About a year ago a friend of mine recommended the Trader Joe’s brand of goat cheeses, especially the Dutch Slices. But the raw-milk cheddar is from New York. to invite this person to peel that product. I wish milk could be shipped. Saanens produce more milk than any other breed of goat at Summerhill. Trader Joe's stores carry Summerhill Farm goat milk, perfect for cheesemaking. It’s easier to digest for many people than regular milk, and has a really nice almost sweet, rich taste to it. This is really good news. 15% Saturated Fat 3g Trans Fat 0g. 5.00g. Raw Milk Gruyere. That’s a good question. 2%. I’m a big fan of goat cheese, especially with dessert type flavors, so I was excited to see this Apple Cinnamon log at TJ’s. Trader Joe’s also sells raw nuts. When I went off the drug in July, I started seeking out raw milk, and I think I started drinking it instead of Trader Joe’s regular, no BST milk, about two months ago. Our mission is to connect everyone with real product experiences. Total Fat 10g. Keto: net carbs 10g If you are following a ketogenic diet (keto), you need to restrict your daily carbohydrate intake so that your body enters ketosis. I enjoyed their single serve goat cheese medallions when they had them. We found out that Opa (my husband) ate it all! Amount Per Serving. Easier on the digestive system than processed cow's milk, goat milk is a delicious source of protein, calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin (vitamin B2,) conjugated lineolic acid and potassium. I stumbled across this blog while researching Morbier, a cheese I just bought at Trader Joe’s. I believe the raw milk is worth the extra cost. Needless to say next time we shopped we bought 2 packages, 1 for Zoey and 1 for Opa! Anyone have any idea on how this stuff is? Interesting, but I would like to know if the raw milk has still been heated, which apparently destroys it nutritionally. It reminds me only of goat. Hi. That's what we call value. View More Replies Other Product Peels. Best is raw goat milk and cheese IF you can find it! Keep it up. 30mg. I’ll ask them about it – but it’s definitely pretty white in color. $14.99. Dietary Fiber 0g Sugars 7g. Keep in mind, this is anecdotal. Protein 7g. Not to mention when the cows eat pathogen free organic, healthy grass like their stomachs intended bad ecoli has a less of a chance to survive due to the natural ph balance the cow is suppose to have. Pam. I’m waiting anxiously for them to solve this problem and come back on the market. Simply easy and as you can see with exception to butter our home is dairy free pretty much. I lead the Nourishing Our Children campaign, we are a project of the Weston A. Saanen. 10%. Protein. Erin Darling is a freelance artist. INGREDIENTS: GOAT'S MILK CHEESE (GOAT'S MILK, SALT, CHEESE CULTURES [MILK], MICROBIAL RENNET), HONEY POWDER (CANE SUGAR, HONEY), HONEY. We milk and process everything we make right here, from goats bred at our dairy. Check your email and click on the confirmation link. Is goat cheese still bad for you even if it's raw? Sugars. Sandrine ;o) Thanks for the comment. At Aldi Grocery Store, you can save 40 cents on a gallon of milk in comparison to Trader Joe’s, and if you have a milk-drinking household and go through a couple of gallons a week, you’ll be saving nearly a dollar or more. Explanations. Which is better? Side note: Jan 13, 2014 - We have really been enjoying this Goat Milk Brie from Trader Joe’s. Dietary Fiber 0g Total Sugars 0.5g. When I stopped the biphosphonate drug, my doctor ordered Urine ntx tests every six weeks to monitor my bone resorption. But then two commenters piped up with glowing things to say about Trader Joe's goat milk Gouda. Step inside and you'll find unconventional and interesting products in the Trader Joe's label like Mandarin Orange Chicken and Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, as well as everyday basics like milk, eggs and fresh produce. My doctor was really pleased and surprised. Join Facebook to connect with Nichole Marshall Drake and others you may know. Do you have a resource that explains or delves into the quality of cheeses? It’s okay! So Ya I would recommend this brand for sandwiches as it is easy…already sliced and the taste is mild like a gouda.