same road as Ansal Plaza mall, one of the first and oldest malls of Delhi that still holds an unending charm. Old Delhi is definitely an area where you need much more courage to stay than in any other part of Delhi City. Kalkaji temple and The Lotus Temple are close by too. Hawaii: Oahu, The top 12 essential experiences you shouldn’t miss! 2021 It is a large part of the city that is really different from the beautiful Chaos in North Delhi. On the eve of International Women’s Day, we look at some of the regions in India’s top cities that are women-friendly and why they are so I once visited GB road area which is near the New Delhi Railway station. And that was definitely worth it for New Delhi. Delhi is a very dangerous city that might leave a bad impression on travelers that come to India for the first time. In such a scenario, it’s best that you go on a staycation (a vacation in or close to where you stay). 1. One of the safest metropolitan centres in the country and also India’s second safest metro, Hyderabad is one of those cities that has been rated as among the most secure places to live in India. New Delhi: Welcome to India my Friend, Common Indian Scam, India: 11 Out of the Box Things to do In New Delhi City, India: 8 Key Travel Tips for your First Trip. I plan to go to Delhi Feb next year! Thanks. The area is a little more upscale though. Consequently, I spotted the best areas where to stay according to the type of traveler you are. On November 26, 2015 November 26, 2015 By Delhi Tour with HolidayMango In Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi tour packages, Delhi Tourism, Leisure and Travel, Travel, Uncategorized .