This game allows everyone to share hesitations and expectations, then focus on the task ahead. It will stir the participants’ imagination and creativity and makes an ideal springboard to brainstorming. Instruct them to tell their partner their entire life story at that time. This is a remote team-building exercise we picked up from the 6Q team: “You could get your team members to take a flat lay pic of their desk and share it with the rest during your team meetings,” they suggest, adding, “A flat lay is basically a photo of items from directly above, and these items are usually arranged or styled on a flat surface.” Sharing the story behind an object can also be a good way to learn more about your colleagues’ personalities. Here at Miro, we used this ice breaker game before a remote workshop about User Personas. Copyright 2021 High Fidelity Inc. All rights reserved. Remote team building games can be a fun way to refine goals and dissolve monotony in meetings. The demand for conferencing tools and collaboration software is very high, with educational institutions pivoting to video tools to … It can especially help people who might have different styles or don’t normally work together as a strong team. But the modern workplace is changing, and remote work statistics show a clear trend towards more remote work: now a whopping 22% of Americans work from home—and nearly half of US workers are at least somewhat involved in some remote work. Workplace Parties. Your employees spend half of their time at work, so they should never hate work. (Think: a professional version of MTV’s Cribs.) In fact, the most engaged employees tend to be those who spend … This helps them check in with themselves, and process these thoughts and feelings. If you have other culture or engagement needs, Cultr can be customised for most desired behaviours. Because for many teams, there's too much distance to effectively bond with your team. The world of traditional, 9-to-5 work is slipping away, according to Global Workplace Analytics and numerous other studies: 5 million employees (3.6% of the workforce) currently work-at-home half-time or more. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(5066246, '2408f44e-bc28-4fcd-9b2f-b7823bdc31bc', {}); By subscribing, you agree to the High Fidelity Terms of Service. Even the best tools and technology can’t keep your business going when your people are unhappy and unmotivated. This works well for remote teams, because everyone can participate. Employee engagement idea #3: Virtual coffee breaks. Favorite Things. Diwali has a huge significance as far as workplace celebrations go.. 1. Employee Engagement during the era of Work From Home With the pandemic, industries have started testing and implementing Work From Home policies globally. Now plan something for your employees to make them stay happy and motivated. Plus, the personal touches will make the office feel like home. Completing “X” number of pushups, squats, lunges. Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate Diwali 2020 while you work from home and increase employee engagement and keep the cultural environment more fun, creative, and interactive.. As one of the biggest and most auspicious festivals in India, Diwali has a huge significance as far as workplace celebrations go. This is a great exercise in listening, mirroring, and also helps team members learn about each others’ interests and build relationships. At the beginning of the meeting, everyone puts stickers on each image, guessing whom each picture belongs to. "It’s a powerful way to learn about people and their dreams, as well as to generate ideas for future team-building activities,” suggests Brian. Each employee should present their image and a short description to the group. But you can eat together remotely, too. This popular game works like this: Each team member tells the group three statements about themselves. When you’re managing a virtual team, team building is a challenge—but it is far from impossible even if your team is distributed across multiple time zones, especially with video calls and virtual team building activities. Happiness at work in an office-space is one thing – ensuring employee happiness while they work from home is quite another. And according to The State of Remote Work for 2019, one of the top struggles for remote workers is loneliness. Once a month, invite your team to order whatever lunch they want. Like many other remote team-building activities, this exercise builds empathy and adds context to your everyday work. At the beginning of your meetup, engage your team and ask everyone on your team to put a sticker or a pin on the map to show where they were born. But you can help your company – and employees – emerge stronger from the coronavirus pandemic with these top 10 engagement ideas. Remote teams also miss the daily face-to-face interaction that allows for team-building in the office, so managers have to find new ways to help team members bond. Run for “X” Kms in a week. This corollary no more exists. This exercise is great for building empathy and giving each remote team member some context to understand their colleagues’ backgrounds (particularly great for international teams). Of all the employee engagement activities you … This game is good for starting a brainstorming session. They quiz each other on colleague fun facts and hold themed trivia sessions. Research shows that only a third of employees feel engaged at work —so if morale is down, there’s a good chance you aren’t alone. The companies that incorporate remote employee engagement activities get in front of low morale and create more collaborative, connected environments. You can make it a part of your meetings and ask everyone to come prepared. ‘Work from home’ has indeed gained mainstream currency. The same principle applies to employees. Try to get remote employees to come to these activities to increase team and employee cohesion. Next up: Remote Collaboration Best Practices & Tips for Teams. As a distributed company ourselves, we’ve learned a few tricks to keep our teams connected. When a correct guess is made, that person needs to share their story with the group. Two people will square off, the winner goes on to play the next person on the team, and so on. Creating a team activity is a lot of work but the work it takes to replace a person, train and then managing performance is costlier than putting the effort to conducting a fun activity. Examples of activity types include icebreaker questions, virtual campfires, and group fitness classes. It can even be a great warm up before a brainstorm! This could be a fun online game to play during a coffee break hangout and always results in some fun water cooler chit-chat. With incredibly engaged teams, this is possible. You can grab a drink after work or take a break to play a game. It can encourage colleagues to pay close attention to personal traits and stories. At the office, coffee breaks tend to be spontaneous - people simply swing by their colleague’s desk and invite them for a quick coffee break. Are Employee Engagement Activities Important? She has been working in distributed teams for three years, and is passionate about helping them succeed. For remote team activities, you have to be more intentional about it. This is a great trivia game that really lights a fire to the group chat during a virtual meeting. It’s important because it’s proven to improve the efficiency and performance when groups trust each other and feel connected to a common goal. To play, pair people into sets of two and set the clock for five minutes. In a perfect world, your team churns out exceptional creative work. Here are our favorite ice breaker games and trust-building activities to try with your employees for some good team bonding. You can cover the objectives of your organization and encourage attendees to share ideas for alignment. Here at High Fidelity, we take this a step further by using virtual reality to hold our meetings. In a traditional office, employee engagement activities are easy. If you’re struggling to come up with good employee engagement activities, it might be time to take a step back. Anna has written about experience design, product development, and workshop facilitation. It's an excellent opportunity to bond and even do some professional development. Remote team building games can be a fun way to refine goals and dissolve monotony in meetings. They can ask questions, chat, have lunch together, or go out for happy hours. Here are our favorite ice breaker games and trust-building activities to try with your employees for some good team bonding. The lack of workplace engagement activities also brings down the employees’ motivation levels. Then you can start to figure out together which picture belongs to which person. They then rip up their answers, which allows them to maintain their privacy, then focus on group tasks ahead. This game can help teams with language and cultural differences strengthen the company culture. Then, the rest of the team has to guess which of the three statements is a lie. The goal is to help you skyrocket your company culture and employee engagement. Pros and Cons of Remote Work: Is it as Great as it Sounds? Then encourage everyone to share a short story about what they love most about the place they were born. Rock paper scissors tournament. These activities will not only help in-house staff and management to get to know the employees better but can also be utilized strategically to assess the … 10. Everyone should upload their images to an online whiteboard in advance. Side … It’s a great way to test people's reflexes, responsiveness, and encourage spontaneity. This will create an electric, dynamic atmosphere, well suited to brainstorming. The most employee-centric companies regularly take part in engagement activities, including: Outside of work, remote teams don't learn much about each other. The task was to share a picture of something on your desk that tells a story about who you are or how you work. When employees are in the same location, it’s easier to form a connection to their colleagues. Ask every member of the team to join a shared document or an online meeting board before the meeting begins and post a picture of something from their life. Communicating our core values often—and being intentional about our culture—helped us boost employee engagement and landed us a spot on various Best Places to Work lists (Glassdoor, Inc., Boston Business Journal, etc). Everyone looks for flexibility and work-life balance. Final Thought. Here are 21 employee engagement activities you can use as inspiration. So, what do you do when your team is distributed across different locations? But since they don’t speak English or understand what you do, it needs to be explained with five symbols or pictures. Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers [+Tips on Following Through] Before we discuss the specific employee engagement ideas for remote workers, we recommend that you implement certain project management, HR, video conferencing, and team collaboration tools, to make telework interactions easier between and within teams. Remote Work Statistics: 9 Stats That Show Telecommuting is the Future, Remote Hiring Guide: How to Find and Recruit the Best Remote Workers, How to Build Remote Work Culture & Why It's So Important, Foster Collaboration and Engagement in Your Remote Team to Boost Productivity, Remote Team Building: 15 Virtual Games & Activities to Build Team Cohesion, 15 remote team building activities and games, Remote Collaboration Best Practices & Tips for Teams, The Best Remote Work Tools and Software to Have. Make significant efforts to start with rolling out team engagement activities. Extracurricular activities are a proven method of increasing engagement in the workforce. Below are the top 25 employee engagement activities to engage, retain and boost happiness among your employees: Regular Feedbacks. Complete “X” number of steps daily. Open up your favorite video conferencing software and try a virtual version of this classic game in real-time. Ask team members to find an image online and upload it to a picture sharing site, shared drive or online whiteboard like Miro. Help Scout pulls this off exceptionally with their 'At Home With Help Scout' series. This exercise is useful because it can be adapted to align with the meeting goal, work environment or something more personal. As managers and associates, we have to take a different approach to engage employees who work from home. 1 - Help your employees get to know each other better People emotionally invest in other people, not companies, so creating a strong bond between team members is critical. If you have your games and activities planned and everyone knows how to participate, then they should help break the tension and let people get to know each other. It gives everyone a better sense of who they're working with. As technology changes the way the world works, remote workforce engagement is growing in importance. Start an employee design committee to let your employees take some ownership in the place they work. The solution is simple (but not easy): you have to do your team building virtually. These extra steps were taken to ensure maximum employee engagement and foster a sense of belongingness with the company. But it’s not enough to just put your team in a video chat together and tell them to work together—it takes technique, skills, analysis, and observation to form a strong, capable team. You can talk about your week, the last trip you took, or your plans for the coming weekend. Starting from your designated meeting topic, pick a phrase that relates to the central theme. After the five minutes or up, the listener has to relay the life story from memory to the group on the conference call. When your team members are remote, it can be a great idea to schedule an actual tour of each remote employee’s location. In a time that business is heavily reliant on the internet, think about expanding more low-level extracurricular activities that rely on the internet too. Keep it anonymous or let others see what everyone answered, here are some ideas of things you can poll: who has the best work-station, new company outing ideas, cutest employee pet, the best recipe when working from home, gifts to get sent home, and more. Thunderdome proves you can design engaging employee activities around doing more work—work without restrictions and limits, work that lets employees connect secret passions and inventions to their day-to-day lives. The team at Hubstaff recommends doing a round-robin at the beginning of the meeting. Employee Engagement Activities at SBL for Building the Team During Work From Home - SBL Knowledge Services Ltd. This video will guide you how to prepare an employee engagement program that is wholistic and caters to all types of employees. You can keep your team energized with a weekly alignment session. Brian Scudamore, CEO of O2E Brands, asked his team to share a 101 Life Goals list. While some roles just cannot be handled remotely, some of us do have the luxury to work from home and still hold onto our jobs in an environment where very little is assured. Define what employee engagement means for your company. Aside from these remote employee engagement activities, there's also technology that can help organize your team. Similar to the popular MTV Cribs television show, team members show off their workspaces at home. Everyone can share personal anecdotes: whether it's an important task or an acknowledgement of something another co-worker did well, it's a great way to connect with your teammates. Passing on some inspiration or wisdom via 25 effective employee engagement activities you can use: POPULAR EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES #1 The Masterchef Challenge. Remote team building is the process of turning individual workers into a cohesive team that works cooperatively to meet your customer’s needs, all while workers are distributed across different locations. The purpose of these activities is to build relationships, improve communication, and boost morale. In addition to this, we shared one thing we learned recently. Another great way to host such virtual employee health challenges is through a corporate wellness platform. The team at Hotjar hold coffee and learn sessions. Assign the “Favorite Thing” topic. If you prefer to keep the topic more business oriented, limit the list to work or industry-related topics. Virtual employee engagement doesn’t only make for a fun way to spend quarantine; it also provides the necessary little breaks for rejuvenation as we work hard. 1. Another fun virtual team building game is the Birth Map. Virtual Team Building Activities: Sortable List Possibilities include “your favorite thing about the company” or “your favorite aspect of the product.”. This simple activity is a great way to break the ice and give team members a chance to learn about each other. There are many ideas on how to engage employees, but the goal should always be to prioritize activities that put employees at the center. Fun Employee Engagement Activities. Now if you ask successful companies about their work culture and employee engagement activities, you’ll often hear “we are fond of fun at work, we don’t believe in sitting at a desk all day with a head down with no productivity.” There is a clear link between employee engagement and innovation, and with the absence of the former, the latter is also suffering. Do this over video conference with an app that allows screen sharing like Google Meet or Zoom, so the speaker can include video for the storytelling and everyone can connect the name, face and story. The question you might then ask is, how to engage employees who work from home? But for distributed workers, it takes more creativity. When a correct guess is made, that person needs to share their story with the group. The result can be really exciting. Since the participants are all asked to name their favorite thing, there is no risk of getting the answer wrong. It was fun and surprising, allowing us to get to know each other more and set the casual atmosphere we needed for the workshop. One of the best things about working in-house is small talk and banter. Slack channels, team lunches, and games are a great way to do this. Because we don't share a physical office, it's easy to feel disconnected or out of sync with your co-workers. You can use a shared document or an online whiteboard to keep all the lists. Yes! The birth map and aliens have landed game are great at helping team members introduce themselves and get to know each other, while also helping build a company culture. Establish Remote Work Opportunities. But for distributed workers, it takes more creativity. For remote teams, building a great company culture is something to always work toward. CARS24 Employees in a meeting – Working From Home Tell the group to imagine aliens have landed on Earth and want to learn about your company. These topics can include themes like culture and professional development. You can go for drinks on Thursday after work with your team. Whether you're playing a game that helps you bring your remote team together or exchanging funny photos of your dog on your Slack channel, it’s important to ensure that your team has an outlet where remote employees can be vulnerable and socialize outside the context of work. But apart from work, fun activities like virtual game nights, (online chess tournaments, card games, board games, etc), non-work related video conferencing, fun challenges, and celebrations are employee engagement ideas for work from home. And according to The State of Remote Work for 2019, one of the top struggles for remote workers is loneliness. This activity shows the diversity of voices represented on your team and allows people to share their cultural values and also share some fun facts about where they are from. In many creative ways, it uses a variety of skills, strategic thinking, and problem-solving methods, to find the hidden items. In this exercise, participants write down ideas, thoughts, or feelings they've brought to the meeting. The Gordon Ramsey effect! Hardly a day goes by when you don't have lunch with one of your work friends. Take a few minutes and look at all the images and talk through common themes. The most forward-thinking organizations prioritize employee to employee engagement. Here are few activities and ideas that will help you to keep your work from home employees motivated and engaged resulting in more efficiency. People often enter meetings stressed about tasks they’re working on, or other issues. Quick links: sortable list, activity instructions, expert tips, more resources, FAQ. Ask each participant to draw five simple images that best describe and communicate your company’s products and culture to a shared document/folder. Many companies build initiatives around options like work from home, crèche, sabbaticals, etc to help employees attend to family responsibilities and hence feel engaged. It's difficult to banter when you don't have a company water cooler to crowd around. You can grab a few walk-and-talk coffee meetings throughout the week. Join us at Distributed 2020, a free conference to help teams adapt, evolve, and thrive. Building remote team cohesion is more challenging than in an office: you need to make an effort to help employees connect with each other, openly communicate, and build relationships informally. Live polls are an interactive way to gather information from the team and to get them engaged. Print a map of the world or upload it to a shared document or online whiteboard. As a method to determine employee engagement ideas for work from home, pulse surveys can be used from time to … It's much more challenging to do this remotely. This versatile game often has fond childhood associations, and can be done anywhere, whether in the office or outside. Have participants write down a word that they associate with it. They can show their office space, guide the team through their home or a cool co-working space, or, if technology allows, livestream in the city and show the main tourist sights and secret spots. By the way, we recently deleted 20+ activities from this list, so you will only see the best. Like being flexible with scheduling, providing employees the opportunity to work from home can result in significant increases in satisfaction and engagement. 10) Plan activities. It gets us face-to-face and in the same room. Gamification. You can also ask us to involve our network of partners, who are people we love because of their work in leadership, culture and engagement. Since virtual employees are not physically around, engaging and connecting with them might seem like an insurmountable task. They get to try the new coffee spot down the street. Doing the assigned work day-in-day-out like drudgery is not only sad, there are high chances that it rubs off on the fellow employees too. But the unfortunate truth is that many remote workers feel the burden of isolation. Then ask them to share the story behind their picture. You can grab a drink after work or take a break to play a game. An exhaustive, well-framed employee engagement plan can affect various different domains and can be conducive enough to bring the desired results. Allow time for each group of remote workers to share their list with the larger team on the online whiteboard. Here’s our comprehensive list of employee engagement activities: 1. Amir Salihefendic, the CEO of Doist and manager of an all-remote team, identifies isolation, depression, and anxiety as "significant problems when working remotely." A simple way to encourage your peers to show off their unique personalities is through their home offices. But this kind of casual conversation is a big part of what bonds teams and makes them more collaborative. Remote working isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The goal is to give your employees a voice. It can be anything that will tell a story about who each member is or how they work: a picture of the shoes each member is wearing, the view out their window or a photo of their desk. These activities are similar to online team building games and support virtual employee engagement. You can get everyone communicating and sharing to get to know each other better. 5 Remote Employee Engagement Activities Every Disruptive Brand Will Be Doing By 2025, The Best Virtual Communication Tools for Business in 2020, How to Effectively Manage Remote Employees When Communication is an Issue, How The Virtual Workroom Will Be the Biggest Disruption to Hit the Workforce In Decades. Employees in physical offices often get to enjoy their favorite nearby restaurants together at lunch.