Here's A List Of Documents You Will Need To Obtain A PAN Card. There are lots of forms available for this, but you should speak with your lawyer about particularizing the forms to fit your needs. Business Entity Documents » Business Entity Lists » Business Entity Name Search » Search Trade Name and Trade/Service Mark : Trade Name and Trade/Service Mark Status Report » Trade Name and Trade/Service Mark Lists » Certificate Validation : Click here to check the validity of your certified document; New System Features. Click on the first tab for your business entity. List of Documents Definition. Web item that displays a list of documents in the Web application. Board Consent: Any startup should operate with the cooperation of their board, and in order to do so, you should establish a standard mechanism by which you receive the board's consent. Next, list your direct costs, or all the money you invest directly in creating … Whether you realize it or not, your business has information that should remain private, such as customer list, financial records, or ideas for a new pricing plan. 1. Details on how customers can see what data has been collected and how to correct it if necessary. A well-structured BRD improves collaboration between large-functional teams and creates a positive consensus. How many documents are required? • Bank account statement for the last 6 months. You don't want them obligating you unduly. • A copy of Income Tax Return filed for at least one year. When a company identifies a hole … There are lots of forms available to help you do this. Employment agreement. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recommends keeping tax returns and supporting documents until after two different dates have passed: the deadline for you to amend your return to get a credit or refund, and … An NDA is your first line of defense to protecting this information. Management Rights Letter: When dealing with venture capitalists, you may have to sign a management rights letter that allows the VC to attend board meetings and otherwise have access to company management. Image of register, letter, duplicate - 127356967 Getting all the legal paperwork in place is difficult for businesses. By using Microsoft Office-based templates, we provide customers with predefined documents in the most familiar tools available in the market to customize business documents. Types of office document. Terms of Service/Use: Along with an online privacy policy, you have a natural need for a clear set of terms of service/use (TOS/TOU), which will layout the way in which your corporation will use any information that is collected from customers and potential customers that either visit your website or encounter any of your corporate information portals. PACKING LIST. 9. This can a number of different forms, so make a decision based on your circumstances. It's typically most useful when the stockholder group is small. While not required by law, any business with a website should include their terms of use. Memorandum of understanding. Business Letters: Used for a variety of different communications across all departments internally and to external customers or suppliers. By taking the time to think about the various elements on each document, you are setting the right foundation for your business. A business plan may not be a legal document, but it’s required should you ever decide to seek financing or sell your business. Most letters are usually used for formal communications. MOUs are great ways to lay out the terms of a project or relationship in writing, but do not rely on the document to be legally binding. Any of these artifacts is a gold mine for understanding how a company implements its processes and enforces policies. A business case provides a justification for a project along with associated risks, situational analysis, solution options and recommendations. Budget of the United States Government Budgets from 1996 forward are available on this FDsys web page. Once members sign the document, it becomes an official, binding contract. A Business Requirements Document includes all the planning strategies to ensure a formal contract that involves understandable project phases. To be effective, business processes must be formally designed, structured, documented, and communicated. The PMBoK Guide says: “The project business case is … If you navigate in the Web application and, for example, restrict a characteristic to a certain characteristic value, the list of documents is automatically adjusted. This post summarizes list of documents that you need put together for when the buyer requests them or has questions. That includes profit-and-loss statements, two to three years' worth of federal tax returns (both personal and business), a list of business debts, and the Form 1099s you used to report income and file taxes. You’ll find there are some documents unique to your business that require record keeping. Meeting minutes. There are loads of templates available for these, but consult your attorney. The documents on List A show both identity and employment authorization. Cap Table: Like the name implies, a cap table is a table that gives an overview of the founders' and investors' percentage of ownership, equity dilution and value of equity in each round of investment. This contract sets the obligations and expectations of the company and employee in order to minimize future disputes. NDAs also give you the freedom to keep your current workforce from going to a competitor and taking your business with them. Free list templates from Microsoft go beyond helping you to organize your life. It documents any important conversations you have with suppliers, potential partners and others involved in the business. In addition information about contractual terms and conditions, the legal form of the business, the company's location, its corporate identity number and VAT number also make up the business documents.