At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. The group becomes trapped in a horrifying game of survival against a monster hell-bent on killing more than their night of partying. Though Deadwater Fell isn't based on true events, show creators were heavily inspired by true crime documentaries. Based on a true story, a couple of harmless prank phone calls turns into a nightmare when a group of college friends dial a mad man. Ed was a self-proclaimed demonologist and his wife, Lorraine, claimed to be a medium who could communicate with the demons that her husband located. It stars Hooks, Antwon Tanner, Cherie Johnson, Rutger Hauer, German Legarreta, Gwendoline Yeo and Aimee Garcia Plot. out the NEW Top5s website! Free shipping for many products! The group becomes trapped in a horrifying game of survival against a monster hell-bent on killing more than their night of partying. Having recently watched all seven American Pie movies, I've become an expert on funny fat guys, and Basis's "comedy" truly resides at the bottom of the "unfunny" barrel, a few notches down from morning radio DJs. If you're desperately afraid of spoilers, skip to the next paragraph, but I am going to reveal that a) the killer and their many accomplices are white, b) there's a white character who makes a few racist comments and c) the movie concludes with a white man making a horrible mistake at the expense of a black man. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Well, one thing I'm sure of--punk teens didn't get eaten but how on earth is this based on true events? Yes, Dead Tone is a horror film "presented" by Flavor Flav, who refers to himself as "The Timekeeper" in a 10-second, ... but the part that really sold me was the line BASED ON TRUE EVENTS inconspicuously plastered on the DVD cover. In the film, Henry shares an apartment with Otis, a former prison mate, and they soon embark on a murder spree once Otis’ sister comes to stay with them. Based on a true life story, The Motorcycle Diaries is an inspiring and thrilling adventure that traces [...] the youthful origins of a revolutionary spirit. Other than Hooks, who has some relative level of fame, the only recognizable face here is Hauer, and when I said he looked tired, I mean it. "The Crew", as they are known by their peers and dorm mates, are invited to a rich classmate's hideaway mansion high up in the hills of Colorado. In this clip, Jon Adler talks about the new movie Dead Sound. The Real Story: Perhaps the most notorious horror movie "based on a true story," the film is taken from a self-proclaimed nonfiction book describing what George and Kathy Lutz experienced during their four weeks in the house, including disembodied voices, cold spots, demonic imagery, inverted crucifixes, and walls "bleeding" green slime (not blood, as in the film). In addition to co-writing, Hooks and Taylor serve as the film's co-directors, and any scene in the movie involving axe murdering is no better or worse than your average Friday the 13th movie. Once the phone line goes dead, it’s too late to escape the fun and games this maniac has in mind. Bryan Bertino, the writerof the film, said he came up with the script based off a childhood memory. Based on a true story, a couple of harmless prank phone calls turns into a nightmare when a group of college friends dial a mad man. The events depicted in this film took place in Minnesota in 1987. Once the phone line goes dead, it's too late to escape the fun and games this maniac has in mind. “God’s Not Dead 2,” which debuts this Friday, is the worthy sequel to 2014’s “God’s Not Dead,” one of the largest-grossing faith-based films in history. But we accidentally went to the wrong theater and unbeknownst to us saw A Madea Christmas. Dead Tone (originally released as 7eventy 5ive) is a 2007 American slasher film directed and written by Brian Hooks and Deon Taylor. Here's a funnier true story: Taylor and one of the producers of Dead Tone are hard at work at a new horror movie called Chain Letter, which Taylor claims will be "intellectual". He said it was pretty accurate because … I was gripped from beginning to end and really wish I’d been old enough at the time to have read the news in real-time, but this will have to do. The 10 Most Disturbing Movies Based on Real Events. Veronica is supposedly based on the true story of a young girl in Vallecas, south Madrid, who died after playing with a Ouija board in 1990. This whole tale was marketed as "based on true events." Based on a true story, a couple of harmless prank phone calls turns into a nightmare when a group of college friends dial a mad man. Dead Tone doesn't go quite that far, but it does hold back several pertinent points of information that make the reveals quite confusing unless the viewer sits there and thinks about it, and who wants to think while watching a movie like this? Even worse than these two performances, however, is the movie's complicated twist ending. This is a good example of how far imagination can take one with just the seed of an idea. Directed by Brian Hooks, Deon Taylor. The film begins with a sleepover of children. Facts: In 1998 American Tourists Tom and Eileen Lonergan disappeared off Australia's Great Barrier Reef. 1. Was it the chemical spill? Sure it is. Movies . Director: Mark Tonderai | Stars: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Mena Suvari, Drea de Matteo, Zak Santiago. Watch American Crime Story on Netflix here. Take it as you will. He said his family home sat out on a street far from his closest neighbor. I admit, since the DVDs are free and all it takes is my time, I'm more eager to pick some things from the DVDTalk screener pool than I would be if it was my own money (rental or otherwise) at stake. The story is supposedly based on true events, though it's not really clear which events those are. Carnets de voyage relate une aventure édifiante et palpitante inspirée d'une histoire v écue retraçant les [...] origines juvéniles d'un esprit révolutionnaire. It's already a cliche, but the up-to-11 volume enthusiastically takes the practice into self-parody. TV Shows. While most horror movies are complete works of fiction, the genre occasionally offers up stories that are based on terrifying and jaw-dropping real-life events, like the nine collected here. The military was able to get a handle on the situation and clean up the spill and the infected corpses. (In Red Dead Redemption, former outlaw John Marston finds himself on the side of the law, joining forces with a local marshal. ) Based on a true story, a couple of harmless prank phone calls turns into a nightmare when a group of college friends dial a mad man. How is Return the Living Dead based on true events? All the facts in this drama are based on the real-life trial and it is one of the best, if not the best, TV series based on true events. 10 Urban Legends That Are Actually Based On Real Facts. Medical supply warehouse foreman Frank (James Karen) informs his new protégé, Freddy (Thom Matthews) that Night of the Living Dead was based on true events that occurred when a gas (2-4-5 Trioxin) was released into the morgue in the basement of a Pittsburgh, VA hospital causing the bodies to jerk around as if they were alive. For some reason, the trailer also played before the movie started. In particular, the characterization of Shawn (Germán Legarreta) and, to a much lesser extent, "Crazy" Cal (Austin Basis) really grates on the nerves. Once the phone line goes dead, it's too late to escape the fun and games this maniac has in mind. With Rutger Hauer, Gwendoline Yeo, Antwon Tanner, Brian Hooks. 2 réponses. Polybius is an urban legend that emerged in the early 2000s. Although many urban legends are not based on anything real, these legends are tied to real events. A fundamental tone — say, C in a C major scale — is central; the other pitches relate to it in a hierarchy of importance based on natural overtone relationships. Years later, she crafted a short play, Trifles, inspired by her experiences and observations. Last year, the depressingly dopey My Bloody Valentine 3D committed what I considered to be a slasher no-no: the movie actually lies to you, showing you one or two events as they didn't happen, making it impossible to guess the killer. According to the trailer it was based on true events. Finals at the prestigious University of Dreyskill are finally over and it's time to party. The bad news: bloodletting only makes up for 30% of these 99 minutes, and the other stuff is pretty painful. Once you select Rent you'll have 14 days to start watching the movie and 48 hours to finish it. Back when I thought Flavor Flav would be more of a Crypt Keeper figure and provide bookends for the movie, I was already willing to give Dead Tone a look-see, but the part that really sold me was the line BASED ON TRUE EVENTS inconspicuously plastered on the DVD cover. ): Skip it. The uninvited … Réponse préférée. In an unidentified town, a bunch of unidentified kids accidentally crank call the wrong person at a slumber party. One night, while his parents were out, someone knocked on their door. I'm not saying it's necessarily wrong, because to say it's hateful is probably overreacting. ConclusionDistributors passed the movie over for five whole years. Here are Screenrant's 10 Movies You Won't Believe Are Based on REAL Stories. But not every movie based on a true story is clearly advertised as one, which means some stories that seem too strange, too hard to believe, or just too well-hidden to be based on fact slip by audiences. Every second this guy was on the screen was a second I felt embarrassed for Legarreta and put off that Hooks, Taylor, and Nutt had written such a role. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 or later. Subscribe for a new video every week! Taylor and Hooks' only real problem in the scare department is their absolute insistence on full-blast soundtrack jolts whenever something scary happens. Like many other Lifetime movies, Deadly Transaction is a re-release. Halfway through the movie I asked the ghost of Mandela how true to life it was. I think you misunderstand. The ExtrasA behind-the-scenes featurette, cleverly titled "Behind the Scenes", will be available on the final version, but was not viewable on my copy. It seems like virtually every movie these days come with the ominous “based on true events” tag line. Playwright Susan Glaspell's one-act play, written in 1916, is loosely based on true events. As a young reporter, Glaspell covered a murder case in a small town in Iowa. Advertisement. Flavor Flav is on the cover, man, I don't want to have to analyze it! But it is there. Hooks is actually pretty good, as are some of the college-age victims that make up the cast, although I mean "good" within the confines of a slasher movie as opposed to a project where actual acting would be required, and I'll point out again that it wasn't worth memorizing any of the characters' names. Once the phone line goes dead, it’s too late to escape the fun and games this maniac has in mind. By Finlay Greig Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 12:21 pm ‘This is a true story. I also don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers, but there's a few lightly questionable choices in the movie. I took the ghost of Nelson Mandela to see the movie, Nelson Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom. Posted on September 7, 2016 September 7, 2016 by Eustacia Adams. Pertinence. Menu. The DVD, Video and AudioScreen Media sent a DVD-case-sized cardboard sleeve with a "Screening Copy Only" DVD inside of it, so I'm not going to judge the A/V quality of this release, should it change before the title comes out. Lv 6. Répondre Enregistrer. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dead Tone (DVD, 2010) at the best online prices at eBay! Shawn is the movie's token gay character, and his over-the-top "camp" caricature is actually louder than the jump scares. 10 years, later, a new bunch of kids (who might as well be unidentified given how boring they are) play their own round of prank phone calls and end up connected to an equally murderous man who may or may not be the very same killer, while a tired-looking Rutger Hauer discovers the surviving kids (still basically anonymous and separate from the central plot) are being picked off one by one. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows … Here’s the premise (You can read a more in-depth review of the movie on They prank call people while playing the game Seventy Five. By Alice Chen on March 17 2020 in Society. Il y a 7 années. You'd think the trio would have realized they're using Shawn to fill the void in the slasher structure normally occupied by the "token black guy", only worse. While it may be the case that most urban legends aren't true, here are 10 that have a surprising grounding in real fact. Their mystery target shows up at the house shortly thereafter and hacks the adults in the house to death, and is forced to flee (at the sound of sirens) before he can get to the prankers themselves. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Then again, at least Basis gets a chance to turn it around in the wake of danger, revealing a surprise sense of leadership; since Shawn's cattiness is the entirety of his personality, all the time, he gets no such luck. Dead Hand sounds like something made up for a James Bond movie—but that’s probably true of the Cold War in general. Some form of this disclaimer can be found at the front of nearly every novel out there as well as in the credits of most films and TV episodes. Even details like the color palette and animation style of the scenery have stayed true to the historical accuracy, meaning not only will the player have fun playing this game but they might also learn something in the process. Mudoogul. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967) – based on the true events leading to the 1929 murder of seven mob associates of the North Side gang, led by Al Capone's South Side gang 1968 [ edit ] Anzio (Italian: Lo sbarco di Anzio ) (1968) – Italian and American co-production Technicolor war film about Operation Shingle , the 1944 Allied seaborne assault on the Italian port of Anzio in World War II . Good news first: despite all of the factors working against Dead Tone, the movie is actually fairly pleasant for a slasher flick when there's actual slashing to be had. Revolves around a criminal prosecutor who penned the law on stalking in California and is based on the true story of a hot-head cop and polished district attorney who team to bring a stalker obsessed with her former lover to justice. Based on True Events Posted by Brooks on Jan 16, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments.