500kg of fleece in one colour, of a consistent quality, is a lot of fleece and subsequently creates many 50g or 100g balls of yarn. The alpaca fiber is processed the moment it is shorn from the alpaca. The alpaca gets vacuumed prior to shearing. If your lucky enough to have a tumbler then place the fleece inside. Our Alpacas Live on our Farm on the edge of the Cotswolds, and are sheared late spring every year subject to the . Littlestown, PA 17340 CONTENT: 4 oz 100% American Alpaca CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash, line dry. We also blend and dye fleece, and for something extra-special, we can produce handwoven textiles from your fleece. These batts or rolags then can be made into singles or plyed into yarn. Depending on your alpaca breed, the fleece will have different characteristics. At this point it is ready for the next step. The popularity of the alpaca spread to fashion houses all over Europe and through literature Thanks to his ingenuity in processing the fiber, Sir Salt built a town factory for processing it from his fortune. It also allows them to sell yarns which are specific to a particular alpaca in their paddock. We purvey Royal Alpaca (the finest grade of alpaca), Baby Alpaca (clipped between 6-8 months of age), and Alpaca Merino blends (for added support and warmth). Since alpaca wool is of such high quality, it can also be processed per animal. We can process any quantity from a single fleece upwards. Menu. Alpaca is flame resistant, meeting the standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's rigid testing specifications as a Class 1 fiber for use in clothing and furnishings. The fleeces where then processed by The Border Mill in the Scottish borders . 100% alpaca wool processed from our own herd of 180 alpacas. Please contact us to discuss further. Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Refund Policy | Shipping Policy, Save 15% off ALL Socks! Sue Loach - 07930 578083, The British Alpaca Society Ltd Billed on Out-Weight - Single Animal - Solid Color Only. Like merino wool, alpaca is a natural animal protein fiber that is fully biodegradable. mohair, silk, etc., the price and the percentage the mill can add to your alpaca. The fiber has been dyed or left natural, blended in batts or rolags now it can be put through the spinning wheel or drop spindle. To get individual fleeces or small quantities processed into fine yarns, many BAS members use mini mills. If you are considering an alpaca blend yarn, ask if the mill supplies the fibre to blend with your alpaca, i.e. We try to maintain a complete and current list of mills that accept alpaca fiber for processing. We specialise in spinning alpaca fleece but we also process wool, especially from rare breeds, and other fibre-producing animals including llamas and angora rabbits. (717) 359-9989 The wool is then ready for sale as knitting wool or further processing. On shearing day, the 3rd Sunday in May, the fiber comes off the alpaca in three parts. Large scale mills, such as those in Arequipa in Peru and of which there are a number in the UK, process vast quantities of high quality wool, including cashmere and angora. The Amerindians of Peru used this fiber in the manufacture of many styles of fabrics for thousands of years before its introduction into Europe as a commercial product. 100% NATURAL ALPACA. Alpaca fibre processing. Telephone number: 0345 319 2468 Email: secretary@bas-uk.com, Emergency Welfare Numbers Join the British Alpaca Society today and become part of a national community, dedicated to all things alpaca. Three Points Fiber Mill Transforming fiber into custom yarns, rovings, batts, & felted fabrics Fiber Processing Specializing in alpaca, angora goat mohair and sheep’s wool, our mill processes fiber and produces yarn, roving, batts, and felted fabrics for small farms across the country.