#1 Progressive Talk Show #8 US Talk Host 7 million weekly listeners 275,000 YouTube Subscribers 180,000 Facebook Followers 135,000 Twitter Followers NY Times Best Selling Author More about the Thom Hartmann Program: Coast-to-coast on commercial radio Coast-to-coast on non-profit radio SiriusXM Satellite Free Speech TV on Dish & Direct TV, March 5, 2015. http://www.corporatecrimereporter.com/news/200/gates-foundation-backed-pro-gmo-cornell-alliance-science-attack/. In addition, the laureates’ letter was originally housed at the website, supportprecisionagriculture.org. He now has his license back and is heading one of the more powerful food lobbying organizations in the nation.[23]. Additional fee for engineer required. The Organic and Non-GMO Report, 2009. http://www.non-gmoreport.com/articles/nov09/scientists_criticizing_gm_foods.php, [13] http://www.truthwiki.org/Jon_Entine/#exactline, [14] Laura Krantz. It spearheaded the public relations efforts to improve the image of Honduras following the Obama administration’s backed coup in 2009. Ninety-three percent of American soybeans are GMO. This list goes on and on. No. i always hear it on the radio, but i can't find it online. Instead, independent researchers, their citizen supporters and anti-GMO activists are venomously attacked by every means available. For example, FOX journalists Jane Akre and her husband Steve Wilson were destroyed by Monsanto for providing scientific evidence about the dangers of genetically modified bovine growth hormone in milk. Decades ago, regardless of how many lawsuits were filed showing tobacco’s causal relationship to cancer, emphysema, heart disease and nicotine addiction, none were won. One such GMO public relations front is the Alliance for Science at Cornell University (AFS). ContactStation Manager at: prnstudio@gmail.com or (646) 926-5428. But ACSH has very little do with actual science of health. Find, watch, and interact with all your favorite The Progressive Box TV Commercials on iSpot.tv At network radio alone, total spending in the category rose 28% in the first ten months of the year to $125.8 million, from $97.9 million last year, according to Miller Kaplan. Basically, it's a Progressive commercial where the stupid Box (why hasn't it been smashed yet?) [3], Again, on September 22, 2016, a criminal court in Paris found another pro-GMO advocate and former president of the Biomolecular Engineering Commission, which assesses GMO safety in France, guilty of forgery in order to defame and even frame Prof. Seralini of criminal activity.[4]. Over the decades corporate funded science, the media and the private industries themselves have been proven wrong consistently. 4, 2000. https://www.organicconsumers.org/old_articles/rbgh/akrepart1.php, [3] http://www.gmoseralini.org/seralinis-team-wins-defamation-and-forgery-court-cases-on-gmo-and-pesticide-research/, [4] “Seralini wins again in court against his attackers” GM Watch, Sepetmber 26, 2016. http://gmwatch.org/news/latest-news/17236, [5] Gale R, Null G. “Monsanto Knew All Along. Secret Studies Reveal the Truth of Roundup Toxicity,” The Ecologist. The Climate is Changing So Why Do We Refuse to Change Also. [14]  Entine publicly admitted to Bloomberg that he has helped edit their work in the past. Biotech companies Monsanto, Syngenta, and BASF withdrew from IAASTD because it did not back GMOs as a solution to reduce poverty and hunger. It has yet to be tested for toxicity and has yet to prove efficacy in combating health conditions related to vitamin A deficiency. LOA Daily (9am – 10am) We explore the realm of positive psychology, the law of attraction, and the power of positive thinking, and we have a heck of a lot of fun in the process.Hosted by Walt Thiessen. Super Bowl Commercial Updates; ... 2020. Ketchum is the principle public relations firm for Monsanto, Dow Chemical and mega grocery manufacturers such as Kraft. Two studios available for rent at 1, 2 or 4 hour intervals at $80 per hour. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Currently this non-scientist is also senior fellow at University of California at Davis’ Institute for Food and Agriculture Literacy (IFAL). The first full week of 2021 brought a familiar brand back to the list of radio’s top advertisers. Basically a radio version of the Lounge Box TV ad from earlier this year. When Nicolia published his review, heintentionally omitted and ignored scientifically sound research that directly investigated GMO safety as a prime target that found convincing evidence supporting GMOs risks. I change the FM station every time it airs. Subsequently, the study was republished by another journal and now remains on the scientific record. I heard a radio commercial today (7/25) for Progressive that featured 2 “valley girls” talking in that valley girl way and it was hilarious. In 2013, Ketchum launched GMO Answers, an interactive, personalized website to convince the public to accept GM foods and produce. But nothing could be further from the truth. i'm not gonna argue, but it's goofy and memorable, and i think that's what they were shooting for. Teenagers with blue hair? It acknowledges that GM crops are highly controversial. Now I’m trying to record it when it comes on but is surprisingly elusive. See how much you can save with a free commercial auto insurance or business insurance quote. Chinese Botanical Medicine: Wikipedia Claims It is Fake, We are Certain it is Real. sings in the Starlight Lounge. [12], Jon Entine is a perfect choice to head up the GLP’s well-funded propaganda operations that specializes in distributing disinformation. Only during the past 15 years have voices within the environmental and public health movements, and free-thinking scientists and researchers in molecular biology, genetics and agriculture turned vocal to publicly challenge GMO safety and their exaggerated promises. Daily Shows. http://usrtk.org/hall-of-shame/jon-entine-the-chemical-industrys-master-messenger/, [16] http://www.gmwatch.org/news/latest-news/17077-pro-gmo-campaign-exploits-nobel-laureates-to-attack-greenpeace-and-fool-the-people, [18] “Nobel laureate Sir Richard Roberts to ask religious and government leaders to support GMOs” Forbes. [16], Looking at this more deeply, the Nobel laureates’ letter has an interesting gensis. Among ACSH’s board of scientific advisors is controversial Quackbuster founder, Steven Barrett. Thank you Dennis! Progressive Insurance – Off the Mara-ket (2020) Share This. This might sound impressive, but lobbying and the channeling of funds has changed dramatically during the past decade.