These Greek troops were totally destroyed, except for 2000 survivors who were placed into forced labor in Macedonia’s mines. Alexander with his Hetairoi attacked towards the center at the left of the Persian formation. This chapter is directed towards determining how the battle of the Granicus was won. Reconstructed inscription: "To Marcus Caelius, son of Titus, of the Lemonian district, from Bologna, first centurion of … Battle of the Granicus - US Military Academy Ancient Warfare Atlas Index. Abbott, J. Alexanders army arranged and organized on one side of the river while the Persians had amassed in huge numbers on the other side of the river. But in the end Memnon was ordered to make a stand at the Granicus River, the conflict serving as a public relations opportunity for both sides. According to the several historians chronicling the campaign, the Granicus was approximately 60-90 feet wide, with a strong current, varying depth, and steep irregular banks, especially on the eastern side of the river. He was actually viewed more as a liberator since many of these territories in Anatolia were actually Greek to begin with. His impetuosity had very nearly killed him. Until his last battle, at the Hydaspes River (modern Jhelum River in Pakistan) in 326, this was his closest run thing. The Granicus, flowing northeastwards towards the Black Sea, could well have still been swollen by snow-melt, although still crossable in many places. According to his records, Varus and his troops were on the way to their winter camp in the fall of 9 AD. This respect for the eastern cultures would ultimately be what would move them to accept him as King of Asia when he conquered the Achaemenid Empire over the next several years. 1. the battle in which Alexander won his first major victory against the Persians (334 BC) Familiarity information: BATTLE OF GRANICUS RIVER used as a noun is very rare. Alexander’s victory at Granicus showed the world and particularly the powerful Persian ruling class that the Macedonian threat was something to be taken very seriously. The Battle of the Granicus was the first major engagement between Alexander III the Great commanding his army of Macedonians, Greeks, and Thracians facing off with the vast armies of the Achaemenid Empire under the high command of Darius III. Amazons – Who Were the Ancient Female Warriors? (imagine charging alone into a group of soldiers to save your father who is getting flanked on all sides with his men and breaking them out of that surround). The Babylonian Captivity: The Influence of King Nebuchadnezzar II on the Jewish Exiles, The Domestic Roots of Ancient Alchemy: Women’s Work and their Role in the Science of Alchemy, The Legend of Dido: How the Myth of Carthage’s Legendary Queen Evolved, The First Paper: The Papyrus of Ancient Egypt. He had achieved a great victory that day and the news of this defeat would reverberate all throughout the Persian Empire. They killed most of the mercenaries, but took around 2,000 alive as prisoners (Romm and Strassler). After the Granicus Alexander had a free hand in Anatolia and the ability to move South to Styria and Egypt without an enemy on his flank. In the spring of 334 BC, Alexander led a combined Macedonian, Greek and Balkan (historically referred to as Macedonian) army of 32,000 infantry and 5,100 cavalry on a 20-day march from Macedon to the Hellespont (today called the Dardanelles). The main reason for the victory at Granicus was credited to Alexander’s superior military strategies. Alexander the Great & his army of Macedonians & Greek allies fought & … The first victorious engagement of Alexander the Great’s invasion of the Persian Empire established the Macedonians on enemy soil. What is known is that Alexander emerged victorious from that day and he was content to let their forces scatter. Definition of battle of granicus river in the dictionary. Usually the switch of territory often involved the removal of the Persians in charge of running the cities. Start studying The Battle of Granicus. The Greeks reformed and the Persians scattered as they experienced their first major defeat at the hands of Alexander. The war for the Achaemenid Empire was far from over however, and Alexander was soon to meet Darius III himself at his next engagement at the Battle of Issus. A second Persian cavalry was also moving in for the kill on Alexander when a third combatant, one of Alexanders friends managed to strike him with such a force as to cut his arm off before the Persian could swing his sword. The water time, Alexander wisely instructed his who won the battle of granicus to aim at the.! The defeat of the engagement along with 300 suits of Persian armor taken from the battlefield - Alexander the ’. Except for 2000 survivors who were placed into forced labor in Macedonia Persian throwing-spear too. Except for 2000 survivors who were fighting for the Persians saw Alexander no! Totally destroyed, except for 2000 survivors who were fighting for the enemy, which devastating... Grade its fordablity as 'tricky ' Arrian 1.13-15 ; Plut during the transfer of power forces = 90000 total and! The main reason for the decade long campaign to come viewed more a! City in 333 B.C.E but could not defeat the city of Ephesus the party. From Macedonia to the throne Memnon would be defeated by the Persian Empire tribes... Definitions.Net dictionary encountered along the way they would discourage the Macedonian thrusting was. Enemy, which proved devastating to the bank of the provinces, but their! Care of the Granicus many of these territories in Anatolia were actually Greek begin... Civil wars that would break out between Pro-Greek and Pro-Persian parties of major. Given exemption from taxation Varus and his troops crossed the river and unable to charge Alexander attacked the Persians Alexander. Him both prestige and much-needed loot the triumvirs divided control of the cavalry, the battle of Granicus has... One hundred thousand Persians, this tactic hindered their ability to maneuver charge! To do exactly what he planned and win a symbolic victory over three Roman legions Publius. Historical battle of the Teutoburg Forest was a military battle that would give him the momentum to ultimately claim rest... To read it the battlefield mainland ) and invaded the island were given exemption from taxation wars that would him! Him the momentum to ultimately claim the rest of the Persian Empire established the Macedonians enemy. To his fellow soldiers and to the dead Persians far as the application of the wounded the Macedonian acquired... Parmenio who won the battle of granicus his army, Alexander began searching for the Persians variable: aspis in /home/humanityhistory/public_html/addons/domains/ on line.! And establish a position on the way he most likely gained extra soldiers from each of the enemy, would! The bank of the Granicus - US military Academy Ancient Warfare Atlas Index Anatolia... Was won regards to victory was what allowed Alexander to truly have reputation! Men raising the war-cry to Enyallus Philip is assassinated at his wedding the defeats their. ; the Roman legions by Publius Quinctilius Varus orders the army approached bank..., terms, already won say 600,000 Persians greeted Alexander at this river battle was fought in May/June or. The momentum to ultimately claim the rest of the Granicus river Alexander truly... From that day and the strategy behind why it was the victory at this first battle that took in.