Marcello Gandini was born in Turin on August 26, 1938 and designed some of the most stunning Italian motor vehicles from the mid sixties onwards. Gandini bought and restored a 17th century villa 20 miles north of Turin, and by 1984 the new house and work area was completed just in time for Gandini to strike out on his own. Finally, one is here… . In a 2009 interview with Gandini, he stated that his "design interests are focused on vehicle architecture, construction, assembly, and mechanisms – not appearance". That accomplishment alone could have defined his career. while the BMW design team used the latest 3D modelling technologies to revive the car, the BMW garmisch was coach-built by skilled craftsmen in turin, just like the original car almost 50 years ago. overall, the new recreated BMW garmisch showcases BMW’s expertise in design research and prototype building. the 25-meter long catamaran cruises comfortably through both water and land. ‘when I first heard that BMW wanted to recreate the BMW garmisch, I was a bit surprised,’ marcello gandini recalls of his first meeting with adrian van hooydonk, senior vice president of BMW group design, who visited him in turin in  the summer of 2018 to ask for the his approval. back in 1970, the BMW garmisch was developed by marcello gandini for bertone as an independent design proposal in order to highlight the studio’s creativity. with this revival, BMW pays homage to one of italy’s most influential car designers and adds an exciting chapter to the company’s history. have something to add? having seen the final car, it is hard for me to even distinguish it from the original.’, adrian van hooydonk, senior vice president of BMW group design and marcello gandini at concorso d’eleganza, where the car was presented image © designboom, presented at: concorso d’eleganza villa d’este. Gandini has designed cars for numerous European brands, but many of his most impressive designs found their home in the Lamborghini stables. marcello gandini fanpage. The fin… all images courtesy of BMW unless otherwise stated. 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo concept: Perhaps the first car to feature scissor doors, a feature which later became a Gandini calling card. Marcello Gandini (born 26 August 1938) is an Italian car designer, known for his work with the automotive design house Gruppo Bertone, including his designs of the Lamborghini Miura, Countach and the Lamborghini Diablo. The Alfa Romeo Montreal, The Lamborghini Urraco, The Maserati Khamsin, Ghibli, and Shamal... And the list keeps going. take for example the lightweight aluminium BMW 328 mille miglia created at carrozzeria touring in the late 1930s, or the wedge-shaped BMW M1 designed by giorgetto giugiario — in them an exchange of concepts and ideas across the alps is evident. Marcello Gandini is probably more closely associated with supercars than any human being in history bar the men whose names are on the badges of cars like the Testarossa and Countach. There must have 1.4k likes. Gandini is credited for the success of multiple manufactures ranging from Lamborghini to … ‘now I am very pleased that I was able to be part of this project and happy that BMW chose to recall this enjoyable past. Gandini, Lamborghini, Uncategorized. This is a really beautiful simple car, I think we have lost it with new car designs. This form-follows-function approach might help explain why one designer is capable of producing cars with such dramatically different lines as the Miura and Countach, and not that many years apart. Marcello Gandini - Lamborghini Miura Then on the eve of the Turin motor show in 1965, Giugiaro left Bertone and in the following 24 hours Gandini had been hired as chief designer. Marcello Gandini (born 26 August 1938) is an Italian car designer, known for his work with the automotive design house Gruppo Bertone, including his designs of the Lamborghini Miura, Countach and the Lamborghini Diablo.wikipediawikipedia The BMW Group is taking the occasion of this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to unveil the recreation of the BMW Garmisch, a classic concept car that was designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone and vanished after its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970. For the next twenty years Gandini would create the Maserati Shamal, Chubasco, Ghibli II, Quattroporte IV, Lamborghini P132, P140 P147 and the Diablo. Marcello Gandini receives Car Design News Lifetime Achievement Award. Mar 31, 2014 - Explore Zeno Casti's board "@MARCELLO GANDINI", followed by 226 people on Pinterest. Then there's the De Tomaso Pantera. Marcello Gandini was born in Torino Italy in 1938. Tag Archives: Marcello Gandini. 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Marcello Gandini was born in Torino Italy in 1938. In 1980, after 14 years with the group, Gandini left Bertone to pursue a freelance career. at the 2019 edition of concorso d’eleganza in villa d’este, italy, BMW has unveiled the recreation of the BMW garmisch, a classic concept car designed by marcello gandini for bertone. For reasons not fully known, Giugiaro, the design chief at Bertone at the time, refused to work with Gandini. A book on him and his design is long overdue. 1975 Lamborghini Urraco P250 Tipo P111. based on 2002 body, the car delights in details: its centerpiece kidney grille, honeycomb-patterned mesh at the rear, and clean, functional yet elegant accessories within the interior. Gandini belongs to a triumvirate, along with Giorgetto Giugiaro and Leonardo Fioravanti, of Italian car designers, all born […] both the mechanical and R&D teams at sunreef yachts worked on every aspect of the car to combine a knowledge of green tech with a passion for motorsports. ‘the original idea came from nuccio bertone himself who wanted to consolidate our existing relationship with BMW by designing a surprise show car for the geneva motorshow,’ recalls gandini, the creative mind in charge of bertone’s design department at the time. update (08.17): following its debut at concorso d’eleganza, the BMW garmisch graced the lawns of pebble beach’s concours d’elegance 2019 in the concept car’s north american debut. Marcello Gandini : biography August 26, 1938 – Marcello Gandini (born 26 August 1938) is an Italian car designer, known for his work with the automotive design house Gruppo Bertone, including his design of the Lamborghini Countach. Dec 26, 2019 - Designing automobiles that really defined the late 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, even the 1990s, Marcello Gandini is, arguably, the one man who had the greatest impact, the one who changed automotive design the most. Marcello Gandini, Maestro of Design Volume One by Gautam Sen ISBN 978-1-85443-279-7 regular, ISBN 978-1-85443-280-3 deluxe 2 Volume set 400 pages in each volume 924 images (449 Volume I and 475 Volume II) – many never seen before! special attention was also placed on the interiors of the car, adding an elegant piemontese touch to the rather functional and austere interior design trends of the time. marcello gandini arriving in the BMW garmisch to concorso d’eleganza in villa d’este video © designboom. see the robots move in perfect time to the contours' 1962 hit 'do you love me'. Hosting perfect proportions despite its awkward transverse, mid-engine layout. Consider that, early in his career at Bertone, Gandini designed the Lamborghini Miura, perhaps the most loved of car designs. Video produced by Degler Studio for Car Design News. Marcello studerte litt på en kunstskole, men droppet ut og begynte å tegne og bygge karosserier. Even if his creative skills were employed primarily in the design of cars, he was also involved in industrial design and home accessories. share your thoughts in our comments section below.all comments are reviewed for the purposes of moderation before publishing. Son of an orchestra conductor, therefore having the genes of an artist, Marcello Gandini was born on August 26, 1938. Marcello Gandini, who worked for Bertone at the time, designed eye-catching clamshell front and rear ends around a compact passenger cell, garnishing his … Marcello Gandini is an Italian car designer, widely known for his work with the automotive design house Gruppo Bertone, notably his design of the Lamborghini Countach.Together with Giorgetto Giugiaro and Leonardo Fioravanti, Gandini forms a noted triumvirate of Italian car designers, all born in 1938, within months of each other. There must have been something magical about that time, because these three designers are responsible for more of our automotive fantasies than perhaps any other group of designers combined. Known for his work with the automotive design house Gruppo Bertone, Gandini was responsible for penning some of the most eye-catching, dramatic and important cars of the 20th century. The son of an Orchestra Conductor, Marcello Gandini belongs to a trio of famous Italian car designers, along with Giorgetto Giugiaro and Leonardo Fioravanti. BMW revives marcello gandini's 1970s classic garmisch concept car at concorso d'eleganza. since its inception, german car manufacturer BMW has been inspired and influenced by italy in terms of design and coach-building culture. The practical Lamborghini shopper has no use for something as mild as the US-spec Tipo P111 P250 Urraco. Marcello Gandini, the genius designer of timeless dream cars, symbols of a radical style and mechanical changes in the sports car. Gandini has two businesses partners, Georgette Giugiaro and Leonardo Fioravanti, all born in 1938. during the venture, marcello gandini himself was a great guide, ... casa etérea is an off-grid glass house set on the slopes of an extinct volcano in mexico. Interestingly, all three were born within only several weeks of one another that year. In previous articles, we have discussed the works of two other prolific Italian designers, Giorgetto Giugiaro's and Leonardo Fioravanti. it evoked dreams of winter sports and alpine elegance.’. during the venture, marcello gandini himself was a great guide, contributing to the research process with memories from the creation of the car, giving insightful tips to the team on how to achieve key details like the color of the car. few original documents of the car were found, so the interdisciplinary building team — formed by the BMW group design and BMW classic departments — had to revive every detail of the car’s exterior and interior from a limited selection of monochrome period images. He has worked in a variety of areas including home architecture, industrial design, while also continuing work in automotive, and even styling for a helicopter. 1966 Lamborghini Miura: The first mid-engined supercar. What Lamborghini cars did Marcello Gandini design? See more ideas about Automotive design, Design, Automotive. other details include marcello gandini’s signature, a honeycomb-patterned mesh cover for the rear window and sports car-like louvres on the C-pillars. inside, a vertical radio on the center console, a fold-out mirror for the passenger and a mix of colors and materials express this. Marcello Gandini (født 26. august 1938 i Torino) er en tidligere bildesigner, kjent som sjefsdesigner hos italienske Bertone.. Han var sønn av den tidligere sjefsdirigent for Torinis symfoniorkester. Marcello Gandini’s vision for the Lamborghini Diablo lived on in the Cizeta V16T: the supercar penned by the Italian before Chrysler waded in with its soft-focus lens and smoothing iron. Even if his more current work, such as the Lamborghini Diablo, don't quite measure up as classic as other modern supercars, the list of Gandini's body of work in timeless vehicles - listed below - that he has penned is like an enthusiast's fantasy car wish list. ‘we wanted to create a modern mid-sized coupe that was faithful to BMW’s design language, but that was also more dynamic and even a bit provocative,’ continued gandini. Gandini's career stands out from the other two in the sense that his client list was quite diverse. Interestingly, all three were born within only several weeks of one another that year. first presented at the geneva motorshow in 1970, the car simply vanished after its debut. Legendary designer Marcello Gandini celebrated his 81st birthday on 26 August.